Emma Roberts is Audrey Hepburn

Emma Roberts is Audrey Hepburn

S’Wonderful, S’Marvelous

Emma Roberts channels her inner Audrey Hepburn in this new photo from Glamour mag’s tribute to American Icons.

The 18-year-old actress clutches onto a bouquet of pink balloons in the re-enactment of Audrey‘s role in the 1957 musical Funny Face.

Emma shares about the classic Hollywood icon, “She was so simply beautiful. And she loved charity work, something even more beautiful about her.”

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Photos: Brigitte Lacombe
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  • aw

    lol no.

  • ella1170

    She doesn’t look bad and I love Audrey Hepburn.

  • Katie

    i love audrey she was such a unique beauty inside and out and emma doesnt strike me as audreyish with her mean comments twords nick jonas…

  • hun98

    Good ol’ Funny Face! That would be fun to reenact that! :D

  • asdfghjkl;

    whats up with her feet?


  • Stina

    So cute! I love Emma, Funny Face and Audrey!

  • Violet

    I love Audrey! Emma looks really cute in this pic. Love that dress!

  • Kristi jo dee

    So cute! But why did that magazine have to copy women (most of who are still alive….Michelle Obama etc)? Hmmmm, oh well at least she has a normal sized head :0)

  • Britt

    OMG!!?? WHAT?? NO, SHE WISHES! She can’t even be compared to Audrey……..WTH are they thinking?????

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop staring at her feet…

  • Cals

    shes so adorable… but no comparison with Audrey

  • Vanessa

    Ahh what?! They should have had Natalie Portman instead. She resembles Audrey so much, though no one could take her place. I loved Portman’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s cover for Bazaar. =)

  • danielle

    I used to like emma now I hate emma. She thinks she can say whatever she wants, like what she said about lindsay lohan, how she doesn’t consider her as a real actress. and now nick jonas. like wtf ?!?

  • chichi

    some might say her posing is good. But not when you see that it’s an exact replica of what Audrey Hepburn did, even down to the turned out toes. If you are honouring people, you should put your own flair on it. But noooo, emma roberts is such a little freak she has to copy thigns blatantly.

  • Ashtyn

    Emma Roberts is pathetic, and her insults against Linday Lohan and Nick Jonas were 100% classless and attention seeking.

    Jared, please don’t give this parasite any more coverage otherwise I’ll stop coming here.

  • David

    she is so cool, i love her

  • DroverEd

    The classiest woman in Hollywood in a homage to a former most classy woman in Hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha that girl comes nowhere near Audrey Hepburn… thats the biggest joke i ever heard!

  • Annabel

    Um, chichi, you do realize that Emma posing as Audrey Hepburn was Glamour magazine’s idea, right? That means she didn’t have control over the photo shoot… or in your words, she isn’t “a little freak who has to copy things blatantly”.

    And why are people getting so worked up over the Nick Jonas and Lindsay Lohan comments? She wasn’t being mean spirited. She was asked questions and answered truthfully. “It’s hard to take Lindsay Lohan seriously as an adult actress” and “I used to like Nick Jonas but I heard he gets around” aren’t mind-blowing revelations. We all knew these things, Emma’s just the first to say them publicly.

    Honestly, I’m not even a fan of the girl, but people are being so nasty to her — for no reason—, that I felt the need to say something.

  • VanessaFan4ever


  • vanessa

    i love audrey hepburn!!!
    i think that jennifer love hewitt would be better for this spread…but i still love emma!

  • Alfredo


  • ktg46

    firstly, you hate the girl for saying what many others already think or say behind their backs. She was just forthcoming on how she felt about certain questions presented to her. Lindsay Lohan is a troubled young lady well remember for her childhood roles but of late you can only recall all her troubles. Nick Jonas, well he is a young boy in the lime light and of course like so many young men like him have young girls falling all over him. Is he a player, call it what you may. He is young and just searching thru what is being offered. Miley Cyrus and Nick, puppy love no more. You always get hurt with that first love. She has moved on to older men. Joe JOnas, well what can I say. he too
    is pretty much doing the same thing. The whole thing between he and Taylor Swift and the 27 second phone call. We really don’t know how that conversation went down. Did he call and say we need to talk I cant see you anymore and click she hung up not giving him a chance to explain. It is really hard to phathom someone calling and saying I am breaking up with you, click More than meets the eye I think. They are all young and who really knows other than those involved. As for Emma I like her….

  • queen bee

    Oh god please, NO.
    I like her, but Audrey?! Are you kiddin me?! Gosh, just NO.
    Actually, Ashley Greene is more Audrey-look-like, they should picked her.

  • mchicxoo

    I love Audrey Hepburn, but Emma Roberts…ew, no.

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