Dakota Fanning is a 'Runaway'

Dakota Fanning is a 'Runaway'

Even if Dakota Fanning doesn’t nab the role of Jane in the upcoming New Moon, she may be starring with leading lady Kristen Stewart in another flick — The Runaways.

Dakota, 15, is in talks to play lead singer Cheri Currie, Variety reports. Cheri Currie was the same age as Dakota when she made her debut with the Runaways as the lead singer who belted out hard-edged tunes like “Cherry Bomb.”

Kristen, 18, is already tapped to play rocker Joan Jett in the flick.

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  • nathalia


  • gypsymarie

    i really look forward to this film!

  • Amelyn

    Er ?

  • Sar

    Go Kristen!! :)

  • bint

    Dakota is growing up.


  • joss

    that’s going to be interesting

  • Maria

    Whatever, I’l be watching it for Kristen.

  • Anonymous

    ok now theyre making this movie into a joke… wrong casting decisions… they dont even look the part!

  • bellamor

    Well, no they don’t look like the rockers yet. Joan Jett herself mentioned that K.Stew would need a haircut and etc. to look the part–I bet we’ll see k. stew rocking Jett’s black hair and bangs soon enough–but she’s gonna be filming New Moon–don’t recall Bella having a rocker chick vibe!!

  • Cris

    Two of the best young actresses around! I’m so excited for this movie.

  • http://jjj miley

    i love kristen but i don’t really like dakota. she has talent and i have watched her films but i don’t like her look.
    xoxo go kristen!

  • http://www.google.com.br/language_tools?hl=pt-BR drica

    dakota perfect! i love her films! i hate it shouted others.

  • pame

    i love kristen♥

  • Coii

    I don’t care while Kris takes the lead role in the film! :P whatever i’ll be watching it only for kstew! i’m her fan since …who knows??? lol :D

    TEAM KSTEW!!!! ***go kristen!!***

  • layla

    if she doesn’t get it then taylor momsem should. she would look the part perfectly.

  • yashi

    please everyone lets show kristen that her true fans are loyal to her some, some jelouse girls created a petition for kstew to be dropped as bella but another group created a petition to keep her as bella , its up to 103 signature while the haters have only 67 soo please sign and post this in everywebsite you know LETS KEEP KRISTEN IN TWILIGHT !!!!


  • The4th

    The more I look at pictures of The Runaways in the 70′s, the more I realllllly think that Kristen Stewart should have been cast as Cherie Currie instead of Joan Jett. Look at this pic of Cherie Currie– she is the tall blonde smack in the middle:


    Dakota Fanning can’t pull off that deep voice and the bad girl attitude. She mighttry, but she is too milquetoast!

  • jilli

    Come on! I really can’t see Dakota playing a rocker she just seems way to idk the word. Kristen has something about her that just makes it her though so I’ll see it for her I guess.

  • arantxa

    WHAT !
    dakota isvery talented
    but No !
    now they want here to be in Twilight things or things realted to
    No :s !

    Kirsten :) !

  • http://asorb.tk zeeky5678

    man, you know if you guys keep thinking that Dakota can never grow up, then she never will, because you guys can’t imagine very good at all. I’d gladly watch the film for Dakota AND Kristen. I don’t find reasoning in hating either of them, they’re both talented, it’d just one of them has more experience with darker roles, because people are used to seeing them there. How would you feel if you got cast as the good guy in a play and wanted to try playing the bad guy, but no one could let you because they always think you’d be the good person. that’s what you guys are doing to her. You say that she’s too young and well always be the girl in the cat in the hat, and guess what. She always will be that little girl, unless you let her branch out into other roles! man!

  • blaster

    Dakota Fanning is confirmed to play JANE in NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!

    NEW MOON is start filming on MARCH 23th, it will be 4 months of shooting in Vancouver and Italy, then after that, Kristen will start filming THE RUNAWAYS.. so there will be no conflict if she cuts her hair as Joan Jett…. Kristen FEST 2009-2011!!!!!!

    The Cake Eaters, Adventureland, New Moon, The Runaways, K11, Eclipse…. Breaking Dawn..

    As for Dakota being a ROCKER, she’s a GOOD actress.. i’m pretty sure she can pull it off.. it’s time for her to do mature roles..

  • blaster

    this petition thing is stupid!!!!! uselesss and ungrateful!!!!

    Kristen had SIGNED to play as Bella on all 4 films!!!

  • blaster

    i think Dakota can rock too…

    check out this pic..


    she can pass as a rocker with the right outfit, hair and attitude!!!

  • http://promomami.blogspot.com Becca

    this is NOT going to be a kids’ movie, Jared! Not by a long shot…

  • Aimee

    I know Dakota’s like, 15 or 16, but to me she still looks 12.

  • jiannah

    they both look pretty but i luv the most is KRISTEN

>>>>>>> staging1