David Henrie: It Was Just A Bikini Contest!

David Henrie: It Was Just A Bikini Contest!

David Henrie shot down all sorts of rumors about the hotel photos that were leaked by TMZ today. Check out what the 19-year-old actor had to say:

“Saw the TMZ thing and I’m gonna address that: I have nothing to hide or be ashamed about. Here’s the story. There was a bikini contest at our hotel. So I mean I’m not gonna be like ‘bikini contest eww.’ I went and checked it out. I know who I am and I know where my values are. I danced, like everyone else was and had a safe enjoyable night. Now I understand my fanbase is a younger demo(graphic) and I mean no disrespect. I wasn’t doing anything illegal. People have this pre-conceived notion that because people are on Disney they don’t live lives typical to teens. I know I’m a responsible young man and I wouldn’t want to ever set a bad example and I hope no one was offended.”

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  • killa

    Damn, well said.

  • katherine


  • carrie

    well said man

  • IHeartzacefron


  • [other] sam

    well quite
    ‘bikini contest ewww’

  • tizzfan

    still love you :-)

  • Carolline

    hahahahah! i TOTALLY agree with him, and he just spoke so well!

  • sarahjuana


  • izzie

    ‘bikini contest eww.’ LMAO
    hahah love him! so true, it was no big deal, you can see in the pics that he was just dancing, the problem is: people make a drama out of everything

  • Caia

    HA! Why do people think disney owns your mind? No guy in their right mind would pass up a bikini contest! Kudos to you my man.

  • jobro lover

    omg leave david alone
    hes a teenagers
    love ya david :]]

  • Angelica

    damn he was lookin hot in those pics too.

  • http://www.keeyahjanae.blogspot.com N’keeyah

    David Henrie is an adult and shouldn’t be treated like a child. Go David! Live your life and have fun.

  • 123

    he’s 19 people!
    get over it
    boys do way worse than that.

  • jo


  • nicole


  • Nikki

    isn’t he like 20??? he should be able to do what ever he wants. he is an adult. it sucks that he has to defend himself for being a normal young man. he did nothing wrong and if people care they should get over it.

  • Kami

    whoa hes 19! me did not know dat

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I saw those
    pics :o one word
    He is only 19
    so he was under age
    drinking. Unless it
    was the “bikini girl’s”
    beer. I wasent there so
    I really dont know what went
    on so who am I to judge.

  • e

    haha i think its terrible how people make such a big deal out of these little things

    leave the disney people alone!

  • http://justjaredjr.com patricia20

    GO DAVID! more power to you!

  • tiara

    i totally understand what he is saying
    and he wasn’t doing underage drinking in puerto rico you are allowed to
    drink when your 19 so GO DAVID

  • andrea

    OH YEAH .
    NOBODY DEFENDED HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luis

    Well said David! Hell yeah people… he was just at a party… I mean he wasnt doing something bad, he was just dancing…



  • Adriana

    andrea #22
    Miley isn’t 19 she’s 16 and she was 15 when all the photos were leaked .. do you understand the difference ?

  • Peyton

    rules on drinking are different everywhere in england its 18

  • Lucy

    Go David, tell them!!! :)

  • camz

    david rocks!

  • kaylee

    I know he’s a 19 year old teenager, but at the same time he’s signed with disney and they’re basically paying him to stay out of trouble and appear to be a good role model. I”m not saying he should go lock himself in his room and never have fun, but he still does need to be concious of the fact that younger kids do probably look up to him so he shouldn’t go post pictures like that on the internet. as most of us know by now, nothing on the internet is private.

  • Rachel

    hes alright.
    hes alright.

  • Cals

    OMG I am so glad that he didnt apologize for it! That just proves how mature he is! HES SO HOTT and Adorable and I thinks that funny that he went to a bikini contest hahaha he would lol I think its was a big deal because hes with disney… which is ridiculous!

  • tizzfan

    kaylee, it’s pretty obvious that it wasn’t him who posted the pics online…

  • penelope

    go david! but stay out of trouble and dont let fame go to your head! disney is paying you and giving you a ton of fame to be a good role model.

  • penelope

    oh yeah and do you know where the pics are on the internet?
    can someone give me a url?

  • megyn

    david did nothing wrong and i’m so glad he’s standing up for himself. especially, considering, well….how some other disney fans acted out in the past..

  • Darlene (:

    dangggg .

    well said david .

    well said (;

    just set the record straightttttt (:


    hahhah good for him!
    ppl are so redic! just bc someone is a good person or has morals doesnt mean they dont live in the real world.

  • V…4ever

    Totally agrre with and now I support him more than ever. It is time we stop thinking about Disney stars as angels. I mean those who are trying look so fake and this notion is so over rated. Go on nad live your life David…. you’re a good actor and that’s what that matters…love you more.

  • cc27

    What photos were leaked of David? :O

    Im soo.. lol .. uhmm.. unknown to these stuffs :)

  • sarah

    very well said… go to any high school prom and you’ll see a lot worse!

  • tabata

    okay nick jonas girlfriend, maybe he is not underage in Puerto Rico! In many countries in south america ur able to drink when ur 18 years old! and by sayind that ‘oooh gosh he is underage and he is drinking’, ur already judging!

  • vanessajonas

    well said henriee.. about the disney image
    anyways a lot o f disney stars end up with some kind of scandal..

  • padfootcullenblack

    he is very well spoken.
    i’ll give him credit for responding to the situation with dignity

  • qwerty

    It’s not like it’s innapropriate or anything for an adult to be doing, but I’ll just say one thing.

    Isn’t Lucy Hale his girlfriend?

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Well #41 if
    you would read my
    comment right you
    would understand
    when I said ” I wasent there so I dont know what went on so
    who am I to judge.”
    Get your
    facts straight

  • steph

    he was well spoken and very mature about the whole situation and i love that !

  • Jesse

    Wow, he’s beginning to become the next Shia, and Selena is working her way up to be the next Miley. The Wizards of Waverly Place show is gonna so exposed by the media.

  • marymac

    reply to Kaylee, disney’s not paying david to stay out of trouble. they’re paying him to go to work. he doesn’t work for disney 24/7 just like most ppl dont work at their jobs 24/7. he wasn’t doing anything wrong! it’s ppl that want to read into the photos that are creating the drama. there’s no other story behind it other than your imaginations! and finally, david didn’t post those pics! the “professionals” at TMZ did.

  • Chris

    Go D! i totally agree with what he’s saying. He has a really good head on his shoulders.

  • lisa

    lol. i am really not into the party scene at all, just not my thing. but i obvi. have friends who are all about it and i could care less. do i think he did anything wrong? of course not. i just really stress that he stays responsible about what he does.