Zac Efron: 'I Know How Ashton Kutcher Feels'

Zac Efron: 'I Know How Ashton Kutcher Feels'

Zac Efron channels his inner James Dean for this new shot in April’s Elle magazine.

The 21-year-old actor weighed in on his role in 17 Again, which producers describe as an opposite Big, the 1988 film starring Tom Hanks.

Zac shared, “I was wondering at the beginning— how is this gonna work? How am I gonna…you know…(fall for an older lady on-screen?) And by the end of the first rehearsal, I had such a big crush on Leslie [Mann], I didn’t have to fake it. Now I know how Ashton Kutcher feels.”

17 Again hits theaters on April 17th.

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Photos: Hilary Walsh
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  • baby h

    lOol that’s funny !!!=P

  • TiTanicGirl

    i prefer his chestnut hair!:D

  • witchygirl

    it seems like a good interview

  • ladysdsandiego

    he is so hot!!!

    look at those eyes!!!!

  • Gesal

    woouua stp!! what does taht mean :and by the end of the first regearsels a had a crush on leslie ? i thought he loves nessa !!

  • Gesal

    woouua stp!! what does that mean :and by the end of the first regearsels a had a crush on leslie ? i thought he loves nessa !!or did i missunderstood a thing ?? pls answer to it !

  • zanessaholic

    you have vanessa already!!!!!!!!
    dont fall for any other woman!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peyton

    omg he has a crush on another woman who cares doesn’t mean he’s going to be with her
    Leslie Mann is with Judd Apatow so no chance your precious zanessa is safe sheesh you guys are crazy I wonder if anyone will commit suicidude if these 2 breakup =\

  • chocolate amber

    Wow, look at those eyes. No wonder Vanessa like his hair slick back.

  • TiTanicGirl

    2:zanessaholic(this girl is drunk!)
    he’s just joking u moron. u completely dont have a sense of humor.:/

  • Athenais

    It’s not pertinent to say that on a magazine , and it’s weird for Vanessa, he admits a crush for another woman, of what to be jealous ( moreover Leslie is so pretty ), lol

    Fortunately Vanessa is very pretty and of the blow to few rivals

    Leslie is more older than Zac and he loves Vanessa, and Leslie was married….

    but everything is possible.

  • zanessa4everr

    haha he’s so cute!! i read the interview! its hilarious!

  • anika

    Oops! i think vanessa isnt all happy about that :P

  • zanessa forever

    Hey he was kidding! Please you don’t have sense of humor! And, by the way, I think He was talking about have a crush on-screan!

  • no bother

    Some of you people #2 dont have a sense of humour

  • susan

    you know he was talking about his big crush on leslie on -screan if you got common sense this what we called publicity

  • susan

    oh zac i love your hair like that .
    handsome and cute!!!

  • hi.

    some of you are too… stupid and naive. sorry if it sounds rude, but you guys are unbelievable sometimes.

    anyway, i looooove his sense of humour (i’m not talking about this article only, i meant the rest of the ELLE interview). i love how he can talk/act more freely now, after he’s done with disney. (:

  • zane

    I dont think this is true that she’s falling for older woman. it’s just a publicity gimmick for the movie.

  • serena

    whoa! hello hunk!

  • Jessie

    omg his eyes are amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    that’s funny if he fall for an old lady LOL
    zanessa rock`;)

  • AllisonC

    Wow efron, way to start rumors. lol

    he IS with vanessa, it’s a bit odd for a guy to admit to ‘not pretending to be in love with an older lady’, but i doubt he meant it as ‘i want to marry her.’ He has innocent crushes on nice women all the time, it’s totally innocent. Besides, leslie is happily married as she said in an interview.

  • AllisonC

    LOL at Peyton, i too am a huge fan and would be slightly dissapointed if they split. But i think I would get over it, but sadly many won’t. They defenitly have a lot of fans wrapped around their little fingers.

    That’s kind of scary, geesh.

  • Lilly

    gosh some people are dumb. So what if he has a crush on Leslie, she said he was cute too, and that she could definatly go all Cougar on him, does that mean she’s going to split with Judd? No!! Zac was messing around, the boy has a mean sense of humour, as does V, and I’m sure she knows how daft he is and won’t mind a bit. Yay for being done with Disney!!

    Starla Efron ftw!!

  • christine x3

    zanessa all the wayy

  • jo

    I love his sense of humor. HoT!

  • TiTanicGirl

    AllisonC, i know. i was scared of them. seriously, they are like being brainwashed. well, some of them of course. they eat too much Zanesssa Candy. make them go sugar rush.:D

  • me…

    there is a HUGE diference to having a crush on some one to being in love with someone. I MEAN COME ON- do you really think Zac would leave Vanesssa- the loove of his life- who he has been with for three years- for an older woman- who is married- that he has a crush on?
    He is 21, not in 6th grade

  • TiTanicGirl

    if zanessa broke up then i wouldn’t be happy or sad. I dont really care since it’s reality not Disney world. relationship come and goes.

  • vaughn

    You people need to seriously buy wholesale the last few remaining sense of humor in the market! Get a life you’re pathetic just because he revealed his crush on Leslie doesn’t mean his relationship with Vanessa is jeopardize…….boring!!!!

  • sophia

    come on guys, its all marketing for the movie. this has nothing to do with zac and vanessa’s relationship

  • Elena Clayton

    Firstly, those eyes are TO DIE FOR! They’re just unfair.

    Secondly, he is seriously flirtatious! That comment to the waitress – totally flirtatious – and sexy as hell! Vanessa, I do not pity you. This guy is HOT.

    Thirdly, great call with the Ashton Kutcher comment! Hilarious! Zac is so funny and charismatic. And hinting at a crush on Leslie Mann? Genius. Love it!

  • Zanessa biggest brazilian fan

    he was just kidding, don’t worry all my Zanessa mates!


  • Candace B

    God, ppl are taking this too seriously.

    How can anyone think he was being serious with the Leslie Mann comment? The whole interview is lighthearted and cheeky. He even managed to talk about the sexshop flippantly – without sounding lascivious. Very cool.

    I love Z’s sense of humour.

  • zac is a rat


    I think everyone by now knows that Zac is one big player and is way to flirtatious becuase one of these days he’s going to be to much that way with one girl anf before he knows it he’ll have a stalker on his hands, I’m sorry but that comment to a total stranger was out of order if he needed to say anything to her which he obvioulsy felt he needed to he could have said that ‘oh you have nice eyes’ or something like that. He knows it’s going to get printed and yet again it does’nt seem to bother him that Vanessa could read it and yes she might be flirtatious to but only for Zac as I’ve never heard or read of Vanessa saying that to another guy while being interviewd. Zac is 21 now he needs to serioulsy think before he speaks at times. I know that he is no longer involved with Disney but he should still show respect to his gf and her feelings.

    And what a big headed jerk to say to the director ‘ told you I could get it’
    Wonder how many more former co stars of the female kinds numbers has he got stored in his phone.

  • zac is a rat

    Wonder then how much of it he is faking it with Vanessa seeings as he found it so easy to develop feelings for another woman after only the first rehersal.

    So by Zac’s own words if there is any kissing scenes with Leslie then we all know whatever expression on his face he won’t be faking it but loving it.

  • Karen

    I don’t even know if I want to go here with some of you people. I could say, trust me, most of you in about 10 years this won’t have to be explained to you at all, you will just understand it by then.

    Actually, I’m sure it wasn’t a joke. I’m sure he meant it just like Vanessa has said she has a crush on Matt Damon. It’s not like either of them WANTS the person they have a crush on. It it entirely different than what they feel for each other. When you have a crush on someone as in this instance it is Zac saying that he is filled with a feeling of admiration for her, that even though she is older that he can see why she would be desirable because she is fun and interesting to talk to . She made him feel good on the set and about himself. That makes a person have this overwhelming feeling for a person like that and it is often explained as a crush. Heck, he has admitted to a crush on Lori Loughlin too—another older lady he worked with on screen in Summerland. Despite being nearly old enough to be his mother Zac is paying them a compliment and shows he knows how to appreciate a woman. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, I don’t know if I can explain that fully to some of you because that concept is so foreign to you. It’s like Vanessa crushing on Matt Damon. It isn’t that she would like to have him the way she has Zac, it’s just she admires him so much that he is just great in her sight. Trust me, a CRUSH is harmless and I’m sure Zac had no idea him saying anything like this would cause such a stir.

    I bet he feels like he can’t win.

  • sweetnessa

    in the picture is so hot!!!

  • zanessaholic

    hey TITANICGIRL!!!!!!!!!!
    of course i know zac was only joking so i was joking as well..
    you’re the one who take these matters seriously..
    how pathetic!!!!
    you’re the one who’s drunk!!!!!!!!!

  • flavinha

    he is wonderful !

  • mrsefron.

    HE IS SO SEXYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katty

    He probably just said that because it promotes the movie, saying he really had a crush on her. It’s not like anything will happen, she’s married, and he’s with V.
    It’s cute though, can’t wait for the movie!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    OMG u guys make everything about Zanessa.
    Its not like Zac said he’s in love with Leslie, they’re costars in a movie, and ‘crushes’ don’t necessarily mean he wants to be with her like he’s with Vanessa. Him & Van have been together for 3 and a half years, so don’t worry. Zanessa are soulmates ♥

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    That is one hot SEXY picture of Zachary. WHOOO !!

  • Lucy

    Let’s hope it was a joke.
    Let’s hope he doesn’t have a real crush on her.
    Let’s hope he stays with Vanessa
    Let’s hope he will show those sexy eyes more often

  • duhh

    #35 You are so right people don’t even care about Vanessa !!!!!! If her feelings were to be hurt nobody would care! They would probably think Vanessa does’nt care and lets Zac walk over her like a sidewalk ,so they can be happy that ‘Zanessa’ is still together.People just care about themselves and want to believe Vanessa would just let every thing pass by to satisfy them.I think Vanessa is stronger then that and does’nt care about what people think !

  • merarydelgadodiaz

    He kinda looks like Shia Labeouf in this picture,
    but hotter.

  • Bradley

    OMG Zac is a rat please shut up.

  • rissa

    so hot. look at those amazing eyes. wow!

  • Elena Clayton

    Man, i need hq version of this photo!

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