The Jonas Brothers Invade ComicCon

The Jonas Brothers Invade ComicCon

The Jonas Brothers just wrapped up their surprise theater invasion but their fun doesn’t stop there.

Nick, Kevin and Joe dished to MTV about where they’re headed next — ComicCon with the youngest JoBro, Frankie!

Joe shared, “He’s [Frankie] pretty awesome, ’cause he wants to go to this comic book convention. He said, ‘Hey Joe, want to go to Comic-Con with me?’ and I said, ‘What’s Comic-Con?’ He’s like, ‘You dress up as your favorite superhero or bad guy and you go there and you hang out.’ And I’m like, ‘I totally want to go to that.’ I’m going as … it’s either between the Riddler or … it’s in between right now.”

Kevin is also supposed to dresss up as The Flash. We can’t wait to see him in red spandex!!! O la la.

The Jonas Brothers Headed to ComicCon
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  • karla


  • liz

    HAHA too funny… I agree tho no one is cooler then SuperMan!

    I’d love to see Kevin in red spandex! HAHA

  • silvia from italy

    hi…i’m silvia from italy! i’d like to thank u soooooo much!u update so much and even more on thing i totally love is that u put the transcription of the video as here so i understand better what people say!!! thx from the bottom of my heart! u rocks!!!!

  • amanda

    #1 if u don’t have anything nice to say about them why bother commenting??
    i just don’t get haters…

  • K3NDR4

    ROFL, those nerds.

  • Adriana

    OK amanda I see that my comment have been delete
    I don’t have anything against the jonas brothers I really like them and I don’t understand why being gay or bisexual is a problem can you explain it to me ?
    I’m from europe so maybe I’m more open minded I don’t know I don’t understand why you say i’m an hater

  • Krissy

    i can imagine them right now, being there famous super heroes, or there own fictional characters!!!!
    hehe* super jonas in jonas style xD
    how cute ;)
    kevin : wolverine // K2 ( ditch those jeans for spandex ..really sexy) =)
    Joe: Super man or the Battery Guy / Danger Boy
    Nick : Spider man // Mr. President
    Frankie : Buzz Lighter // Frank the Tank :D

    Gotta love them!
    Hope they have fun

    doesn’t anyone find it ironic
    that in wizards they mention POPCon
    and now the jonas’ are mentioning comic CON?
    but oh well…
    there both amazing!!!!

    IF i was any super hero, i think, I would like to be either
    a) Cybersix or
    b) Kitty or Jenne from X- men :P

    Like always, you guys truly made my day, full of smiles and laughs
    from the bottom of my heart, you are my everything
    keep up the awesome work!!!

  • lisa

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of kevin and joe as superheroes :DD

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Whos “Riddler”?
    I’m not familiar with
    that. But thats so
    cute the Jonas Brothers
    go to comic book
    conventions with
    their little brother
    awww! But who is Nick
    dressing up as?
    Hopefully he wears spandex
    :P haha :P

  • kara

    i’m sure there are not many people who want to see kevin in red spandex, unless it’s over his face

  • the real mrs. nicholas jonas

    LmJo!!!! haha kevin in spandex!!!
    tht comiccon thing sounds like something my dad n brother would be soo sixed(sp?) to go to haha i would ttly go just sooo i could meet my smexy bf
    i swear my lil bro n frankie would be bff they both luv video games and super heroes

  • Katie

    I wanna go with them! (:

  • Yvonne

    KARA—YOU NEED TO STFU! I think there are A LOT of people that want to see hot Kevin dressed as the Flash. You are a witch for saying that!

  • aly

    they need to come to the comi con in san diego!

  • http://jjj annony

    yvonne im with you matey I WOULD LOVE TO SEE KEVIN IN SPANDEX as flash….he would be so hot… would be nice to see joe and nick too…nick oh so serious as SUPERMAN and typical of joe as the riddler or something showing his funny side….they should do a whole shoot of the boys in various superheros costume and you and i could be WONDER WOMAN…. what do you think??????LOL

  • Anonymous

    theyre going to get their asses kicked if they go to comiccon



  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    I think Joe should be Superman though, he slightly looks like Brandon Routh, 10x hotter, but still

  • karina

    they should definitely come to comic con here in San Diego. I’ll totally go.

  • Cc27

    Joe Jonas should be superman! :) Hot and Strong haha xD

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    Lmao Joe and kevin in costume would be Epic!

  • V factory socal

    Comic-Con is only in San Diego…..

  • Kristine

    # 9
    dont worry!
    i didn’t know who the Riddler was, till i looked it up xD
    that’s who he is (:
    funny thing is..he kinda looks like the joker in some way =P
    But honestly..i can’t imagine joe as this guy.
    I think super man, would be more suited for him ^-^
    And as i said, before Kev as wolverine
    and Nick as the hot, adorable spider man, or batman :D

    # 16
    of course there gonna kick some a**** in the convention
    it’s jonas style with jonas characters <3

    # 10
    haha keep dreaming
    but that’s never gonna happen!
    FYI- learn the truth, cuz ALOT of people admire kev for who is as a person and an artist (:
    AND he is known, to be A HOT, sexyful jonas brother…
    just because he’s different, and doesn’t have similar looks like joe and nick, doesn’t mean he’s ugly looking & should get less attention!
    Honestly, do you not, see how many people want him, in spandex, more simliar to having nick and joe ?

    look how stupid you sound, for saying it..cuz it’s not the truth xD
    the joke is on you, since kev has girlfriends and girls who think he’s a real model — and no there not stupid to choose him!
    there actually really lucky- cuz ANYONE would DIE to be with kevin jonas :)
    I think, the spandex has gotten around your head..cuz you clearly, don’t have taste into what’s real and what’s fake!

    I wish i was at the comic con with them..
    to be their super hero =]
    ( cybersix) :D

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Thanx #23
    ROCK ON!

    Nick is my sexy super hero
    For all the Nick Jonas
    lovers go to
    UGH its
    Makes me
    love him
    more and more.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Sorry guys
    my link dosent
    work :( I tried to see
    if it worked but sadly
    it didnt. So just go to you tube
    and type in Nick Jonas in
    bed. Sorry a 1000,000,000 times.

  • jobro lover

    deff love and support the jonas brothers
    but idk if im fellin this whole comic book
    convention… idk idk

    still love you boys!!

  • Katherine_moviejunkie

    I love the jonas brothers.

    OMG,joe,you seriously do not know what the hell ComicCon is!!!????

    I cant wait for the day i get the chance to go there,it will be my dream!

    Haha i wanna see them dress up as superheroes.

  • Jonas 09

    I think the Jonas Brothers would be HOT as Superheroes,
    love you JB XOXO

  • Jerseygirl

    Hey the ocean JBgirls have invaded JJJ! WOOT!

    And I would pay good money to see Joe and Kevin dressed in tights and spandex! ;)

  • Nazeefa

    Haha! I can’t wait!!! They’d probably look awesome as superheroes!!
    And it’s so sweet that they care for Frankie’s wishes! Lol. :P

  • joejonaslover

    I’d rather see Joe in red spandex! lol

  • Shannon

    Kevin in spandex! Joe as…….!!!!Nick J as Superman?!!!

  • Jonaskaulitzgrl

    OMJ! i luv superman 2! kevin dressin up as flash now thatz gonna be sumthin 2 look forward 2

  • Rachel jonas

    that will be so AMASING !!!
    cant wait to see them in there superhero cosumes XD

  • Megan

    It’s actually called Comicon not comiccon it’s an anime convention…

  • Tori

    I had a volleyball tournament the other weekend in orlando and there was a Megacon convention next to us. It was so odd!!!!!! lol They would honestly sitck out like sore thumbs. The only good thing is, I highly doubt any of those people know who the Jonas Brothers are, so they’d get a day of privacy.

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