Miley Cyrus Takes Noah To NYC

Miley Cyrus Takes Noah To NYC

Miley Cyrus keeps a hold on lil’ sis Noah‘s hand as they make their way back to their hotel in New York City on Thursday night (March 5).

The 16-year-old actress is in town to promote her new book, “Miles To Go.” Miley had a book signing today at Barnes and Noble on 5th Avenue.

Miley has also been making the rounds on popular radio shows and dished to The Johnjay & Rich Show that she wasn’t very happy when she got the cold shoulder from the band at the 2009 Grammy Awards. She shared, “If someone, like, said that, like, ‘I would cry if I met them. I really want to meet them,’ I would freaking, like, run and, like, give them the biggest hug in the world because that’s cool, you know But they were like, ‘We don’t really do that.’”

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  • Victoria

    i love her and she looks gorgeous!
    her sister is cute too lol


    Miley looks nice with extra curly hair.

  • anna

    PREEEETYYY !! :]

  • tammy

    Lil sis is a cutie!

  • katie

    shes cute but can you imagine what she would like like if she HADNT gotten her teeth majorly fixed, didnt have hair extensions, or a make-up artist, or stylist? YIKES! cuz as cute as she is here, shes NOT a naturally pretty girl…

  • Team-Miley

    She’s right though they were really rude.

  • jobro lover

    totally listened to that couldnt make it cuz i had school
    and i live an hour away but she did good :]

  • jobro lover

    yeah totally listended to here when she came to oregon
    could make it to the radio station cuz i had school
    and plus it was an hour away just to see her
    not feelin it but deff did a good job
    still love ya miley
    Radio Head will deff be wishin they didnt reject you
    your the best

  • vote KCA!

    she’s gorgeous! but i have to agree with the comment about the teeth fix and stuff she would be ugly without all the make-up and hair extensions. she’s prettyyyy! but not naturally pretty

  • PaulinhoO

    I want this book! :D

    Miley rocks!

    Love you, Miley <3

  • Lizzie, [:

    Seeing these pictures really makes me want to take out her hair extensions. she should go circa after BOBW tour. when her hair was slick and looked clean. now it looks, just like another girl with long hair who lacks to take care of it

  • Lizzie, [:

    & I agree with 5.
    Miley’s not beautiful I would call her “Cute”
    someone who would be beautiful in my opinion is selena gomez
    but that’s just me
    xo :)

  • joecool

    Miley is beautiful inside and out unlike some people!!



    i loved whe she said somethings more like : “if there were NO fans it would be no records and noone will listen to your music, this why we should treat fans really good..” (i don’t really remeber the exact words but she said that) RadioHead sucks they treat their fans like crap, at less when somebody wants an autograph signed by miley she NEVER says no.. !!



  • rEALLY?

    Her sister is very unfortunate looking. I still think Miley’s teeth looked jacked up. She still NEEDS braces in my opinion, however they are trying to fix her teeth is not working.

  • Hailey

    Miley and Nick???

  • hmm.

    Ok, regardless of her looks and teeth (which yes #13, i agree), I think the more important problem here is her GRAMMAR.
    Wow. I haven’t heard someone say LIKE this many times in my life. It’s pretty sad. She’s so busy with, let’s say these extensions and fake teeth, that she has no time to learn how to speak properly while doing an interview.
    I know she’s still young, but WOW. Read a book. And NO, not your own.

  • Carter

    I agree with number 5. I think that she is just an average girl. Not the prettiest girl in the world like everyone makes her out to be. Her hair looks weird here. It usually looks better.

  • billythekid

    To Lizzie (10 and 11)

    I think she is cute and adorable, which is more than enough for most people. And her hair is naturally curly, so I think that’s fine as well. Selena Gomez is more beautiful? I suppose an argument could be made for that, though the degree by which that might be so is much less than you seem to make out. Miley is a very attractive young lady. As long as anyone doesn’t seriously think Selena is a better singer, I can live with her being more beautiful.

  • billythekid

    To Hmm (17)

    For once I don’t disagree with a Miley diss :). It’s not her in particular, but kids in general these days. Kids get it into their heads that they don’t have to write well except in class (if capable), and are forever speaking a language of slang instead of proper english. Ever listen to some of those rappers talk? They aren’t any better. But I suppose she learned by example, the example being this generation of kids she grew up with. She certainly didn’t learn it at home with her father or mother. i have heard them speak on multiple occasions (especially her father in interviews), and they speak fairly decent.

  • Annelisee loverss milezz

    Noah is adorable! aww! Miley is soo sweet :) aww i loveee her
    miley supporter ALWAYS

  • Vote For Miley


    Miley’s hair is naturally curly. That’s how her hair looks if she doesn’t straighten it. She usually doesn’t wear make-up when she’s out and around. I think it’s great that she doesn’t feel the need to get fixed up. Also, tons of people get their teeth fixed, so does that make them fake? I don’t know if she still has extensions. She should just dye her hair one solid color. So I think she IS naturally pretty. Not gorgeous, but she is pretty.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Aw how cute.
    Miley and Noah
    are like twins.
    Miley is VERY VERY
    cute dont mean to
    brag but Selena Gomez
    aint got NOTHING
    on Miley.

  • whocares

    selena may be prettiet but
    miley is hotter!

  • lolol

    selena is pretty but in my opinion
    miley is prettier.
    but she doesn’t look so good
    in these pics..she looks really tired
    and no one looks gorgeous
    when they are tire.
    miley has come good and bad pics
    just like everyone else.
    but miley is beautiful…especially
    her eyes.

  • jilli

    Where the hell is her younger brother?! He’s totally got this avoiding paparazzi thing down pack! Unless he doesn’t live with them. I almost forgot she has a younger brother.

  • matilda

    #5 katie u could’t be more wrong!! miley looks stunning even without make up! and her would be equally beautiful without extensions…
    so yeah don’t bash just because u r jealous…

  • izabella

    Miley’s so gorgeous ♥
    and Noah is getting prettier by the day :D

  • lilix

    poor lil gal! i wished she’d had a better role model! i wished every gal who look up at Miley had a better role model! *sigh*

  • lilix

    i agree with #17!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    I absolutely adore Miley; i went off her abit but i feel so sorry for her, yeah shes dating an older guy and shes having some bad press – but i think some gossip sites should lay off of her, shes a young for hair extensions and stuff but if i had the money to do stuff what shes doing i would totally do it and am 18…and also, you “fans” are getting on at her for having extensions and having her teeth fixed – i’m fans of demi lovato, and selena gomez but demi had her teeth fixed and they weren’t half as bad as miley’s and also, selena has been having hair extensions in, there was a post on jjj with how her hair had grown a lot and you were all commenting on sayin how it looks nice…i just think everyone should lay off of her for a while, shes living a dream, shes’s sixteen it’s obvious she’s gonna make mistakes who doesn’t?

  • Miley

    lilix: Can you go? We really don’t want you here.

  • Adriana

    Does somebody goes to school in her family ?

  • Miley fan :)

    Noah is like a mini version of Miley. Both are pretty :) .. listen to part 5 – she says something about her boyfriend getting mad … justin getting mad if she texted Nick ? On some other website it said that that person is maybe nick …

  • Miley fan :)

    (the person she was texting)
    btw .. its cute when she goes im miserable without you..

  • billythekid

    To Miley (#32),

    Nah, I want Lilix to stay. I need someone like her to practice my writing on. Plus this time she really didn’t say anything abusive. She just stated the obvious regarding post #17, and everyone is entitled to their opinions on role models. Plus, I think I would stop reading this site if all I saw here was a constant stream of drivel in response to the articles posted. It’s nice to have a little ying with the yang to spicen things up.

  • Lizzie, [:

    I don’t think Miley nor selena have a good voice
    and yeah, I think miley’s pretty. it’s not as if I think she’s hideous

  • Ang

    Noah looks kinda scared, but I really don’t blame her physico people following her sister with cameras. And to all people who are being mean and to #36 people are untitled to their own opinion but in some places people DON’T want it like when some people like Miley and when you don’t just shut up and don’t make people hate you, and don’t make people mad you can just say “I respect that you people like her but I don’t, I’m not a fan.” Really that would be MUCH nicer to say.
    Peace and Love,