Kristen Stewart Dreams of Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart Dreams of Robert Pattinson

Peep a new deleted scene from Twilight!

In the scene from Access Hollywood, Bella (Kristen Stewart) has a dream about vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). After pulling Edward into her bed, Bella wakes up suddenly and sees him standing in her bedroom. Is it really a dream?

Kristen and co-stars Taylor Lautner and Nikki Reed were seen out and about in Vancouver yesterday.

The Twilight DVD drops on Sunday, March 21st. Be sure to pick your copy up!

Deleted Bedroom “Twilight” Scene
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  • jessie


  • jessie

    omg!!! edward and bella <333
    i love access hollywood!

  • marie


  • stella

    i love them! they look awesome together! this scene should be in the movie!
    can’t wait till new moon! do you think it will be better? (:

  • Debools!

    It’s so nice to see fresh faces that aren’t ashamed to show who they are. I’m just sick of those “perfect” disney robots …

  • Elisa

    i dont like it, in the books, bella and edward can’t be so close, and that’s a really important deal for her. it shouldn’t be like that in the movie

  • ivanka

    thats suppose to be until 2 or 3 book…
    she is a lucky girl

  • Debools!

    Elisa, taht’s why it didn’t make it to the movie, but at this stage of the story she didn’t know he was a vampire, so it kinds of make sense

  • baby h

    love it <3<3

  • duddeee:]


  • ilovezanessaxo

    I’d like a deleted scene like this from HSM3. Haha. Kidding..kind of.

  • Orls

    Jealous much? =(
    Love Kirsten and Robert =)

  • Katy Oliveira


  • Elsa**

    WOW :D

    an AWESOME scene (: why they always delete the best scenes in some movies? s:

  • Rowan

    Omigosh, some of you are so stupid. This is the part in the movie where Bella had no idea Edward was a vampire, she just liked him. What girl doesn’t dream about a guy they like in that way? The reason they probably took it out of the movie was because it really was a little steamy, lol.

  • Giuls

    OMG! :O

  • Emma

    This scene was in the movie :S

  • Coii

    it’s possible cuz she’s only dreaming! but it’s sooo hot!!! i luv this deleted scene!!! omg!


  • Courtney

    No it wasn’t Emma. In the movie, only the second half of it is… her only dream in the movie is when he looks like Dracula and he bites her. This is a deleted scene… “the original dream sequence”.

  • ann

    Rob’s so hot. A great kisser

  • newport beach, 92660♥

    dammmn , i love himmm

    audrey :) ♥

  • Caro

    Hot Hot Hot
    Luv edward &Bella

  • chris


    awesome cant wait for new moon i just finisehed reading eclipse :S

  • Sar


    They have such incredible on-screen chemistry. Wowwwww.

  • Emma

    okay didnt wach it befor i coment :P but a part of it was in the movie ;)

  • vicky.

    omg!!! can’t wait for it to come out on dvd.
    and new moon being filmed soon. :D
    very excited. :)

  • Kaylee

    Just to let you know. March 21st is a Saturday, not Sunday. :-]

  • Rachel

    woah mamaaa that was intense!
    luhv ittt<3
    can’t wait for the dvd!

  • me:)

    she’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky she got to kiss that HOT Robert Pattinson!!!!!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    AHA !! #11, I have to strongly agree with you there :D

    Yep, but this scene was WAY too hot for me. Whoo !! I hope the 2nd will be better than the first.

  • joss

    that would have been sooo hot!

  • ashley

    I want dreams like that who agrees with me

  • Maria

    She has a erotic dream xD
    I love this scene

  • Maria

    I wish i dreamed like that….just grab him and make out…it was hott and hilariuos at the same time!!!!

  • cc27

    They make a good couple haha… too bad shes not single :O lol..

  • nathalia

    omg :)
    hot haha
    i love them

  • Maddie

    I wish this was in the movie. LOL. There was a lot more kissing in the book, than in the movie. Which… made me a little dissapointed. But, I read twilight after I saw the movie. So I didn’t know any different, until after I read it.

    But yeah. This scene. Super hot! I adore the other deleted scene where it’s obviously improv and Bella is like.. you really wanna taste?

  • RebecaLOVESROB


    and it’s a dream and bella didn’t knwo he was a vampire then,
    so you can’t say that is so not bella and edward cuase it didn’t happen it was a dream.

    i CANNOT wait ’till new moon! i think it will be better an di really hope so too.


  • KSTEW Crew

    OMG Rob is such a lucky guy!!! Did ya ever think that? No of course not you Rob dweebs. God, get a life. I think Kristen just brings out the best in him and I think he wants her in real life too!!! Take that all you Kristen bashers out there – ha, ha, ha. LOL!!! Can’t wait for the Jacob and Bella scenes when they get to kiss too – I’m sure it will be sooooooooooooo much hotter than this, LOL!!!!!

  • jess.K

    OMG how many times has they done that in the moviee!!!!!!!!

  • arantxa

    Wow hahaha
    i love them (L)

  • JewellePEace&love.

    Omg. LOL.
    Intense. :P.
    Can’t wait for till i get my copy saturday!


    freakin hot !!!!! loved it i was just talking about how i wanna see a deleted scene from twilight and bam ! justjaredjr brought it up…also thanks access hollywood !!!

  • azlady

    I can see why they cut that out…i almost had a heart attack it was hot, they were definitely into it… lucky Kristine getting to kiss rob…but then again he smokes sooo yuck, but Kristine smokes to so no biggie for her. but i dont remember bella having a hot kissing dream of edward…i know she had a dream of edward, though i dont think it said any details about it.

  • catalina

    that was hot

  • liz

    OMG AMAZING! God had that been in the movie I woulda seen it more then the 13 times I did! LOL…

    Man I’d LOVE to be her in that dream! ;)

  • jgjg

    this is disgusting cant u people see?

  • Tamara

    elisa, just remember it was a dream so yea..
    i hate how they didnt mention her sleeptalking tho..

  • dorothy

    i loved it!

    cannot wait for the dvd!

  • riana

    more scenes like this in new moon
    so hott

>>>>>>> staging1