Vanessa Hudgens: No U Turns!

Vanessa Hudgens: No U Turns!

Vanessa Hudgens giggles at the ‘No U Turn’ sign in front of her as she and lil’ sis Stella (not pictured) have lunch at a Japanese restaurant on Friday afternoon (March 6) in Studio City, Calif.

The 20-year-old actress recently posed for famed photographer Annie Leibovitz and became fairytale Princess Aurora. Real-life boyfriend Zac Efron was her Prince Philip.

Vanessa is nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress. Be sure to vote for Vanessa!

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Credit: Nate Jones/Bret Thompsett; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • joanne

    #40 yea, i agree of course. It is Hollywood. he wouldn’t be as successful without his pretty face. but he does have talent.

  • Katty

    Btw, if you look at some of the pix, V is looking in her car, so she is probably giggling about something Stella said, or maybe just because paps are photographing her. That makes her giggle sometimes.
    I think (I hope) she is smiley because she landed a major movie role she was up for. That would be awesome!

  • maria

    How anyone can say this girl has no talent is an idiot. She was picked from hundreds of hopefuls for the role of Gabriella. I highly doubt that Disney, who has a keen eye for talent, would pick someone with NO talent. Get real. If you think she wasn’t much in HSM 1 and 2, I’d like to blame her pathetic dialogue, not her acting. She was totally believable as a sweet, thoughtful, kind young girl. And this girl has a lovely voice, and can dance!!

    Just wait……”Sucker Punch”, if she agrees to do it, will show a totally different Vanessa. Go, V!!

  • vancrazed

    Maria you took the words out of my mouth. A lot of this has to do with the fact that now the haters have to believe that big producers actually see talent in her. In her ability. She has a lot at stake here. She hasn’t fully proven herself. But she is very driven and intentional about her work.
    People are pursuing her, not the other way around. Do you people really think they would cast someone in a role with an all star line up who can’t act. The movie would fail. Haters will never change. And the honest fact is, she is the only disney girl to make the break this fast. Kudos to fan, it speaks miles of what she is capable of and I couldn’t be prouder of her.
    Zac and her costars have said of her passion and drive that it is unstoppable and she is going to prove it the next few years. Hang on fans, it’s gonna be a crazy ride.

  • rissa

    she’s so beautiful. i’m glad her car is fixed. ^-^ i spot a kuuipo ring as well. hehehe!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    #40 i agree with you.
    i dont know but,zac and vanessa are famous with their loves and their appearances.they are populer because they’re dating.
    they must be succesful with their movies or albums.
    i don’t like zac but i really love vanessa,i hope her next album will be more meaning ful .i mean,Put your sneakers on ,We’re goin’ dancin’ all night what ?
    i like her second album more.
    anyway,i love vanessa like i said.she looks pretty at this pictures.

  • rissa

    i think she was laughing at the no u turn sign because it says “no u turns PLEASE” lolz! i find that quite funny. why would they say please?

  • Naomi

    She is so adorable! I love how she can just laugh at her own private joke and enjoy it. After all the fanfare, she’s just a young woman who’s been much blessed in her life.

    She’s s serenely happy person and that is so attractive. Love her to bits.

    Love that she’s getting some sister time with Stella. Lucky Stella.

  • hi.

    wait 2 hours and there’ll be people saying she’s a ‘fame whore’ just because she’s smiling in candid pics. -__-


  • ak

    First of all, the movies for which she’s supposedly being pursued have not been confirmed. For all we know, they can be unsubstantiated rumors like the New Moon role. So don’t use that defense of her being sought after by producers. If she was so in-demand, why did her second album tank and why has the release of Bandslam been delayed so many times? The answer is: she has no talent. Just another pretty face. She’ll be a washed-up has-been soon enough.

  • Lily

    she looks cool as usual !

  • vancrazed


    sucker punch is actually all but confirmed..sorry your wrong there. As for her second album…all HR and utter fail on their part. She didn’t even get to choose her own single that would go to radio. That had absolutley nothing to do with her. Again, make sure before you post, you know what you are talkinga bout There are quite a few older fans, much wiser than you who support and follwo her closely. they have actual connections to people that keep them informed. You just sound like someone who has no clue, according to your comments, which is very obvious. You need to visit a few fan sites. Be informed, don’t look stupid.

  • Naomi

    #60, AK
    That is plain resentful rubbish.

    Anne H was nominated for an Oscar but her movie ‘tanked’ at the box office so was George Clooney last year and so many others.

    There are many reasons why her album was deliberately and obviously not promoted but they would sail way above your bitterness ridden brain. Movie roles have nothing to do with album sales.

    Darling, to push back Bandslam to a summer primetime release is to say they have confidence that the movie can compete in the summer. It’s usually blockbusters that are released in the summer and autumn.

    She IS being sought after by high profile producers like Zac Snyder and Bonaventura. They are the ones letting it being known that THEY are PURSUING HER. It is for her to decide to do or not to do.

    Reliable sites like Variety and Hollywood reporter has reported that an OFFER has been made to her, the way I see it, she’s got to decide whether to accept the offer or not. That’s not an unsubstantiated rumour.

    In a recession when many actresses are out of work, it’s interesting that a ‘no talent’ actress is being pursued by two leading producers, one for a $100m budget movie and she didn’t have to audition for any of the roles.

    I guess I’ll rather be a ‘has been’ that producers like Snyder and Bonaventura are interested in. That’s why they are top producers and you are….nothing…?

  • zanessaholic

    she’s so pretty!!!

  • zanessaholic

    i just vote her..
    i hope she wins..

  • sweni loves zanessa

    she is soo beautiful..for me she is the most beautiful woman in the world…and she has such a great smile :)
    and#60 she definetly has talent,whitout having talent she wouldn´t have that many fans…just because you don´t like her it doesn´t mean she has no talent!!
    well,i love vanessa!!!

  • mamamia

    OMg OMG !!

    she’s just looks soooooo pretty and cute and everything

    who said that she’s ugly who’s got this face is totally super beautiful

    i don’t know how this ppl can see the world

    any way , everyone it’s just look at the ppl as he is look at to hem self

  • anne


  • lai

    i love this girl

  • lai

    i love her!!!!

  • sweetnessa

    awwww i love her hair

  • suzy

    I will vote for her. she looks cute here.

  • zanessalover

    vanessa is so pretty and I voted for her
    love u girl
    keep rockin’ xD

  • pita

    she cute. boyfriend what do
    we expect haters is haters never change their mine they cannot accept the thruth that zac and vanessa is the demanding hottest couple at the moment.

  • hi.

    #60 ak, you made me laugh so much. LMFAO. can you be anymore stupid?
    please, find out thee truth before you even started bashing her.

    Do you know that HR didn’t even try to promote her album just because they were focusing on JB and Miley?
    Do you know that Amazed (which was an awesome song, btw) was actually chosen by V and her team to be the first single, but HR changed it last minute to a song about flashing sneakers?
    Do you know that the first week of Bandslam would be up against the 2nd week of Harry Potter, and they had to change it because only stupid people would want their movie to compete against HP?

    i’m gonna write this anyway:
    Do you know that she’s been considered for the lead role of Dead @ 17, by the same producer of Transformers?
    Do you know that the director of Watchmen wanted her (not the other way around) to be the second most important character for Sucker Punch, with a budget of 10 million dollar?

    and yeah, of course these movie haven’t been confirmed yet. but the directors kept talking about her. she didn’t even said anything yet (maybe). does that mean something to you? or are you too obsessed in hating vanessa that you just can’t get this fact to you brain?

    …so my point is, GET YOUR FACT STRAIGHT. and why don’t you judge vanessa 10 years later? that’d be fair.
    oh, and at least there are people who wants her, not like you. people are hating you right now. boo-hoo. ):

  • margarita

    just want to say good luck to zanessa especially my fave girl nessa..hope you succeed whatever you do..God bless zanessa!and please stay together,i can never imagine these two ending up with somebody other than themselves..they’re just sooo meant to be together..godspeed=)spread the LOVE!

  • Rosa

    #60 ak ..
    gosh .. what kind of an idiot r u ?
    no talent ?!!
    come on .. just admit that it is YOU who have no TASTE at all ..

    and # 18 ella .. same goes to #19 xoxogossipgirl
    and all others with the same ridiculous point of view ..
    V is way more than a just pretty face ..
    she is amazing at every single thing she does ..
    and has a very sweet down to earth personality ..
    that’s why her fans adore her ..
    look how many pretty faces r there in the world that can never be loved coz of bad manners or many other reasons ..
    V is pretty .. and that might be one of the reasons we like her ..
    yet .. it is not ALL the reasons ..
    so .. think twice before u post such stupid comments ..

    and just as #71 hi says ..
    her talent wasn’t really well promoted coz the money hungry disney was busy promoting some other talentless kids.. and makin them even more famous ..
    but when it comes to real work ..
    vanessa has been highly noticed for some important more serious roles ..
    and even though not all of them are confirmed ..
    it is great that she is being considered every now and then ..
    so stop the hate ..
    it is makin u total idiots ..

  • karolina

    cool i think…

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    she’s is soo pretty!
    love her outfit!

  • Bruna

    guys, just don’t waist your time with these jealousy haters. They’re just losers.
    I don’t know how they can hate her that hard if they’re seeing her pics. That’s just stupid.
    Do they live to hate Vanessa Hudgens? such a life, han?

    I love her, she’s just adorable at all <3

    30% of her fame it’s because she’s dating Zac? lmao.
    you make me laugh, dudes. god bless u.

  • Amanda

    Nothing funnier than a No U turn sign…..

  • witchygirl

    very cute

  • didi

    love u vanessa!!!!!!!!

  • tabia

    here the thing no ones knows have vanessa truely is because you don’t know her you may have met her once or twice but that does not mean you know her. and you can;’t really trust the media to portray her right because they will do anything to sell a magazine so everyone needs to stop calling her a b***h and w***e yeah she made a mistake with the pictures but if her family and friends can forgive her you should to and with you all keep bringing it up it doesn’t just hurt her it hurt everyone that loves and cares about like zac and ashley. And if you still don’t b elieve me when i say that you don’t know her look at the chris brown and rhianna situation no one thought that he would beat her up but he did. so give it a rest if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all.

  • NiCOLE

    nessa for kids choice awards !

  • zane

    vote! vote!

  • loveV..

    just my opinion..

    we all know that she really has a TALENT..
    she really look good all the time even if its not an especial occasion.

    if she has no talent,will she be going to lead the HSM?
    we all know that HSM cast know how to sing and dance. (+acting)

    think it clearly OK?

    my point is,.


    ADMIT IT!!!

    if she’s not your idol,ok..
    but don’t judge HER..

    we need to ADMIT that she’s really BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED..
    + a very young A-list fashionista in hhollywood today..

  • zane

    she is the junior version of Catherine Zeta Jones

  • zanessa4everr


  • miss zanessa

    aWW she´s so adorable ^^
    and talented
    i wish her all the best
    and what if she´s laughing about a “No U turns”
    at least you can tell she´s happy
    that´s all that matters right?

  • Thamina

    Vanessa looks so gorgeous!
    love her soooooo much

  • monica(:

    awwwh . SHE’S SOOO CUTE . :)

  • mac

    Love Vanessa and she has so many good things going for her right now. I doubt she even has time to even read hateful posts in here by losers who obviously have so much time on their hands. At least fans like us have a reason to follow her career. But as for the haters….I don’t really get it. If you hate her so much like you say you do, why even bother spending a good part of your time coming on in here and commenting about her?! It’s not as if you’re gonna be better, richer and more famous than the person you’re dissing right now anyway unless you try and work hard for it like what Vanessa has been doing with her career.

  • Zanessa.chick.lova

    People are idiots
    Vanessa’s true fans would still adore her if she wasn’t pretty. We love her b/c she’s an amazing actress & singer; not just cause of her looks or cause she’s dating Zac! That’s pathetic!
    Vanessa is amazing! Love her!

  • christine x3

    haha she’s so cute.

  • moua

    some ppl say she has no talent. I think her last album is really bad I mean I don’t like the songs. But she has an amazing voice. About her acting skills I’m sure she can act way better than in HSM 2 and 3 (her dialogues were very poor) She was great in Thirteen, Thunderbird and even in HSM1. Bandslam is annonced like a very good movie.
    So wait and see
    I hope she will accept the roles in Dead@17 and Sucker Punch roles far from Gabriella character

  • i love vanessa hudgens

    Vanessa is perfect!

  • Pit

    she really looks good in red

  • Cc27

    She’s very pretty :) lol

  • zanessa fan!!!

    I totally love her!!! She’s gorgous!!! Also i love vanessa’s solo career!!! Im a huge fan!!!