Demi Lovato is AC/DC Awesome

Demi Lovato is AC/DC Awesome

Demi Lovato is all smiles as she goes through security at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (March 7).

The 16-year-old Sonny star was wearing an old-school AC/DC gray shirt. Demi is on her way to the Bahamas.

JJJ learned recently that the Sonny With A Chance set is actually the same set that was used by 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Demi‘s dressing room is actually Will Smith‘s old one. How cool!

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Credit: Matingas; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Virginia


  • Virginia

    sorry guys to be annoying saying ‘first’ haha, i’ve never actually been first before, although she doesn’t get many comments.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of her haircut.. It kinda looks like something from the fifties…

  • Giada

    I dunno. She looks really old and not pretty in this picture. and the hair style is not helping either. She go back to that curly dark hair she had a few weeks ago. At least that made her look somewhat pretty.

  • listen to mayday parade

    she looks so different now.. and i bet she doesnt even listen to ac/dc lol but i know its not just me thinking this but, boy does she look like she has aged 15 years in the last couple months… i would never guess 16 i would guess 30

  • tina

    beautiful. love her <3

  • V

    Have you read this?!

    Fast Friends

    When Chad and Sonny hit it off and become friends the cast’s of So Random and Mackenzie Falls must work together to split them apart.

    Sonny in the Middle

    Sonny must choose between her new boyfriend Chad and the cast of So Random!

    Which means Sonny and Chad are getting together!!!!!!!!!!

    Credit: Wikipedia

  • jubs

    i used to think she was so pretty
    now she looks kinda strange with that hair style
    i’m not saying she’s ugly, she’s just not as pretty as she used to be
    and i bet she doesn’t even listen to ac/dc
    just like miley hahaha whateveeeer

  • jess

    she looks so hot

  • Izabella

    gorgeous ♥

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    She looks
    like her mom
    on “Sonny With A Chance”
    Did she do something
    different with her

  • anonymous

    #7 – u r soooo lost my friend.

  • yaya

    ohh man im so jealous demi has will’s old dressing rm. man shes lucky. im such a big fan of will smith. and i also love demi in swac shes awesome

  • Büsra

    OMJ- she is so pretty! I am glad that she dresses again like she used to a couple months ago!
    listen to mayday parade- i don´t think that she looks like 30! c´mon!

  • Joy

    shes cute ;)
    her hair is just like mine,
    growing my bangs out. :P
    and oh
    this wasn’t afternoon this was like 9:30 pm
    they had a sonny taping yesterday .

  • anon

    demi is so damn cute..just that the t shirt doesn’t do justice to her hot body! oh well!

  • jess

    she is so cute… i love her but yeah shirt? not so flattering other wise she’s so pretty anyway!

  • jon

    i like the new hair cut it looks hot but i agree its just the shirt that looks bad

  • jon

    she looks so pretty! i love her!

  • killin

    #2 demi, jb, brenda, selena, miley and sprouse get over 200 comments on go on there and see

  • glimh

    she looks good…its just the shirt is not flattering for her that’s all! i love her with black hair and tan…she looks good tan and pale!

  • glimh

    well #2 that’s because this site is full of nice ppl so if its not that escandalous(sp?) ppl just dont comment!

  • Krissy Fantasy

    can you haters hear yourselves?
    really old? not pretty? hair style is not working for her?
    should go back to her curly dark hair? doesn’t get enough comments?
    give it a rest!
    If you hate her, or don’t like it, then why are complaining for?

    IT doesn’t matter if she changes her look to be different, or doesn’t look decent through every day of her life- she’s still beautiful: normally, casually, and glamorously- that shows she’s still herself and comfortable in her own skin, to not care what other people think about her, and always having a smile on her face, to feel more confident and happy with herself.

    Go demi! That’s a true role model right there ^-^

    YOU guys can try all you want, to pressure her to wear certain amounts of style, just to feel pretty, but at least she has the mind, to not care & continuing to wear any hairstyle – that’s still looks good no matter what!
    And even with/ without makeup- Dem is always gorgeous inside and out —> that’s seriously the type of person, people love her for!

    I’m glad she’s not trying hard, to be something she’s not- she’s growing as a individual to learn and accept herself as a person.
    AND yes- girls tend to change their appearance to feel more comfortable with themselves.
    Are you kidding me?
    she looks old?
    well that’s called growing up! NO matter what age you are, it’s bound to happen at some time!

    I’m sorry, but how would you guys, know if she doesn’t listen to ac/dc?
    Exactly, you don’t know the truth -.-

    Will smith’s dressing room?
    WOW. she’s lucky!
    I love FPOBA :)
    That show was seriously funny and amazing
    and of hopefully, people will reliaze SWAC will start the same way too

    # 7
    OMFG! thanks so much!
    that’s the most cutest thing ever!
    = CONNY OR SHAD <3


  • Anonymous

    Demi hates to be photographed by the papparazi and she looks really tired.

  • Duma

    personally i dont think she is a worthy enough actress to work on a set or have a dressing room that once belonged to will smith. she cant act. and secondly why does her fame always seem to connect to jb or selena and now miley. im a miley selena and jonas fan but demi isnt top of my list. i like her music but her show pains me to watch so i watch hannah and change channels and then watch wizards. i hope she gets her ass out of jb, selena, and miley`s asses and does something to prove to us why she should be famous because as of right now i only see her as the the girl from camp rock, selena`s bff, and the girl who now wants to be miley`s friend.

  • nessa

    just shutup comment #2 you have no idea what you are talking about!
    what you have to say about demi lovato is irrelevant!

    demi is soo darn cute!

  • Work Harder Demi

    Wow #22, well said. You might come off as a hater but all the things you say are true. Demi does have the voice but instead of using it and work her way up, she just feeds off other people’s carreers to get to fame faster. Without Selena, Jonas Brothers, and now Miley, Demi would just be another Jordin Sparks aka “Good Voice but Not Noticed.”

  • vanessaj

    ocean up is for toodlers,

  • JennyJONAS

    i bet you she doesnt even listen to AC/DC
    she looks kinda old and that hairstyle isnt really working for her she could go back to her curly hair,that looks goods on her

    but she still is pretty kinda but in just in these pics she aint looking all that great lol

  • JennyJONAS

    i agree with you 100%
    she got famous because she was hanging out with jonas brothers
    people barley knew her on “as the bell rings”

    everything you said is true #22

  • lauren

    love her!!!! i cant stand anyone else on disney. but there is something SOOOOOOO likeable about demi

  • anony

    #24 you make me laugh ionly see selena as the girl who went out with nick jonas and is demi friend and had a feud with miley…your just patthetic!

  • rock00

    she’s gorgeous!
    i looooove demi (:

  • casey

    wow, number 22 is bogus.

  • casey

    and this picture was taken at like 9 at night after filming.
    she doesn’t have to look pretty 24/7.
    shes in a DAMN AIRPORT!

  • arantxa

    Ew !
    she doesnt look awesome

  • Jolie

    #32 SHUT UP! This is not even a Selena article so why are you bashing her?!! Idiot

  • Andy

    She’s so cute.

  • Work Harder Demi

    Oops I meant I agree with #25.

  • Vanack or Zanessa

    You guys are pathetic to bash Selena after she just helped to save the dogs in Puerto Rico. Purely pathetic. Besides, this is a Demi board

  • Duma


    thanks for agreeing with me. and i understand what you mean 27 when you say i might come off as a hater to some, but everyone knows that demi didnt rise to the top so quick by herself. and 30 i actually liked her on “as the bell rings” but then after camp rock every time i saw the girl she was always with the jonas brothers. then she talks about how selena is her bff and how jb are like brothers to her and how she loves miley. thats when her fame skyrocketed. she used disney household names to become someone in the industry. everything she has done from performances to appearances have had something to do with jb. and to top it off her manager is mr.jonas. its like she has to attached to the hip with someone famous. example: selena has been busy with movies and what not and what does demi do, she starts hanging with miley. oh and i love jordin sparks and she is friends with the jonas brothers, but you dont see her leeching off their fame. my point exactly.

  • WHa…

    Omg She CANNOT be 16 is she! Really?! But Miley and Selena looks so much younger compared to her. I’m confused.

  • Janel

    She looks gorgeous. Love the hair

  • Work Harder Demi

    Yes #38, I meant I agreed with you. Lol I didn’t even know what #22 was talking about. and you didn’t really come of as a hater, your words were just very strong. and I also agree with your new comment. Man you think exactly like me haha.

  • Marie

    Demi is absolutely gorgeous no matter what hairstyle she has and no matter what clothes she wears!

  • Duma

    haha 44 i guess great minds think alike lol but um its good to know that there are ppl in this world who arent oblivious to things like number 32 is. seriously do you have a reason to bash selena besides maybe your a hardcore demi fan and dont want ppl to state the obvious about her. atleast selena is making a name for herself. she didnt start the “fued” and as far as im concerned it was all rumors. if you didnt know gossip sites make up rumors about celebrities to make money. and she started out on disney before demi was even known or a member of disney. so what if she guest starred in hannah montana that didnt make her career. she got where she is now by being talented as an actress. so dont try to bash selena when her bff is the one thats a fame moocher. and also everywhere i go ppl know demi as selena`s bff not the other way around. i think selena has a long and successful career ahead of her. her and miley are going to be the only disney girls that stay around after they leave disney. but as for demi she will fade away because she rised to the top by association with famous disney stars and thats all theres to say.

  • Work Harder Demi

    Ugh I keep getting the commentors mixed up. What I meant was I agree with “Duma”.

  • anony

    #46 does are just predictions…you never know..and yes selena got more famous cus of nick and miley feud…she’s a terrible singer…but a good actress…

  • Duma

    47 if your going to make a statement atleast learn the difference between certain words does and those are two completely different words. in your case you meant those so stop being so obsessed with demi and go pick your dictionary. and selena didnt ask for the attention she got from the so called “feud” and dating nick. but demi on the other hand let it be known that she knew these ppl for her own benefit. she knew what she was doing because look where she is now. selena didnt tell the world she went with nick to get publicity. the world found out and gave it to her. and the “fued” rumors was just a way for the media outlets to make money. once again i repeat some ppl are just so oblivious.

  • listen to mayday parade


    All your comments are so true. Demi did get famous through association and it drives me insane that people can be so blind to this! She is an awful singer/ actress. Don’t get me wrong, her voice has potential, but she screams way to much to be considered good. People are just blinded by their love for Disney.

    Of course Selena is more talented than Demi. Shoot, Selena is only 16 and is one of the most versatile actresses out there. I think her singing voice sucks, and I wish she would just focus on acting because she truly does have talent.

    I can’t wait for Demi’s career to end. Her show is dreadful. It’s nice to see that the Jonas Brothers are keeping their distance from her. The only time they see each other is when she flies out to see them. They never come to her. I wish she would just take the hint. Let them make their money and just go away. If she is such a ‘solid’ singer, then why not prove it and do it on your own. She said it herself that she probably won’t be able to tour on her own because artists like her don’t get gigs at small venues and she can’t sell out a stadium!

    Keep voicing your opinion because you make so much sense. You are blinded by Disney you see the good and the bad and I couldn’t agree more with you. Miley and Selena have the talent, and I wouldn’t doubt for two seconds that they will be the only female Disney actresses to continue after they are done at Disney. And that includes Vanessa and Ashley! I’m sorry, but they do nothing for me either. Vanessa is gorgeous and could model, but her acting/singing career will end with Disney.