Selena Gomez: Do Something For Dogs!

Selena Gomez: Do Something For Dogs!

Selena Gomez isn’t spending her day at the beach tanning in Puerto Rico, where she’s filming the Wizards movie.

Instead, the 16-year-old starlet will be spending the day with the dogs! She writes on her MySpace, “I’m honored to be the new ambassador for! The last time I was in PR shooting Princess Protection Program we noticed all of these stray dogs and puppies. We ended up finding out that Puerto Rico has a ‘dead dog beach’ its sounds worse than it is but people actually kills dogs for fun here.. This time around im teaming up with and my mom (Mandy), Brian (my stepdad), David (Henrie), Jake (Austin), David (DeLuise) are all going to help out today along with some of my crew from set!

“We are spending the day feeding puppies, washing them and hanging out with them. After we spend the day with them we are sending these dogs to different places in the U.S the no-kill dog shelters so they can find a home. Visit to check it out! I love you guys!”

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  • nessaacosta

    im a part of too!!

    HELP rescue dogs.. or volunteer at your local animal shelter!!

    also check out!

    selena and i have something in common

    im glad more celebs are reaching out to help animals!

  • alanah

    omg !! thats horrible that they just kill dogs for fun !!
    good for you Selena :)
    thats really sweet .

    i think you’ll make a difference for themm doggiess .
    goodluck :)

  • shaky

    awwh shes s0 nice unlike mii XD

  • stephanie

    she’s so sweet! she’s an amazing actress and a beautiful person inside and out.

  • Soraya

    I loveeee Selena!!! That’s sooo sweeet of Alll of u guys!!!!
    I would do the same!!!
    Sel… u ROCK!!!

  • blake


  • Just Jono

    Awww, Selena you’re amazing <3

  • jenna

    thats just sweet :)

  • listen to mayday parade

    thats rediculous!! i cant believe thats legal. good for her, use those giant paychecks and make a difference. shoot

  • lenny


  • linda

    thats so sad!! killing dogs for fun? only sick ppl would want to do that! dogs help humans and what have some of them done to the dogs? selena is awesome!!!

  • andrea

    thats sick!!!!

    selena the whole cast are amazing for helping so is anyone who helps with that!!!<3

  • http://jjj miley

    she’s really sweet and smart! i love her!
    selena you rock!

  • Squidward

    Why does she have to be sooo good-hearted. Unlike David Henrie lol, she can’t even bare to enjoy herself in Puerto Rico without helping the rest of the world. SHE IS PERFECT! I love you Selena

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Even though I hate her
    I’m sooo glad she’s helping
    those poor little animals.
    I HATE Puerto Ricans
    they’re SICK people
    who would want to kill doggies?
    They’re some sick in the head people
    Hey maybe I can learn to like

  • Giada

    #15, Selena is an amazing person with an even more amazing heart and talent. I’m glad you are starting to see that in her. :)

  • gloriaaaa[:

    idont like her,
    but at least someones doing something for the dogs.

  • Celine

    Ok, I agree that the whole dog issue is a horrible thing, but you guys honestly need to get out there and learn a lot more about the outside world if you think that Puerto Ricans are the worst people ever for doing that. A LOT of third world countries and just places outside the U.S. in general do that. I, for one, am from Vietnam and when I went back there to visit a couple years ago, there are PLACES where people snack on dog and puppies. So, it’s not just kill…dogs and puppies are dined on too. And yes, I agree that that is horrible. I have never done it nor will I ever eat dogs. But, it’s not illegal outside the U.S. A lot of places, like Vietnam, for example, capture dogs and puppies for food. My 2 dogs in Vietnam were kidnapped when I was young, which means that they were most likely used as food. So yes, don’t be so shocked about this news.

    On the other hand, I think this is a GREAT thing that Selena is doing. This kind of stuff happens all over and I am so glad that she is spending her time over in Puerto Rico trying to help them. Makes me like her a lot more!

  • sarah

    I can’t believe she could be THAT ignorant , what she is doing is making people think that all puertoricans are dog killers which isnt true at all ! I am puertorican and like a lot of others who live here i happen to LOVE DOGS ! AND I DO NOT KILL THEM JUST FOR FUN ! She should apologize for that comment because it is extremely RUDE AND INSENSITIVE! I have gone to other countries and have seen dead dogs on the street and I have NEVER generalized that OMG all the people there kill dogs for fun. I mean I’m so in shock I can’t believe how she could write that and actually think it was a good thing to say. I mean I apppreciate what shes doing for the dogs, but it was just that sentence that pissed me off. So Selena think twice before you write something , and get informed sweetie because the dead dog beach is not LITERALLY a beach with dead dogs, its just a beach were people leave their unwanted dogs, which isnt ok, but is not as bad as what you UNCORRECTLY stated ! So really I mean I can’t believe after shes been here 2 times already she would try to ruin Puerto Rico good name. I guess she’s just hating the fact that we have more to offer than the U.S, wwhere I guess they kill dogs for fun too , since I’ve seen dead ones on the street then.
    Think about that ! before you speak !

    P. S and to whoever “Nick Jonas’ girlfriend” is….get informed before you speak you probably dont even know where PR is so dont talk if you dont know…just because some “famous person” says something doesnt mean is true, and if you are one of those ppl who believe everythint they read..then really I feel sorry for you. Puertoricans are way better than you honey ;)

  • sarah



  • miss zanessa

    killing dogs for fun?? O_O!!!
    such a horrible thing
    only sick people would do something like that
    it´s good to know someone is doing something about it :)
    KUDOS to WWP cast and selena´s family

  • Krissy Fantasy

    someone like selena with a good heart and amazing personality to give back towards a good cause like animal cruelty (:
    Honestly, that is the most sickest and depressing thing in the world, to hear and see all those innocent creatures getting hurt, for no apparent reason! But it happens everywhere, so what else can we do?
    I’m so proud, her, and the rest of the cast of WOMP is making a difference, to show others, that animal cruelty is not acceptable and we should be doing something about it!
    She makes me love and adore her even more! AND people should see this side of her, more often, instead of hating her, just because she used to date nick— it ended, let the hate go already!
    YOU go GIRL!
    Keep doing what your doing, everyday =]
    your simply an amazing, sweetest,beautiful, talented, and outstanding role model for all your fans – and we love you, for making animals and people the first in the world, to care about, before yourself!

    # 19/20
    get a hold of yourself !
    Stop hating and calling people ignorants for not knowing the truth about it.

    Sel didn’t mean all P’s to kill dogs for the fun of it! It’s great, your not one of those people, but it doesn’t change the fact, there’s other people who care less about animals in order to kill them!
    I’m sure, you know that ever country you go in- animal cruelty is gonna be everywhere!
    All she’s doing, is trying to find a safe place for those innocent animals, so they won’t be lying around the wrong place: meaning, even if US may be a country full of violence, there’s still some places, where animals can be treated safely.
    AND i bet , that beach she was talking about- all those stray dogs, yea..people would still kill them, even if, they were lying around nowhere!

    Just because some famous says something, doesn’t make it true?

    Well atleast, this famous person, has a heart of her own, to care for animals , and give back, unlike some people would do!
    she’s been there for a short period of time- i’m sure, what she’s seen, is probably what’s she’s thinking- and who wouldn’t get the wrong message to see animals get hurt everyday / everywhere?
    There’s only logical explanation for cruelty- VIOLENCE and death.
    AND i know for a fact, it happens everywhere!

    Thanks for letting us know, about your country, before we judge.
    No one meant to say, YOU directly was heartless but maybe OTHERS you don’t know about, have hurted and stranded, and maybe have killed animals on that beach for a reason.
    ( and this isn’t ok— cuz you should reliaze, wherever dogs or any type of animal is left, something bad will happen to them!)


  • jenna

    v.reh eol i

  • patricia

    ok..i have a few things to say
    first of all I am Puerto Rican..and i’m sooo glad that Selena is doing what she’s doing to help out the dogs..cuz i personally LOVE dogs and hate to see them walking around and having no home to go back to..but i do find it kind of offensive that she said..”people actually kill dogs for fun here”…she made it seem like thats a hobby of ours..and thats not at all the case..there are bad people out there that have no hearts and absolutely could care less about other people or animals..but you’re gona find people like that everyone in the world..not only here..soo yea i dont really like that she said that like that..and i am in no way saying anything bad about her because shes a great girl and she soo sweet and i’m really glad that she is doing something to really help these dogs..because everytiimee i see a stray dog i literally cry sometimes cuz i feel so bad and wish i could just pick it up and bring it home with mee but i cant have like 20 dogs..and theres alot of people here that do alot to help out these dogs..soo yeaa i just wanted to say that there are people in Puerto Rico that absolutely LOVEEE dogs and maybe next timee she shouldnt generalize..

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Ok “sarah” I’m sorry
    that I got you all mad and
    upset but why call me ignorant?
    You’re the one thats running your
    mouth when you dont even
    know what I’m trying to express in my
    statement. I guess I should of
    wrote it better I didnt mean ALL Puerto Ricans
    are sick in the head I meant the animal abusing
    ones are. If YOU honestly believe that, then I feel very
    sorry for you and hope you get some good
    help. Plus you dont even know me and you say other
    people are better than me you REALLY need the
    help sweetie.

  • Nicole

    A woman down here in Florida goes to Puerto Rico and brings back dogs from dead dog beach. A lot of the puppies come to the Humane Society that I volunteer at. I’m glad Selena’s helping to spread the word about it.

  • abigail

    omg! selena you ignorant girl. how can you say that about our country you just lost a fan. At least when miley cyrus help animals she doesnt brag about it and put another country down.
    People in my country dont kill animals for fun get informed you ignorant person before you put our country down!
    We are a very loving people and am sure everyone has treated you nicely over there because we are loving people. There are probably a few people who would harm animals you should not generalized. There people from other countries there as well you know dont blame everything on Puerto Rican! omg! am soooooooooo pist!
    At least we dont kill and rape people for fun like in mexico!!!

    fyi! we are the only hispanic country that have the same president as in the united state and same laws did you know that selena. We are also taught english as a requirement since first grade did you know that selena. Did you know we are the only country who is associated with the united state and have the same currency in money as in the united state and only hispanic that have the same laws and follow as the united state!! did you know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!do your research and we are all not animals we are very caring people and we love animals and care for them! do not generalized i can believe disney has such ignorant person on disney really leave Puerto rico before someone finds out you are putting our country down!!!!! I take it as an insult what you said dont try to make yourself sound good by putting another race down!!! you lost thousand of fans! i will make sure everyone know what is that you doing putting our country down get so fact and do some research before you write something!! uhhhh am so mad you will spread such things to people that have not been there way to go selena. what the hell was nick thinking when he went out with you!! Right now my vote shifty to miley cyrus 100%% thanks for your ignorant rant!!uhhh am so mad!!

  • Joe’s future wife

    ♥ ya SELENA!!!!!!

  • camila

    abigail–CHILL! she’s just talking about the people who go to that beach! do yo acctually go there and kill dogs? if you don’t, then she’s not talking about you sweetie, she talks about the people that kill dogs for fun. do you? no. does your family? no. she’s just trying to help. I think that what shes doing is really sweet. and Sel never said you didn’t know how to speak english, she isn’t even talking about what you know or what you don’t neither about what you have or you don’t SHES TALING ABOUT SOME FREAKING DOGS, GET IT? NOBODY SAID YOU WERE POOR PEOPLE THAT CAN’T TALK OR READ. YOU JUST GOT THAT OUT OF YOUR MIND. okay, shes not putting down a country, shes saving dogs in a beach. is that a crime? she just said theres A BEACH in PR and SOME people go there to kill dogs for fun. that insulted you? then I think you are out of your mind.

  • camila

    noow, here in mexico only POOR people do that, and it’s not for fun, it’s for money, whis isn’t really nice, they are just lazy sick ppl… and maybe sometimes for fun, but don’t generalize, mexico is a really nice place if you go to the fancy places(where many of us live), thats where many nice people hang out. okay?
    don’t start bashing other country just because you are offended.

  • mac

    Reply to #14 I know you put “lol” after joking around about David Henrie, but just wanna say that for the record i just happen to know david has been at events supporting animal rights in Cali and when hes in Phoenix he goes to visit kids that are sick and with cancer at the childrens hospital. Davids just humble and does that from his heart. hes really sweet. <3 u David!!! :P

  • Someone

    Ok, for all the Puerto Ricans saying Selena is offensive, shut up! Ok??
    She never said all puerto ricans kill animals, and it is not offensive, come on!! If they do something like that(SOME people) she is doing the RIGHT thing telling everyone to help, OK??
    And she is telling that to the people who actually are enough brainles, jerks and stupid to go and kill animals for fun! I am from Argentina, and here when their dogs have puppies they go ant thow them in some place, and I say it, but I don’t do it, even if I am Argentinian too, as well as she does, I am talking about the ones who do that, right? Not about the people who read this and get mad even if she is not talking about you
    And what’s with all the Selena hate lately?? What did she ever do to you? Why compare her with Miley? Or Demi? The 3 girls are special, and awesome. Why can’t you like them all? Or at least don’t bash the ones ou don’t like!

  • ADAM

    I think abigail really needs to take a chill pill and totally comprehend that sentence. Selena didn’t say “all people kill dogs for fun”. She just said that there are people who kill dogs at the beach for fun. She wasn’t talking about all Puerto Ricans. You really need to fully comprehend what she’s saying before you get all butthurt over a comment that wasn’t meant to be offensive.

  • alex

    ok. i am puerto rican..
    and i TOTALLYY think that she shouldnt have said what she said..cuz shes making like all we do here is go around and kill dogs..
    whichh is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not true!..I LOVEE DOGSS!..she shouldnt be generalizing like that. maybe she didnt mean that way but thats how its perceived by everyone here..maybe you guys dont see it that way cuz you dont live here. but for us that do live here its kind of insulting that someone would say ” people actually kill dogs for fun here” soo for all of you that are getting mad at the other girls that are upset i dont think you should..and for the other girls that are getting upset i dont think you should be trashing selena eitherrr cuz she at no point said anything about how we are a third world country, or we dont speak english or whatever else you guys saidd..but yeaaa..even though its great what shes doing for the dogs she shouldnt have said that in my opinionn.

  • jgjg

    aww thats nice of her.Wow people are getting really worked up about this.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I cant believe some of the people on
    here. I am not a Selena fan but
    why are you guys getting so offended about this?
    Get your heads out of your a**es and realize
    that already geez.

  • amanda

    you criticized selena for saying that in puerto rico there’s a beach where people kill dogs for fun and you are doing the same, well actually worst since you are being mean saying that puerto rico is not like mexico because here people kill and rape other people for fun. Sel just said some people in that beach kill them for fun and you are saying that a whole country is worst than yours and actually generalizing that mexicans are horrible, sel never said that ALL the people from puerto rico killed animals unlike you. There’s violence everywhere and like in any other country sadly that may also happen here but no more than in any other place unlike what you said. And it’s so good that there are people like Sel doing something against animal cruelty, people around the world should realize they don’t have the right to harm them in any way.

  • Oliver

    Selena just saved the lives of many dogs and you just had to bring Nick Jonas and Miley into this?!! You obviously are a hard-core Miley fan who used this forum as an opportunity to bash Selena. THAT IS SICK!!!!! Selena is trying to make us aware that there is animal cruelty going on in this world and all you worry about is “Miley vs. Selena” and Nick’s Kid’s Choice Awards???? You really are being absolutely hypocritcial by calling Selena ignorant.

  • Bianca

    I get it that she was misinterpreted, but words are words in this kind of business, and I for one am Puerto Rican, and the first time I read it I felt offended. But what she said was “people actually kill dogs for fun here” like if it was a sport here in Puerto Rico. I am not here to say that Puerto Rico is a saint place and people here are saints, but the whole statement was a little ignorant. What I mean by ignorant is that ok she may have realized the whole dog issue here in Puerto Rico, but when you want to change the world you do it first in your backyard. United States also has animal abuse problems and what she said in this article was treated like if Puerto Rico was the only place where this happened. I am slightly offended by the statement cause the message that it sent, not necessarily the one she wanted to send, made Puerto Rico seem like an undeveloped place. Another thing, telling an offended Puerto Rican to chill is like asking a hungry person not to eat, so please try and understand those that commented harshly, because some people will take it very offensively. I know Selena didn’t mean for this to get out of hand, but sometimes people are so uncultured that they still believe we run around the island half naked hunting for food.

  • J Big Mac

    I lover her. She is the only Disney actress that is trying to change the world. LOVE LOVE TRULY LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did I mention I love her?

  • TI89

    She looks so adorable in that picture. I just wanna give her a big HUG! so cute! She and the cast of Wizards are so good-hearted. I like the show even more now! SELENA AND WIZARDS DOMINATE!

  • Sonny has no Chance

    Why does she never seize to amaze me? She such a good person. I really respect her. I’m sure she didn’t mean to offend anybody by that comment. She just wanted to show us how gruesome the situation was. but I’m just glad she’s helping those poor little dogs. SELENA FAN 4EVER!!!

  • France

    First telling people to stop talking on cellphones while driving and now this? Does she ever take a break from helping the world? lol. It’s people like her that is making our world a better place. She’s an angel. Luv U Sel <3<3<3xoxoxo

  • jilli

    Why would someone want to kill dogs for fun! Sick bastards! I’m so happy Selena and the rest of them are doing that

  • sarah

    nick jonas girlfriend
    yes i dont know you but im saying that just for the fact that you wrote that without knowing was wrong of you because next time just find out if that is actually true and then talk. I would never say such thinks about another country or nationalities not even how bad it was, because I know that when someone does something it doesnt mean ALL of them are that way. And to the people that are saying she’s implying SOME people , you are the ones that are “not comprehending” it, because in no place does she alude to the fact that it is only some…shes very clearly says People actually kill dogs for fun here, I dont see any some…and it was not intented.
    And the thing about the 3rd world country wasn’t directed to her, was to another person that wrote a comment :)

  • Marie

    I am puerto rican
    i Have 7 DOGS It is true that many people do not like dogs but here do not kill for fun, even the “bad guys” are the first to have dogs …
    I felt super offended but I hope she will apologize

    I still love her
    Selena Fan 4ever

  • fan1234

    You guys, stop fighting over nothing! It’s a great thing what she’s doing, true. But on the other hand she was a little rude, but she didn’t meant to! So, all of you who are from PR chill out, and stop fighting over nothing.. I’m from Brazil and I hear people saying really bad things about my country every single day, but I know that I’m a good and responsible person and try not to care about what they say, I know my country and have conscientious about what happens here.. So if you dont kill/eat dogs thats great for you! but admit that are some stupid people who acctually do it

  • mac

    wow. why all the hype and negativity? selena is not insinuating that puerto ricans are dog killers. everybody who has a ounce of common sense gets that. on the other hand shes not “saving the world” like some superhero. If the WOWP cast is out there doing something positive, leave it at that. the only right thing to say to them is thank you.

  • Lizzie,

    Before I begin,
    3rd world country is considerably rude. The correct term is developing country. By the way, to those of you who live in developing countries no disrespect to any of you. to americans, killing animals is very common in developing countries. While I was in Mexico there were thousands, dead, stray, etc. & it’s just custom. I don’t look down on people in Puerto Rico, because I’ve been there with my camp program to build school houses & live with families for a while. And they are extremely warm hearted people. However, this is the dark side when they kill dogs, but I have no place to judge the actions of others. Also, if you look at America, Michael Vick ring a bell? Using dogs to kill other dogs for sport is considerably as awful as killing one. Also if you lived in a country like this, you wouldn’t look twice. In closing, I think Selena is being brave. And unlike many celeberties we should be appreciative that she’s even trying to do something good. so you people should hold your judgements.

  • Lizzie,

    & for those of you picking fights on the internet, that must make you feel extremely tough. It’s okay to disagree of course, but I hate how people treat each other. When I think we all can agree we have the same motive to make earth a better place.