The Cheetah Girls: The Lost Songs

The Cheetah Girls: The Lost Songs

The Cheetah Girls may be finished, but their songs are still around.

Sabrina Bryan is continuing her Month of Love by releasing three B-side tracks on her MySpace.

Mel, Sabrina‘s manager writes, “For your listening pleasure, here are some songs from the Cheetah Girls you may not have heard. From their album TCG, these songs were ‘B-sides’ and appeared on exclusive CDs for Wal-Mart and Target. Take a listen and track them down, they’re worth getting. In particular, I like the song “Feeling How A Girl Feels” by the Matrix. We’d love to hear what you think of these ‘lost’ songs, and if you didn’t get a chance to check out TCG when it was released, take a listen. It’s a really good album and the girls put a lot of themselves into it.”

Check out the tracks below!

The Cheetah Girls – The Lost Songs
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  • ashley

    I love how Sabrina is sharing all this stuff with her fan’s, and I love all the songs!! Go Sabrina!!!

  • polvopaw

    OMG, I love all the songs!!! Thanks Sabrina and Mel for sharing them with us!!! YOU ROCK SABRINA!!!!

  • Brenda

    Sabrina and her manger are the best for sharing these tracks!! I really dig How a girl feels!! Thanks JJJ for sharing info on Sabrina’s Love of month :)

  • Esther

    Love all the songs, my favorite is I wanna know you like that, love that song and love Sabrina!!! She is the BEST!!!!

  • B_L_B

    I absolutely love all this goodies that Sabrina is sharing with all her fans this month, love this three songs !!!! LOVE YOU SABRINA!!!

  • jeff

    Dam Sabrina Bryan sounds very sexy in the last track. :P Great tracks

  • demi

    Wow , they sounded great the last two tracks are great!! They needed to showcase more of Sabrina she sounds great!! Thanks Sabrina, Mel and JJJ for posting about Sabrina more!!

  • Sussy

    OMG, love the songs!!! How a girl feel is my favorite, Sabrina sound great on that one!!! thanks Just Jared Jr. for posting this!!! LOVE SABRINA!!!!

  • Jesus

    AMO A SABRINA!!!!!

  • kristal

    Those tracks are awesome!!! Thanks Sabrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JustWatchMeNow

    Love these songs!!! Loving Sabrina’s Month of Love!!! LOVE Sabrina!!!

  • jerilynn

    you’re so talented Sabrina!

  • Aylin

    I love all the songs Sabrina sounds so great in all of them especially the last one!!!

  • cynthia

    Sabrina your the best!

  • becky

    I love On my Way and How a Girl feels!! Sabrina and her manger know how to spoil her fan’s. Also Sabrina you were great on Read Across Amereica on March 2,2009

  • Esthela

    love Sabrina!!!! Love the songs!!!!

  • sonia

    OMG those tracks are hot!! Love How A Girl Feels it has more of Sabrina in it. They should have given her more parts like in that last track. Thanks Sabrina, Mel, and Just Jared for posting on your blog. You are all the best!

  • Vanessa

    i love the last song, how girl feels!!!! its more grown up !

  • vera

    Alll the track are good. I’m going to try buy that cd with the bonus songs. Thank you Sabrina

  • dahilliaha

    On My Way is cool!

  • jamie

    I can’t believe that How a girl feels was a bside track. I love that song the most Sabrina is fierce in that one as well as the others

  • leigh

    Love Love Love HOW A GIRL FEELS!!!

  • norma

    Thanks Sabrina and you really care for your fan’s so much for sharing this. The month of Sabrina love keeps getting better and better.

  • marcelle

    Great tracks!!

  • Osama

    their on thir way!!!

  • penni

    Sabrina sound great on the last track and they all sound more mature in on the 3rd track. I wanted more of these tracks from them.

  • anibel


  • N’keeyah

    Sabrina and Mel rock! I love How A Girl Feels. The do sound more mature. I hope they release another album soon.

  • kusumi

    comey to japan Sabrina. We love you here, thesey songs are great. <333 you so muchie.

  • pearl

    Sabrina and Mel are just fantastic to us. Words can’t describe what you do for us and we appericate it so much. I really like How A Gril Feels, maybe you all can come together again and do one last CD with more songs like the last one.

  • chelsie

    I love the last track the most. I can’t believe they didn’t get to release this as a single. It would’ve have been a hit. Sabrina get’s to sing more awesome!!

  • miya

    OMG, Sabrina sound great and you can hear her more on the third track. Go Sabrina!! :) :)

  • Jair

    OMG, Sabrina sounds great on the last track, SO SEXY!!!!

  • ken

    Sabrina Bryan is hot :P

  • rosalinda

    que linda songs. Que bien that Sabrina and Keily got to sing more.

  • saul

    the blonde one is cute

  • bryon

    Cool beats on the last track

  • Angelita

    Sabrina Sabrina Sabrina. Team Sabrina <3

  • Theron

    dig the last track.

  • blanche

    Love the songs, and love Sabrina.

  • Jeannie

    I love the last track the most.

  • Alisa

    all the songs are great! Your the best Sabrina and Mel great team you two make :)

  • monica

    Love the lost tracks esp the last one. I like how Sabrina gets to start off the song first and that’s rare. Thanks Sabrina and Mel for giving all of us treats. We love it!!

  • Kim

    Very cool!!! I love them all! Can’t wait for some solo music from Sabrina! Loving the Month of Love!!!

  • michele

    Sabrina continues to spoil her fans! Love the new songs she shared and especially love her!

  • Donna c

    Love the new songs! I had heard the first one, but not the last two! Sabrina and her manager Mel have always been so great to her fans, and we appreciate it SO much. And thanks to JJJ for posting.

  • Kat

    Love all three tracks. Big thanks to Sabrina and Mel for sharing so much during this Month of Love.

  • http://justjaredjr. Kathy

    That first song “I wanna know you like that” is that a cover of Nikki Flores song because it sounds just it.

  • Lucio

    Thanx Sabrina

  • kerry

    The tracks are so nice I haven’t heard them at all.