Vanessa Hudgens: No U Turns!

Vanessa Hudgens: No U Turns!

Vanessa Hudgens giggles at the ‘No U Turn’ sign in front of her as she and lil’ sis Stella (not pictured) have lunch at a Japanese restaurant on Friday afternoon (March 6) in Studio City, Calif.

The 20-year-old actress recently posed for famed photographer Annie Leibovitz and became fairytale Princess Aurora. Real-life boyfriend Zac Efron was her Prince Philip.

Vanessa is nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress. Be sure to vote for Vanessa!

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Credit: Nate Jones/Bret Thompsett; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Carrie

    V looks adorable here… thanks for posting!!

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  • Zoe.

    Second! She looks great here

  • Katty

    Looks like she got her car back, it’s about time.
    Aw, her and lil sis went to dinner. I wish me and my sister did that stuff, all we do is fight.
    She looks happy! That’s good!
    Can’t wait for Bandslam.
    Maybe the smile on her face has something to do with a role she landed? Sucker Punch, Dead@17, Naughty and Dreary? Hmmm…

  • aw

    lmao, she’s cute.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    she got her car back! lol


    love her to death!!!!!

  • lilly

    she looks really cute <3

  • hititquitit


  • blahhh

    no way in hell will i be voting for vanessa for best actress!!
    she is the worst!!
    she is only this famous because shes dating zac!
    fans are just blinded by that!
    n her voice is wayy too horrible for her to have a singing career!!
    ugly famewhore skank is what she truley is!

  • dee

    she really is pretty.

  • kristy

    she looks cute

  • -Kary-

    I loVe tis GirL!!
    sOOOOOOOOOOo cUte!!!

  • Sam

    Aww reminds me of my sisters and myself. Shes so cute.

  • babyG


  • Jazmin

    Just love her natual beauty!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks JJJ

  • lauren

    she seems to have more and more hair everyday

  • ella

    just wondering, and this IS a real genuine question, not trying to be rude or discredit vanessa in any way, but would ppl love her so much if she wasnt pretty at all?

  • xoxogossipgirl

    #15-doubtfull. ppl might say they would. but they wouldnt. 70% of her appeal is her looks and style. the other 30% is the fact that her boyfriend is zac efron.

  • bailey

    number 15- nope. thats why her cd flopped. because really, no1 is interested in her solo career(by that i mean minus a whole cast to support her). Its more so because she is pretty and dresses cute. But if she looked like, say, taylor swift, who in my opinion is super pretty, but to many ppl shes not, if she looked like her i guarantee there woiuldnt be nearly as much intrest.

  • kait

    she looks adorable as always. love her hair

  • Rosa

    Awww ..
    bless that smile ..
    sweet angel .. ^_^

  • tia

    ‘ella’–thats a good question and i bet u like everyone is gunna say they would, but they wouldnt. Plain and Simple.

  • Katty

    num. 17 – I love her voice and am interested in her solo career. I just want her to sing something that means something to her personally, like Ashley does. Ash told her record company what kind of music she wanted to record and co-writes some of her songs. If V did that I bet a whole lot more people would buy her CD and she could maybe even get a platinum album.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh, is that her Audi ? How I missed it !! And her, of course :D I love her red sweater…and her hair…gawd, I WANT her hair !! Still manages to look gorgeous. …Eh, I want to see Stella…

    So can’t wait for Bandslam and They Came From Upstairs !! …It just sucks that they BOTH come out on the same day.

  • killa

    how can you say she’s not pretty. this woman is exotic and brings a breath of fresh air in terms of hollywood looks. Her look is not boring at all, unlike some TYPICAL stars out there

  • Katty

    btw, I don’t thin Taylor Swift is ugly. She’s cute, her nose just doesn’t match the rest of her body. I love her songs though, well, most of them. I think Fifteen kinda stinks.

  • baby v rox

    #15,16,17 SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!

    people would still love her, and her cd did not flop. and btw, #17 taylor swift is horrible, and sigs really bad.

  • james

    just wondering, and this IS a real genuine question, not trying to be rude or discredit vanessa in any way, but would ppl love her so much if she wasnt pretty at all?

    probz not. Vanessa Hudgens is super hot. But do i think she is talented in anyway? would I buy her cd or go see her movies? Nope. Cuz I could care less about her talent, as she doesnt have much of it But shes hot. Thats all that matters to me!

  • madison

    shes so effing pretty. too bad thats all she is.

  • jasmine

    #15 — what are you talking about? she’s really pretty.

  • lexy

    i don’t get it…what’s the big deal with a no u turn sign????

  • jenna

    15– no ppl probabaly wouldnt. if u ever read comments on a vanessa post, 90 percent of the are just ‘oh shes so pretty i love her!!!’. Its always about her looks. And if u go onto any other site pretty much, ppl could are less about her, her appeal is more so with the younger audience who think in a very superficial manner. If she was totally average looking and not dating zac, there would be like, 10 comments about her max,

  • vanessa rocks

    her bf is nothing too if not for her, lov u baby v

  • ella

    ummm i NEVER said she wasnt pretty. read the question properly. i said id she WASNT, i repeat WASNT pretty. i get annoyed when ppl get mad or defensive when they havent even read something right

  • sammi


  • gracemarie

    I doubt very much she’s actually giggling at a U-Turn sign, maybe she’s looking at something else or something is written on the back we can’t see.

    I guess you could ask the same question about Zac? Do you think so many people would care if he was not handsome? Would HSM3 still been such a success?oubt very much she’s actually giggling at a U-Turn sign, maybe she’s loooking at something esle or something is writen on the back we can’t see.

    Also let’s be hon

  • cookiemonster

    #15, #17, #28

    she does have fans that like her for more than just her looks…

    and not to be mean but you three are a bunch of hypocrites if you think that Vanessa is the only celeb that is only liked for their looks

    take a look on the Vanessa board over at FF…500,000+ posts on that board…highest female celeb board over there and it’s a lot new than some of the other female boards over there and get this…a lot of the posters are adults

  • baby v rox

    she is nominated for best movie actress, and i dont think that has anything to do with her looks.

    LOVE HER!!

  • lauren

    I guess you could ask the same question about Zac? Do you think so many people would care if he was not handsome? Would HSM3 still been such a success


    actually yeah. cuz in the first movie he was very average looking. nothing special at all. plus, he has ALOT of talent. vanessa was pretty awful in the first two films, zac on the other hand is a genuinley good actor. i think regardless of his looks he would have done well, just because he actually has alot of real talent. Sure, he wasnt perfect in the first film, but he improved immensly and was amazing in hairspray and looks really good in 17again. Vanessa is more so successfull because of how she looks, because she is beautiful, but she does not have the talent to back that up. Zac does.

  • gracemarie

    Do you all; actually believe that if Zac were not handsome there would be so many posts about him. NOT!!!!

    Most of the posts against Vanessa have little or nothing to do with her or her beauty or talent, they are about being with him and how gorgeous he is and are based on pure jealousy. If he was plain there would not be so many posts against her people I can guarantee you. There are superficial issues on both sides.

    But it doesn’t matter he is handsome and talented and being pursued in Hollywood and as unhappy as it makes all you she’s considered beautiful and talented in the industry and she’s being pursued also, in fact at this time her name is linked to a few films.

    GET OVER IT!!!!

  • jo

    cos she’s awesome. duh. zac and her make the cutest couple

  • joanne

    Zac and Vanessa have been together before any of this fame or fortune happened. so don’t be saying Vanessa is only famous cos of Zac. have you heard of HSM. they’re known worldwide

  • marie

    she’s so beautiful!

  • mowie

    i like vanessa for whats on the outside as well as zac.she is very very beautiful and he is really hot but those are just bonuses.
    i think she is an amazing actress and he is an amazing actor and they are perfect together.

  • mowie

    sorry i ment i like her and zac for whats on the inside not outside

  • mowie

    i ment i like the inside of zac and v

  • Just Interested

    Vanessaa <333333333

  • awurbii

    i don’t think zac efron would be famous without his looks. think about it, that’s his appeal. he can act yeah but seriously it has more to do with how he looks and less about his talent. i’m not being mean, just honest.

  • Katty

    Having good looks is a lot of the reason many are famous today. But then again they are both wonderful actors, both can dance, and both can sing, so they probably would be famous in some sort of way if they weren’t exactly hott on the outside.
    I would like them anyways because while I do think Zac is sexy and hott and V is beautiful, I love them for their talents also.
    A lot of people forget that VANESSA IS a good actress, she ISNT famous because of Zac, while they share a fan base, she has her own too. She was named Germany’s best actress, topping Angelina Jolie, Jennifter Aniston, and the rest of those so called a-listers.
    Vanessa had a career before HSM, ever heard of Thirteen or Thunderbirds? They are both good movies, and while she wasn’t the lead, she still was great. People under estimate her way too much
    If she sucks so much why has she been offered three movie roles recently? I think people know she is a good talented actress and singer but since she was in HSM and they think that the movies are uncool so they convince themselves not to like her or Zac and maybe even the whole cast because some teens don’t like the movies.
    If she got famous off of something else like some good action flick, I think a lot more people would admit to liking her, same with Zac, but I have loved him since Summerland.
    I wish her next album (if she is recording one) would have songs that relate to her personally, like she can tell one of her song writers what she wants a couple songs to be about, and he or she can write something that means something to her. Like Ashley, she told her record label what she wanted for her new record, and that she wants it to be sexier, and they did that for her. Plus, she has co-written a few songs.
    Okay, I’m done venting.