Zac Efron Gives Thomas Lennon Attitude

Zac Efron Gives Thomas Lennon Attitude

Zac Efron isn’t amused by co-star Thomas Lennon in this new still from his upcoming flick, 17 Again.

The 21-year-old actor and Tom recently shot a promo spot for Comedy Central. Writer Kyle Leonard writes on his Flickr account, “Awesome day shooting. Zac was cool. Tom was awesome. He’s one of the funniest people on TV, and one of my favorite comedy writers.”

Zac stars as the young version of Mike O’Donnell, a guy whose life didn’t quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. He will premiere 17 Again in Sydney, Australia on March 11th.

10+ stills inside of Zac Efron in 17 Again

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  • priscilla

    what a babe.

  • zanessa4everr


  • IHeartzacefron

    i cant wait to c the movie. he has nice abs. hey vanessa u got a pretty good man on ur hands!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucy

    omg so hot, cain’t wait to see the actual movie I have it marked on my calender with a picture of zac, it will be nice to see him in a movie with his hair looking great because I didn’t like hairspray with zacs hair slicked back and black (although black hair suited him in a couple of photoshoots)

  • Lucy

    I I also forgot to mention see him in a movie OTHER than hsm

  • mrsefron.



  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh gawd..I love him in picture #6. WOW. Can you say sexy ? Can’t wait to see this movie !! So excited !!

    Btw, JJJ, you got a little error there..I think it’s He Will…not He’ll Will.

  • Katty

    Yay, I cannot wait for that movie. I am going opening night with a big group of friends.
    He looks soooo sexy. I don’t mean to be one of those crazed Zanessa fans, but I guess I am, and I hope V joins him for a couple premieres.
    Is him being on SNL confirmed, or was that just a rumor?
    Anyways, love Zachary!
    Boy, cut your hair!

  • Anonymous

    oh god. I thought is said Zac Efron robs KevIn Federline.

  • no

    thats at my high school!!!
    santa monica high!!! dont forget!

    greatest high school everrrr

  • hititquitit

    i am going with all of my friends
    it comes out during spring break!
    lucky us?

  • Findacure

    I read he’ll be on SNL 11 Apr

  • Findacure

    Looks like he’ll be on SNL 11 April

  • mhay

    im So excited for this movie.

  • vannie

    I lOve you Zachary!!!!!!!!!

  • zaclicious1ka

    love him so much

  • caitlin

    cant wait cant wait!
    and it comes out in australia first! haha that like never happens!

  • mykamicks

    If Vanessa is lucky to have Zac as his boyfriend ( being a hunk & the hotties young male celebrity now). I believed ZAC is more luckier to have VANESSA in his side. Not only a girlfried but a great influence and even make him a better person & remain humble despite of huge fame he has now…

    I am very amazed with these two POWERFUL YOUNG DUO… They always keep comlimenting with each other..

  • sweethoney

    I LOVE HIM! he looks so hot! Can’t wait to see the movie. And I love Vannesa too.

  • V-fan-forever

    love him and can’t wait for this movie!

  • Ammyaward(Amazon)

    Zac is my most fav actor and I have been in love with him for Like since way before Vanessa Came along i was in love with when he was in summerland with McCarrtney!

    I wish he knew I existed and I would Just even love just to be friends with guy.

    But that’s just big dreamin’ I’m in Perth he is in America!!!

  • Jessie

    ohgosh he’s sooooo hot! i’m sure that i’ll love this movie! <3
    love zac and vanessa!
    zanessa rock ;)

  • Lydia

    first non musical movie, cant wait!

  • Gabriela Aroca

    oooh,he’s so cute !

    Zac is my liiife ! ♥

  • bettybaby

    seriously cannot wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TiTanicGirl

    *sigh dreamily*

  • susan

    can’t not wait for this movie.he is so cute!!!

  • Zanessa biggest brazilian fan



    I’m pretty excited about all the ‘premieres’ ! I wanna see Zanessa shining together :)

  • Ann


    You have got to be joking. The only reason Miss Thang get photoed is because she is sleeping with Zac.

    He sure as heck does not need her, she would be nothing if not for him

  • Karen


    I know you don’t like Vanessa but you wouldn’t sound so ridiculous if you would check your facts before commenting. If you are going to insult someone in terms of making them look like they are nothing then you really need to know what is going on with that person to see if they actually do have nothing going on. Vanessa is currently in talks for 3 new movies. The one seems like a done deal. It is being done by the director who just did The Watchman movie and it would seem that is why Vanessa was at the premiere and why her manager was there too with her. It would seem that Zac was WITH Vanessa and not the other way around. However, I’m sure the premiere served both of these young people due tot he fact that Zac has this new movie coming out in a matter of weeks.

    Zac does not need Vanessa nor does Vanessa need Zac. The fact of the matter is each WANTS the other one and when you want someone that much then there is an element of need but the need is not in regards to further their careers. They are both doing well and getting notice for their careers all on their own. But in all actuality right now, it is Vanessa who has been getting more buzz about projects than has Zac. The only thing definite for Zac is Footloose right now and it hasn’t even had a date set for filming and nobody has been casts for roles yet. The movie that Vanessa is apparently up for with this director of The Watchmen is set to start filming in the fall and she has already been given a name for the role she will play. Also, the other cast has been named also.

    So, just because you don’t like Vanessa you need to at least tell the truth—but then again you apparently don’t know what the truth is. And I will hasten to say the same in regards to Zac. Just because you don’t like him gives you no license to tell say things that are not true. If you are going to insult and ridicule then at least keep it on facts and not fiction.

    Last and certainly not least, you people who do not like seeing Vanessa on Zac’s arm or those feeling Zac is not good enough for Vanessa—either one— if they suddenly broke up and each of them got someone else you didn’t like, would you then also feel this great compulsion to insult the new person in their life? I think you would and that is why it is so silly. But in the case of Zac and Vanessa they BOTH are insanely popular with fans and they are both incredibly famous right now for such young performers, and why is that?? It’s because they are both very talented. So get used to it.

  • Lilly

    well said Karen, that was brilliant!

    He looks amazing in these stills. The movie looks awesome! He is such a natural comic, he really should do more movies like this!

  • http://justjaredjr alc

    i cannot see these two breaking up ( i hope they will not break up though), i dont know, i feel there is this connection between them that is hard to explain……….it seems so real to me……….love is just there

  • Katty

    What role of Vanessa’s is a done deal:? I want to know!

  • anna.

    lmfao at #29. can you be anymore stupid? :/

    anyway, CAN’T FREAKING WAIT FOR THIS FREAKING MOVIE. although i gotta say, i kinda lost interest in 17 again after i heard that vanessa was going to be in sucker punch. i’m hella excited for that… hopefully she takes that role!

  • christine x3

    DUDE i can’t wait. why couldnt the movie be released here first?

  • jkfjgfjk

    #29 i totally agree
    and #30 vanessa do need zac everybody knows dat maybe except 4 u
    zac has a couple of movie dat r comming out and what vanessa have been doin lately other than hsm. her singing career tank and she is not getting any roles

    if u don’t believe me here are the movies dat she have been it
    Year Title Role Notes
    2003 Thirteen Noel Film Debut
    2004 Thunderbirds Tintin Science fiction-adventure film
    2006 High School Musical Gabriella Montez Made by Disney Channel.
    2007 High School Musical 2 Made by Disney Channel.
    2008 High School Musical 3: Senior Year Was released by Walt Disney Pictures October 24, 2008.
    2009 Bandslam Sam Finished

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    just three words:
    hot HOT hot!!!!!! i cant wait for the movie!!!!!
    zac fan!!! 4-everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • nikki


>>>>>>> staging1