David Henrie & Selena Gomez: Fashion Show Friends

David Henrie & Selena Gomez: Fashion Show Friends

Selena Gomez rocks out a jumpsuit as she sit front and center with costar David Henrie at the Ruben Dario fashion show during Puerto Rico`s Fashion Week at the Convention Center on Saturday (March 7).

David, 19, and Selena, 16, are in Puerto Rico shooting their new Wizards of Waverly Place movie.

The duo spent the evening with Selena‘s mom and stepdad, Mandy and Brian. David posted a note on his twitter about the event. He shared, “Met a lot of people tonight, fun fun. Fashion show was amazing, they know how to dress out here.”

David also mentioned that he’ll be dining with his favorite co-star this evening, saying, “Headed to din din with muzz g.”

UPDATE: Selena has an official Twitter! JJJ‘s Twitter feed is here and the personal one is here.

15+ pics inside of Selena and David watching the fashion show…

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Photos: Michael Simon
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  • Ann

    i love how she has to attach herself to a guy to have any sort of relevancy whatsoever, no ones noticed you were gone just disappear

  • kara

    he is gorgeous but she is hideous and looks like a mix between a bobble head thing and a bratz doll

  • Katy Oliveira

    owww she lost so much weight

  • jujuuubs

    omg, she has no boobs haha
    she looks gorgeous though

  • ella1170

    I don’t know about u guys but it seems like they’re dating,
    I know they’re not but it seems like it.

    Also yes it does seem she has lost weight but she still looks pretty to me.

  • katie

    love them<33

  • jenna

    i love her :)

  • Becky

    Selena is gorgeous & David is so handsome! I love both of them! :)

  • mileyfann

    cute couple

  • kkm

    so adorable.

  • jenna
  • katie

    she is bizarre looking and boring as all hell, but david henrie seems like a cool dude. puerto rico’s an awesome place to visit, i’m sure they’re having fun.

  • gloriaaaa[:

    eww what is she wearing ?!?!

    do you think their datinggg ? LOL

  • Mai

    A little bit touchy.. Haha, but they seem close. Both Selena and David looks great. =)

  • Shannon

    Im not gonna start something but thier body language between these 2 screams more than friends! and if that’s the case I aint anger they would be cute together!

  • tara

    Selena looks so pretty :) I like her outfit :) lol.
    GO SELENA ;)
    I lvoe Nick Jonas. :) So happy they are ovr :P

  • sana

    All you haters need to stop hating :P

    Selena is gorgeous!

  • fiore

    i think they are datind too and they make a cute cuple

  • addharossie Baez

    i love selena and david, but the comment he made about the way we dress is something stupid.. of course we now how to dress we have the same stores they have. people always think that because we live here we are like uncivilized people. Gosh.! but w/e!!i still love them…

  • anna

    hahah no boobs to fill out that dress !!!!
    are they DATING ???

  • jo

    she has a big nose

  • Me :)

    shes gorgeous.. but she is too skinny :/.. but well…
    oh and true, they make a cute couple :)

  • stevsie

    She’s totally checking out that girl.

  • e

    they both look really goodd but she looks so thin
    but anywayy
    they looik great
    and they would be cute together

  • jenna
  • katie

    awww! they’d be sooooooo cute together!!! if nick and sel really are over (though i hope they’re not) i hope these two start dating!!! =)

  • angel

    I honestly don’t think they’re dating, they’re just comfortable with eachother. Anyways, she looks gorgeous, as always. I’m so excited that she’s going to be in a movie with Ginnifer Goodwin and Bridget Moynahan.

    Oh, and lol @ the haters.

  • maria

    Why does she wear the weirdest clothes to events?? Awful choice. Looks like a sack on her, and is much too old for her.

  • nikka

    he looks HOTT, but by the way they a holding each other looks like more than friends;)

  • kristan

    hahah no boobs to fill out that dress !!!!
    are they DATING ???

    lmfao its not even a dress! but youre right, she doesn’t have the boobs to fill it out.
    its the ugliest jumper piece of crap cloth i’ve ever seen in my lifeeee!
    in the third picture, you can see its not a dress theres a space b/w her legs
    what was she thinking, stepping out to an event in that?!

  • ella

    love selena :)

  • Mary beth

    There totally dating!

  • ashley

    ok she considers him to be her “brother”. i have a brother, we’re best friends and we sure as hell dont act or look like that !

  • rii

    they look pretty close 8)

    she’s pretty! Haters are just jealous.

  • WTF

    WTF?! First people hate on Miley for having too much boobs and accused her of having implants and now people are complaining that Selena has no boobs?!! MAKE UP UR EFFN’ MINDS!!!!!!!! Not everyone wants to chug around giant implants like Britney and that butt-chin Demi Lovato girl.

  • yourmom

    who’s muzz g?


    THey are sooo dating lol. SHe is GORGEOUS!!! She’s a mix of Eva Longoria and that Samahaya lady. Selena is TOO pretty. No wonder she has haters. jealous much?

  • 5:36

    I feel sorry for Demi. I mean if I had a friend that looked like that I would be so jealous lol. Selena is like unrealistically beautiful. I just saw the doll of Alex Russo and it just looked like a Barbie doll with dark hair…cuz that’s all they needed to do haha. Cuz she already looks like a perfect Barbie.

    and #2 can’t go suck on a Bratz doll. :)

  • Vanesszac

    Omg she looks SOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY but that dress does not. she should sue the designer.

  • Davelena or Selavid?

    OMG YES THEY ARE DATING!!!!! if David couldn’t resist that ugly girl in the bikini in the TMZ photos than he must have a major boner for Selena HAHA. That’s why the Jo Bros couldn’t bring Selena on tour with them otherwise the purity rings would come right off. So to be safe they just took Demi Lovato lol.

  • Cc27

    She is looking gorgeous :) [Cute Couple] :O lol

  • lenny

    yes she has boobs she just keeps hers covered unlike some one else we know….cough..cough

  • And

    Man Wizards of Waverly Place does not look like a comedy show at all. I mean all the stars look like those perfect looking actors and actress on soap operas. David and Selena looked like they just walked out from an episode of a Spanish soap opera. They are the most gorgeous looking couple in Hollywood. Behind Brangelina and Zanessa of course.


  • blake


  • WizardsFan#1


    But David deserves a girl like her. They both are hot. I’d go bi for them HAHA

  • katie

    lol, bashing miley to defend selena. typical.

  • Mr. Potatoe Head

    She lost so much weight. She looks like a model now. That’s not good because a 16 yr old girl like her should not weigh in like a model. She has a stunning face but she needs to eat more.

  • Rich Ross

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Now Miley can go back to Nick and Selena now has David and Demi can go back to -er- well at least she can sing right lol. This works out perfectly! The Hollywood world is at peace again :).

    NILEY and DAVELENA RULEEZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • LuvyDuvy:)

    The tile of this article should be changed to “Fashion Show Lovers”. These too look so hot together that it’s noe even funny. She looks better with him than Nick. When Nick and her were together they lookd boring. Congrats to the new couple!!!

>>>>>>> staging1