Dylan & Cole Sprouse Meet at the Met

Dylan & Cole Sprouse Meet at the Met

Dylan and Cole Sprouse get sandwiched in by JJJ reader Gabriella and her friends for a picture on Friday morning (March 6).

JJJ reader Gabriella met the 16-year-old Suite Life twins at the MET Museum right after their Regis and Kelly appearance. Gabriella shared, “We ran into Dylan and Cole Sprouse on Friday in the mid morning at the Met Museum in NYC. They were really nice, but seemed surprised that we recognized them. I don’t think anyone else in the museum did.”

After the Sprouse Twins‘ visit to the MET, they headed to the World of Disney store, where JJJ did a quick interview with them. Check back soon for it!

On the flight home from NY to LA – it was a heartthrob of different decades. Dylan and Cole were on the same flight as 80′s teen hunk Andrew McCarthy (Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo’s Fire). Kids, just ask your parents. Most recently, Andrew played Joe Bennett on NBC’s Lipstick Jungle.

Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Gabriella
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  • Ami


  • strawberrykiwiz

    ayyyy id die if i met dylan sprouse

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  • linda

    how can any1 not recognize them?

  • Aimee

    hahahha GABIIIII! :-)

  • lilix

    the one to your left is cody in the show and the right one is zack!

  • lilix

    cole is taller and sexier than Dylan!

  • JustGonnaSay

    Cole and Dylan! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Mattasaurus101 (Matt b.)

    Hey Dylan and Cole Sprouse you had me in shock when I saw you on Regis and Kelly’s show!!!! Your voices have deffinately changed since the last time I checked in with you guys on the Suite Life On Deck how did that happen wow!!!! Please write to me @ mattburdenfan1@htmail.com why I have that is because I wanna be a Actor Pop Star Movie Director Screen Writer maybe producer (Catching breath) Photographer and Modernized Tap Dancer and I wannalearn gymnastics for my music videos and speaking of which catch my Music Video coming to my new You Channel Matterific101 and a future near you called Your Invited To: The Mattasaurus Club (All For The Fans) any way hope you like the music video when it comes out I might even wat you two guys in it!!!! Also I might want you in some movies and series of my own!!!! Well gotta go time is money and gotta go Surf the Trf some more LOL TYFF!!!! Bye for now!!!!

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  • lolo

    Luvv them. :D I want Cole!!!! Sooooo freakin HOT

  • roory

    Dylan is sexier than Cole… he is so much hotter.

  • bb

    I love them, those two girls are danm lucky, how can anyone not recognize them, their show gets over 4 million viewers. LOL.. and their show beat HM and Wizards. Girls are so retarded! I dont WANT anyone to reply back because i dont care about ur lame opinion.

  • hehehe

    cole is sooo freaking sexyyyy
    i want him hehe

  • gigi0828

    OMG!!!!!! That’s my big sis, gabi (gabriella)… she is the red-head in the bottom right corner or on the right!!! She was w/ her school on a field trip… i cant believe she made it on to JJJ!!!!!! AHHHHHH <3333

  • http://stareich Kristina

    i love dylan sprouse

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  • http://justjared.buzznut.com misty

    Hey Cole Sprouse I just want to say that I love you so much and I wish I could meet you in real life!

    You are soooooo hott and sexy!

    More than Dylan is too!

    I love you cole!

    love always and forever for life misty! Text me back please

  • http://justjared.buzznut.com misty

    Hey Cole Sprouse I just want to say that I love you alot!

    I wish I could meet you in real life!

    Your so muce hotter and sexyer than dylan not that he’s not hott because he is but your hotter!

    Please text nme back!

  • http://ilovedylanandcole london

    dylan and cole are sosososososso cool i REALYwant to meet them so so so so so so bad i love zack and cody so much i f i ever did meet them i,d fante zack and cody always get introuble with m,r mosbe but they always get out of trouble in one of the episode they scared zack soso bad he screamed realy loud i love zack annd cody please respound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    hi how twin bron baby how get big daddy

  • nikiee99doors

    can i be on your show plz ! i really want to be a singer

  • http://jonasbrotherspicsgx.blogspot.com/ Misael Wilkinson

    this song rocks zo much cuz itz zo cool

  • amina

    loveeeeeeeee youuu dylan et cole

  • Jasmine Jones de Argentina

    hola a keria desirles qe esta copada la pagina y qe muy buenas la fotos de los sprouse y ke no entidi lo que escrieron de costado :)
    Desde PtO.Madryn Arg

    Jasmine Jones De Oz

  • Jasmine Jones de Argentina

    i love cole sprouse:)

    Jasmine Jones De oZ

  • http://fdss cjddl

    i love you cole

  • http://dylanandcole ella baby

    i am the biggest fan ever ever in the world no1 is the biggest fan than me!!!!!! dylan is cool and sexy!!!!!

  • http://torroncoahila claudia

    son unos chavos ermosos me encanta su programa

  • Jasmine

    oh hot damnnn id bang them 10 times over


    I ABSOLUTELY LUV U GUYS cole u r the best always mwaahxXxXXxXxX luv yall*


    GUYS I JUST WANA KNOW DO U HAVE A MYSPACE OR A FACEBOOK OR A BEBO ANYTHING I JUST WANA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aey

    i love you so much cole
    i don’t know why
    maybe your so cute funny and i love ur no.1 show the suite life of zack and cody
    i wish i see you in personal
    w/ eye to eye
    just i wish
    take care of ur self

    please if u have friendster please invite/add me at
    and last please give a comment if u have time
    that only bye GOD bless you

  • emma

    i would love to meet them or i would love to be one on of there shows OMB that would be astonashing i mean they are my sisters age

  • aleksandra

    They are so SWEET (L) I love them

  • Suitelife101

    cole and dylan are so handsome!

  • matt999

    omg i think the both of u are well cool
    i am not going to go on bout how fit u r
    coz it probs does your head in after a bit
    and all the crazy fans
    yer that would do my head in
    but i bet it is cool tho livin a life like yours
    something i would love to try but i wouldnt no
    were to start but owell neway if ether of u 2
    read this plz e mail or reply
    hope to hear from u soon

  • http://conradhome.net emmy

    wow… those poor sprouse twins. Look at how annoyed they look!!! Lol

  • @L3x@

    @linda: =)))))))) u can recognize them by the haircut & cole is a bit taller and thinner than dyaln=)))))))))))

  • http://www.luk&friends.com lukman kabir

    i wanna be a star in a disney show

  • omg!!!

    in this pic dylan is so hot

  • Niki!!!

    omg. those peeps r sooo lucky. i luv dylan hes so hot and coles ok but i like dylan better. i really wish i culd meet them they seem so cool and fun lol

  • jacqueline

    happy birthday 17 . are the maximum i love you dylan and cole much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but do not know speak very well english
    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡having a happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kisses to the two

  • amanda

    Look I LOVE them and if i met them i would die!

  • http://nunocristiano VanessA

    Hello I love you see on tv but mostly you Coldy
    is not that you like dylan but I have something that binds me to you paste like a day you know
    love you


    O MEU MAIL É: diva.nessa@hotmail.com

  • missemy97

    cole e dylan vi amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://foto celine doreen

    i love you you sou kiu

  • bianca

    hy…my name is Bianca and I love dylan …he is cool…

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