Tizz: Behind-the-Scenes With The Cosmo Cutie

Tizz: Behind-the-Scenes With The Cosmo Cutie

Ashley Tisdale is all smiles in this behind-the-scenes look of her Cosmo cover shoot.

The 23-year-old “Headstrong” hottie got dolled up in a pink dress and dished on her new darker ‘do.

Ashley shared, “I’m originally a brunette so I feel more myself being back to brunette. It actually makes me feel more edgier and darker, I feel. I definitely would go back to blonde for another character.”

Check out the vid below!

Ashley Tisdale – E! News, 03/03
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  • Meepzy

    I don’t see why people like her, she’s not that unique looking, her singing is a bore, and her acting is average.

  • melinda

    get em ashley ;) shes lookin hott! can’t wait for her album

  • Anna

    I LOVE HER :*

  • jo

    wow a push up bra can do wonders everyone knows shes flat as a board

  • tizzfan

    well, we the fans like her not ONLY because she’s pretty looking or whatever you want to put it……

    we like her because she makes us “happy” and entertained…..

    if you don’t like her, it’s fine..
    but I don’t see why haters keep posting comment again and again just to make sure the fans know you hate her because well, we know NOT everyone is her fans and we respect that…..


  • kim

    damn look at those curves
    damn sexxii

  • Rosa

    which curves, kim?

  • Sar

    Uuuugh will all the haters just stop commenting, PLEASE? Yeah, not everyone is going to like her but what’s the point of commenting about it when you know that people are just going to get offended by it?

  • layla

    she said “i feel” wayyy too many time. haha did anybody else notice that?

    and yeah, 3, she is super flat!

  • layla

    lol, kim, she has no curves!! and sounded really stupid.

  • emma

    OMH, shes sooooo cuute

  • dundies

    Uuuugh will all the haters just stop commenting, PLEASE?


    i dont think what comment #1 said, was intended as hating.
    i think they dont understand the “hype” and neither do i.
    and i dont need to be hating in order to state an opinion

  • Rosa

    yes .. #7 sar ..
    u must really understand the difference between stating an opinion and bashing someone ..
    no one said anything wrong until now ..
    and nobody’s perfect ..
    so .. never expect a post with only positive comments ..
    peace =)

  • Brian

    She’s beautiful and SEEMS like a nice person; I need to get rich and famous soon.

  • http://justjared lucy

    she is really beautifull, and for every one don’t like her please go away and live her in peace, no one forces you to come here in here post, so if you don’t like her, please, go away and stop break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Bee

    lol why is it such big news that she’s brunette?
    she dyed her hair brown months ago.

  • Lyca

    i love her!
    BUT the big BUT
    i really think she tried too hard to be sexy
    sexy is natural and not saying she aint, i think she should just be more herself
    in the photoshoot she looks awkward
    i’m not a hater btw i do like her

  • Sarah

    She looks so good! I still flove the dark hair.

  • Sar

    Ok, I see what you mean. Sorry. ;)

  • melissa. *

    i agree with #13. stating an opinion is different, from bashing someone. i don’t like ashley tisdale so much. to me, she tries to hard to be sexy, i don’t think she sees herself as naturally beautiful. that’s why i get so annoyed everytime i see on justjared “ashley going to get her hair done” or “ashley tisdale goes to a tanning salon” or whatever. anyways, i wish her good luck in her future. i’m not a HATER. :P just saying, peace everone. <3 (:

  • gisele


  • gisele


  • Brian

    I’ll give her innocent pleasure. But she won’t accept my offer. :(

  • http://www.google.com keke

    Sooo beautiful
    love that pink dress
    sooo Sexy
    you go ashley :) :)

  • aw

    The woman hosting that segment, amy paffrath, is absolutely atrocious. She is even to low for E! standards.

  • http://justjaredjr.com super fan ashley

    Just love her!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please stop with the means comments!

    Ashley is the best for her fans!!!!!!!

    Hot and cute!

  • may

    she looks gorgeous!

    she seems so down to earth, ALWAYS LOVE HER!

  • Brian

    Ashley, why won’t you accept my offer? I weep about it everyday and night. :(

  • Elise

    i think she looks hotter as a blonde :)

  • Blondie❤

    Sexaayyy!! lmao :)

  • Kami

    i liked her on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  • vic

    I think she’s awesome! :)

    I love her hair like that ;)

    and i can’t wait for her new album!

    Stupid who says that she doesn’t look sexy

    She is ALWAYS the best

    Go Ashley! :D


  • Brian

    As did I, Kami. I’m still waiting, Ashley! For some strange reason, I think I’ll be waiting my whole entire life. :(

  • taylor
  • http://xtina-sensation.blogspot.com/ Andy

    Sexy babe!

  • http://jojoargentina.ar.tc Ine

    i love ashley and amy!

  • ¿……?

    You guys just care about the curves!

  • TiTanicGirl


  • ashtisdalelover1905

    noo,she has curves…if you look shape magazine videos,you can see ;)

    anyway..this dress is amazing.ashley feels herself better in brunette and she is happay:) nice to see that.
    i can’t wait for her album more !
    it will be awasome,i’m sure !
    Love ashley <3

    Xoxo from Turkey :))

  • Osama

    shes the best!!!

  • zac

    she looks SEXY!#
    better then vanessa. x ;)

  • Lily


  • LoveASHLEY

    I love Ash <33

  • ash rockz

    She looks so hot <3

  • Brian

    She’s cute, but where are the curves people think she has? I’m still waiting, Ashley.

  • TiTanicGirl

    to be honest, she’s a late bloomer and stopped growing after the age of 18 like everyone else. though, with those exercise maybe she will have curves and big boobs.:P Though, i prefer her present body now.

  • Matt

    She is looking sexy.

  • http://cool-graphic-girl.blog.cz CoOoL

    She is very very beatiful

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