Just Jennifer Stone on Just Jared Jr.!

Just Jennifer Stone on Just Jared Jr.!

Jennifer Stone models some glasses in this new video on her brand-new YouTube account — JustJenniferStone!

The 16-year-old Wizards actress ran down her top five list of guy celebrities that she admires and loves, but came up empty when she got to number five! Jennifer shared, “Oh, I thought this would be so easy to just think of five! Maybe you guys can help me. Do me a huge favor and suggest who my number five should be in the comments, that would be awesome!”

WHO DO YOU THINK Jennifer’s number five should be?

Jennifer Stone – Lost Fingers and Too Many Awesomes, 03/03
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  • Helena

    love her <3!

  • http://www.myspace.com/ashleytisdale_barbie biggestmileyfan

    i don ‘t like her i don’t know why ;/
    but she look very pretty here :)

  • tori

    aw, i love jennifer!
    shes an amazing actress (:

  • cc27

    Joe Jonas ur top 5! :) haha.
    Or you can say Jonas Brothers haha. xD

  • ilovejustjaredjr.

    Robert Pattinson – DUH! :P Hehe, she reminds me a lot of myself.

  • Wilnete

    she’s really pretty!


  • asdfghjkl;

    her face is hugee

  • Meepzy

    God she’s so untalented, and she’s not that nice to look at either. (No, not just because she’s fat, so no one start.)

    Why does she think she’s all that now? Because she’s on a tween show on Disney? Congratulations, Jennifer.

  • Bethany

    she is not fat!.
    just because she’s not as skinny as all the other disney girls.
    i love selena, but she is very thin.
    she only looks a bigger when she stands next to her.

    i like jennifer.
    she’s a normal girl, that teenage girls can relate to. :)

  • monika

    stfu with your “she’s fat”, just cause she’s bigger then you or like selena gomez (whos skinny but not too skinny) doesnt mean shes fat. some people can exercise whole their life and still will be “fat”, your freaking standards.

  • http://dunno Sophie

    Hi Jennifer I think you should put as your number 5 Zac Efron he is so hot I love u jenifer u rock keep rocking on. so i hope u choose that as your answer hope i helped u kk bye peace !!!! lol


    Jennifer Stone is not FAT! she may look bigger next 2 selena because selena is really skinny… no one is perfect.

  • taylor

    she is not that fat I mean it doesn’t matter what you look like GOD get that throug your head people only the people who makes fun of her.


    I luv her and she is not fat ok there r teenager that r 500 lb so onwat wats good and dont let tha door hit yah were tha good loard split yah p.s put justin bieber he has a geart persanality

  • http://myspace.com demi

    jen is not fat she rocks! she may not be as pretty as selena. but looks are not everything.

  • m

    ugh!so ovr the whole “holllywood image” and what’s perfect or not get ovr it ppl we were all made differently in size shape and in color.why do we have to go around judging other ppl.”meepzy” if you have nothing positive to say then don’t say anything at all.honesty is prized but theirs a diff. Between honesty and just plain cruel. doubt your anything near perfection.jens a beautiful girl whos corky and funny and whos obviously talented otherwise she wouldn’t b in a top hit show.so many young girls and teenagers can prob. Relate to her.beauty is with held in the soul of the person.think befroe you speak treat others the way you want to be treated.peace&love

  • http://justjenniferstone jacob adams

    Your 5th in your top 5 should be one of the three Jonas brothers! But on a more serious note acting is one of the greatest things ever and since I think you are the best girl ever I have been thinking of ways to drop everything and become the best actor I can be so we can get married!

>>>>>>> staging1