New Harry Potter Trailer!

New Harry Potter Trailer!

Daniel Radcliffe looks a bit startled in this new clip from the brand-new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer.

In the flick, Harry Potter (Radcliffe) begins his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and discovers an old book marked mysteriously with the words, “This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince.” From there, he begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort’s dark past.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters on July 17.

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” New Trailer
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  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I never watched
    Harry Potter
    so I really dont care.

  • katie

    im so insanely excited. this is the one movie where ALL types of ppl like it. the cheerleader, the math geek, the choir nerd and the jock are all gunna go see it. and thats why i love these films. they have universal appeal.

  • Elise

    Amazing. can’t wait for the film as for once we get it here in Australia the same time as the US :) gonna be so good and the 7th will be better again!

  • vanessaj

    this is the movie were draco kills dumbledore right?

  • [other] sam

    shh spoilers lol
    technically it wasnt draco

    this film will be the DADDY

  • ghjk

    yeah it wont let me watch it, i tried on two different computers.
    this sucks =(

  • TiTanicGirl

    this has more sequels than hsm!

  • alexa


  • olddanfan

    Why did I have to go to the kiddie section to see this? Adults love Harry Potter too! Last time I went to an HP movie, it was 95% adults.

  • Hpthebest

    Move over Twilight,the King Potter is back!!!i can’t wait!!

  • jbfan


    they arent exactly “sequels,” theyre more like part of a series,
    & since they are based off of the books they need them

  • Tyrone

    I hope this movie is as good as the book because that was phenomenal.

  • trini

    i can’t wait to watch it !

  • arantxa

    “nick jonas girlfriend ” WHAT! you are crazy
    even ‘people that dont like HP had seen at least one movie

    i need to see Harry Potter 6 !

  • K-nny

    this is the movie were draco kills dumbledore right?

    It was Snape, but he was dying anyway. I can’t wait for 3 years of Harry Potter in a row.

  • bob

    O man, imagine the budget for that. The special effects are crazy.

  • camz

    ahhh iam soo excited!!! they made us wait way too long!!! haha =]

  • Soy

    Whoaaa. The Harry Potter movie producer people must have spent ages laboring over those special effects. Wowza.

  • joss

    can’t wait!

  • sarah

    Snape kills Dumbledore, and we found out later it’s because he asked him to. And these aren’t technically ‘sequels’, they’re the films of a seven book series.

  • queen bee

    It looks like hey have A LOT of special effects this time, I loved that (L)

    LOL at #10, you’re SO right! XD I love Twilight, but it’s NOTHING compared to HP series (L)

    And damn god I’m so hating #7! I mean, SEQUELS?!?!?! Gosh… you’re gonna tell me that you NEVER heared about the book series?!?!??! COME ONN!!!!

  • silvia

    harry potter is back:) i can’t wait see daniel,helena and rickman.but why this news jr.we,hp fans, very worried.justjared hate harry potter?
    oh man i never like twilight.angel is unique and sexy romantic vampire for me.

  • Just Interested

    daaamn it looks awesome!!!


  • Just Interested

    LOL at #7

    didn’t you know harry potter is a book series??

  • jessica

    I love hp!!!
    jared why you don’t like hp? :/ it’s much better than twilight believe me

  • Harriet

    Blimey! This movie is wicked! I can’t wait! Lo and behold, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince!

    Rowling rocks my world :)

  • Yuuki

    God! the soundtrack is awesome. Little Tom Riddle is so cute and hot! He is a child… but hot, like his uncle :) :P

  • vale

    this movie will be one of the best movies ever!!!!!

  • jennimiki

    I love the look of the inferi and the fire in the cave. So many things so far are as I’ve imagined them. I just hope they don’t screw up the plot too much this time around. The plot mishaps have been an issue since PoA. That said, I’m still excited, as the movies always add just a little more to the visualization.

    As for Twilight… Honestly, there is no comparison. They are apples (I guess that would be Twilight LOL) and oranges. Both have a huge fan base of people who’re just a little whacky when it comes to following everything, and both deal with fantasy. It ends there. If you like Twilight, fine. I thought some of the movie was okay, but with the exception of the fourth book, I found some of Meyer’s writing and plotlines just not as good as JKR’s. I’m not saying Meyer is awful; to be compatred to Rowling would be difficult. But HP is so much more complex in writing, characters, and plots.

    As for why it’s pointed at kids, you’ve got me. I’m 39, and I’ve been a Potterhead since 2004. This series is phenomenal, and I’m glad for the movies, because without them, I might not have discovered the books.

    See you all at the movies in July! :)

  • linnyb

    canadians cant watch the video :S

  • me

    awesome i cant wait it does really look amazing

  • pnar~

    wooow thats amazing! Can’t wait for it !

  • kaila

    SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  • GINA

    there´s no comparation between twillight and potter, hp´s the books are amazing, i can´t stand meyer, her books are boring, flats and ridiculous. That bella-kirsten is a shame like and actress, pattinson gets all the credit for the success of the movie

  • Caroline Ferreira

    I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t wait for!!!!
    Good God, this movie is gonna be rooooooooock !!!!

  • Harry potter fan

    OMG!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! I’m so crazy about Harry Potter and I seriously can’t wait for the new movies, but it’s kind of sad, ’cause it’s gonna be over, so we’re not gonna see anything about HP. I mean, J.K. Rowling might even write other stuff, but it’s not gonna be the same!! That excitement for a new book/movie… I don’t even remember how was my life before it!

  • shakeitout

    they made us wait too long!

  • ty

    GOD BLESS HARRY POTTER , Rowling & Dan of course !!

    Ahah i like the fact that where i live (France) it comes out on july 15th =P

  • megyn

    i seriously cant wait for this movie to come out. i was so upset when they pushed it back – july cant come fast enough!!

  • Michelle

    The trailer looks really good. I’m excited to see it, but am saddened the HP films are soon coming to a close.

  • Bella

    Damn! CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!

  • DEE

    its about time!!!!
    we’ve been waiting too long!
    ewww i hate twilight mostly only puts stuff on about TWILIGHT!
    hp ROCKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1