Justin Stein - 'Sweetest Girl' Official Music Video

Justin Stein - 'Sweetest Girl' Official Music Video

Justin Stein stands in front of a burning piano on the set of his new music video, “Sweetest Girl.”

The 18-year-old musician, who toured with Corbin Bleu in 2008, is also having a contest to go along with the premiere of the video.

Once you sign up for Justin‘s i-Squad, follow all the directions and you could win a personalized FLiP camera.

The camera has a personal photo of Justin and an exclusive prize pack from the video shoot. Be sure to enter and tell them that JJJ sent you!

Justin Stein – “Sweetest Girl” Official Music Video
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  • rose


  • miss zanessa

    sorry who´s this guy?
    i never of him before :/
    anyway the video is so romantic
    though i can´t hear the song
    my audio is not working :(

  • mimi

    He good! i love the song is so romantic and the video is good too! he should definately go on love it!!
    Finally songs that can related to loving someone the other song i like is she makes me happy by justin gaston! i hope he makes a video on it too!

  • kris

    i really, really wanted to like this video…but the more i watched the more awkward it became. the burning piano and him slushing through the water soaking wet. not a good look.

  • Terri

    I LOVE IT!
    I went to the Corbin concert in Georgia and got his autograph on his CD and on the cover. I also got pictures of us and his back up dancers!!
    He is SOO hot in person. Makes me melt. Also his backup dancer J. Boogie is sooooooooo HOT!!!

  • Meeshelly

    Cute videoo !

  • Eleanor

    Oh my God. I KNOW HIM. He went to my school and he was always big into music. Wow, this is crazy to see him on this website!

  • amanda

    this video is amazing! love the song! thanks for posting! myspace.com/justinsteinmusic check him out! :)

  • Jaz

    I was there when they shot this…..

  • JUstinsteinluver

    I met Justin @ a fair this summer!!!! He was amazing and I got his autograph from him which is in my CD case of his CD!!!! I also recieved a phone call from Justin too!!!! I luv Justin!!!!

  • Alaina

    Loving it. It is a sweet, romantic video from a talented musician. It’s always nice to see new artist with pleasant visuals.

  • Justin Stein Fan

    well… just is pretty much the most attractive woman i’ve ever met. Justin if you’re ever in LA puhhlease give me a call girl. You should really think about letting your hair grow out i think it would give you an even more feminine edge. Even though you are already way more beautifuuuuuul than any other woman i’ve ever met. You are the next miley. When you’re famous and struttin your stuff on the red carpet with some beautiful floor length gown.. holla.

  • concerned parent

    Arson is a crime. 1 in 3 Somalian children die each year from piano fire related deaths. Also, what’s the deal with the symbolism here? Is the girl supposed to represent Smeagol, with the ring and everything? Or is Justin, with the goblin make-up? Regardless, I think this kid (man? girl? mangurl?) has a lot of potential, especially in one of the next X-Men movies. Pyrokinesis is a valuable skill, and so is writing cornball love songs. Also, how did that piano get on the beach? And whose wolves were those? The ones playing in the surf? Dangerous, not to mention unethical.

    Regardless, justinstein.com is one of the best websites I have ever visited, and at least he has the web content delivery down. I would love to see him in some more adult themed work, maybe catering to the animal or adult-child fanfiction writers.

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