Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Milkshake Mates

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Milkshake Mates

Smiley couple Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston have a sushi night out together in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 8).

The couple was later seen picking up dessert at Millions of Milkshakes. The 16-year-old starlet walked out gulping down the Miley shake (cookie dough and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups) while Justin, 20, made his own shake (Reese’s cups, brownie, and Butterfinger).

After pulling out of her parking spot with her Toyota Prius, Miley told the videographer, “I’m just sayin’ that was some intense backing up!”

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Visit Millions of Milkshakes, 03/08
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  • alanah

    oh miley oh miley !
    you amaze me !
    some intense backing up indeed !
    haha i want to go to that place and eat a miley milkshake lol.

  • isabella

    wtf miley you arent special….dont park in the handicap spot.

  • Sylwia

    haha shes was parked in the handicapped parking

  • jacqueline

    haha she seems awesomee here

  • rii

    lol shes very careful driving. but im pretty sure its illegal to be in the handicap parking if ur not handicapped lol… tsk tsk. at first i thought it was illegal for her to be driving with justin too, but then i noticed the older guy with them.
    but um yah.. i find it amazing you even got the milkshake info haha

  • Plutobby!

    hahaha the last part is random!

  • =P

    love miley!!!!!!!!!!!!
    still got this bad feeling about the guy

  • D

    She only has a permit right?
    Doesn’t she need to be with an adult over the age of 25 to be driving legally in the state of California? Not to pop her bubble or be overly critical, but because she is a minor and a role model, she needs to respect the law.

  • swe3t23




  • jom

    waaahhh MILEy totally love u!!!
    no matter wat people say

  • D

    Just saw the video.
    Take back my comment.
    Good job for following the law.
    My b.

  • annieeee

    i’ve gotta say, i’m not the biggest fan of miley and i really don’t follow her or watch pap videos of her very often.

    but from watching this video, i honestly think that she handles the paparazzi very well. since i haven’t seen a lot of other videos of her out and about, i don’t know if she’s always like this. but if this video is any indication, i think that she’s doing a very good job dealing with them and being very friendly and stuff. it seems like she’s not afraid to be herself in front of them, which is good!

    so props to her for that!

  • Ava

    She does handle the paps well, but dude, she hardly even looked back when she was backing up, scary.


    #6, that is embarrassing. It dropped to #9 because THE JONAS BROTHERS CAN’T WRITE SONGS! I’m not a HUGE fan of Miley but her Hannah Montana stuff are very good. Plus, her original songs are good too, like 7 Things and See You Again. Simple, Miley has good songs.

    They also had Demi in the movie, whose songs sounds EXACTLY like the Jo Bros= trashy rock-wannabe songs.

    Seriously, these kids need to know they are POPstars NOT rockstars.

    They should have a 3D Concert Movie with MIley and Selena. Selena is pleasing to the eye and Miley is pleasing to the ear, with all due respect to both.

  • Kim

    Why is she parked in a handicap parking spot?
    I love her though, she’s hilarious and I love the way she is with the paps.

  • anonymous

    how adorable

  • Diana

    that was a good video. she’s cool w/ the paps.

  • yo

    haha miley really missed allison

  • Gracie

    The parking lot looks like it pretty packed so the handicap spot might have been the only space for her to park and since she was probably only in Millions of Milkshakes for a few minutes I’m sure it was fine…But anyways I love the way she interacts with the paparazzi

  • taylor

    theyre actually really cute together, (:
    and miley is so hilarious at the end of the video (x

  • swe3t23

    so what if she parks handicap…… she’ll get a ticket or have her car towed… but she still can afford to pay the fees.

    so cry me a river with parking in the handicap

    everyone abuses the handicap parking during the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!

  • izabella

    they’re actually really cute together :)
    but I prefer Niley, not that it’s up to me, LOL ♥

    Miley totally made my day today, she’s on big posters all over
    the city (in Sweden) and that’s really huge!!
    she’s not that famous here yet, but I know she’s getting
    bigger here every day :D

  • lipsie glozz

    Miley is so lucky 2 have a car @ 16..Justin is a cutie..He makes a good eye candy..Yummy!Lucky,her..A gorgeous car and a hottie for a boyfriend..What more can a gal ask for? :p

  • Rosa


    kinda agree with u ..
    JB have been doin really fine when they just began their career ..
    they were so passionate about what they were doin ..
    they did it amazingly ..
    but now .. they care only about “more money” ..
    they think that people r gonna buy anything they do .
    but hey .. they will soon discover this is NOT the case any more ..
    show some respect to your fans JB ..
    seriously !!

    while HM stuff has been incredibly amazing since the very first beginning of her career .. and until now ..
    tho i’m not a big fan of miley ..
    nor of that annoying justin dude ..
    i think she always dose something different and cool
    not “repeat” herself to “resell” bad stuff and get even more “money” ..

  • Lenny

    she’s really sweet

  • me

    I love Miley :)

  • mackenzie

    I miss the miley and mandy show

  • captincrunchrocks

    and i agree #22 they are actually cute together
    anyway she handles the paparazzi really well
    alot of celebs need to take notes!
    &Lmao she pareked in the handicap spot alot of people do that!

  • 251458

    i hate gaston omg

  • mimi

    she does handle the papz really good! she one of the few professionals that are really good with papz the other i have seen that pretty good is tom cruise! but miley is really professional with the papz she sweet and usually answerd questions or joke around like they are friends which is good because she is being herself and it talk highly on how professional she is on this business! unlike other artist that act too stuck up to even say hello! miley always smile or says hi she really sweeet and nice!

    Justin and miley seem to be getting serious. They seem like a good couple and justin is just as nice to the papz as she is! i like that!
    Love the pictures of justin and miley smiling he so good looking when he smile wow! they are so cute together!

  • billythekid

    I guess it was a slow weekend for JJJ in particular, and Hollywood in general, if this is all that happened. Haven’t we already seen Miley and Justin at Millions of Milkshakes before? This is news but not “I have a hole in my heart”, quote from Miley in her book? Weird world we live in.

    Anyhow, every single time I go to my local supermarket I see someone, who is not handicapped, parked in those spots. I have even seen hummers parked in those spots!

  • Annette

    it seems like now that Miley’s gone public about their relationship, they’re acting more like a couple.. I’ve got to admit, they look cute ad Justin looks nice when he smiles :) I miss Niley though :/ lol. & The Miley & Mandy show!!!

  • Emmaxx

    aww miley really missed allison!
    & i guess justin knows him pretty well too.

  • vanessa

    miley handles the paparazzi soooo well for being 16!
    her and justin seem to be more open about being a couple (arm linked through his a few days ago & now this!)
    i have nothing against either of them..but it seems like hes using her.
    why else would a 20 year old (i think thats how old he is) be dating a 16 year old

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    smile paparazzis,show your love it’s your job miley !
    they are such a stupid couple ewww.

  • jo

    she’s not even allowed to have passengers with her. dork

  • rock00

    daddy made her famous. u really think she would be famous if she was a normal girl?..if her daddy wasn’t famous??

  • SMiley


  • jimmy

    Hmm they obviously looks like a couple now, and Miley looks happy.
    I kinda feel unpleasant seeing her with Justin. I feel that Justin doesn’t suit her personality. Not that I like Nick Jonas or anything.. may be I’m just feel jealous..

    Btw, she does look careful when driving the car… this brings back memory of my 1st car..

  • joyfull

    I don’t really think that she is a role model. She’s 16 and he’s 20 she needed a special friend and dad and mom gave it to her being that she is the bread winner in the family so they got to spoil the rich kid. What kind of message does that send out to all the hard working parents who must buy her movies and music or their child will throw a temper tantrum in the store or do something stupid so that their parents must buy her stuff!!! Explain that scenerio people as a role model!!!!! I DON”T THINK SO! YEAH RIGHT HUH!!!! WRONG!!!

  • billythekid

    To Rock00 (#37)

    Since no one here is going to talk about anything of substance, I guess I will take your comment and play with it awhile – hope you don’t mind :).

    During one of those radio interviews this past week -and there were so many of them, they all just seem to run together in my head- Miley fielded that very topic. Well, sort of because the topic started with her mentioning how people say her father is using her fame to further his own. She said not only is that not true, but that if anything she is the one who has gained fame because of who he was. She said it was her mother and father who allowed her the opportunity to get started in this business, which without their help wouldn’t have gotten off the ground. Not in the sense that her father pulled any strings, but in the way in which he supported her 100 percent, and in all the sacrifices her mother made on her behalf. And I think in her book she mentions that she won the role prior to his actually going out to LA to audition for his role.

    But whatever the sequence of events, there is no doubt that Miley has completely made her career her own, and not the result of it being handed to her. Most everyone in the entertainment world gets a leg up in one form or another due to the influence of someone else. That’s how life is.

  • billythekid

    To Joyfull (#40)

    One more comment on this thread just for you!

    Stop worrying about Miley being a role model. Seriously, way too much is put into people holding these underage actors/singers up as role models. So your point is to hold them to one standard and the rest of the entertainment industry to another? I could care less how many kids moan and groan to their parents to buy them this or that. Let the parents be role models for once and just tell them no, you’re not getting this or that, and that’s it! Then you want to make a big deal out of Miley holding hands, having dinner or riding a bike with a 20 year old? Why not complain about Britney Spears parading around in bra and underwear doing a concert? Or Lady Gaga walking down the street with her goodies hanging out? You think these kids are only listening to Disney music? I think not.

  • Lucy

    Miley is so awesome!!! Luv watching Miley videos!!! x

  • rock00

    @ billythekid (#41)
    no, i don’t mind. feel free to tell ur opinion.

    i didn’t say that to offend miley or sth. ’cause i’m not a hater.
    i just appreciate young people who achieve their aims by working hard for their dream. and miley is not one of them ’cause she was pushed into the spotlight. i don’t think disney would have chosen her to play the role of hannah montana if she wasn’t billy ray’s daughter. and what a coincidence! her daddy plays her daddy!
    there are so many girls out there who are so much better than her concerning singing and acting. but they don’t get the chance to live their dreams because they don’t have much money or famous parents. i just don’t think that’s fair.
    i’m repeating myself: i have nothing against miley. i’m just objective. and just telling my opinion. sorry if that did offend anyone.

  • wingman

    Miley is the number 1 sweetheart of all time…can’t wait for her new movie!! It will be AWESOME!!

  • Demi

    I’m pretty sure none of you know anything about Miley, so stop giving us your retarded play-by-play of her life. And I’m also pretty sure that her dad made enough money from selling a few hundred million copies of Achy Breaky Heart to support the family for the rest of their lives. Love you Miley

  • newport beach, 92660♥

    > αααααhh

    whαt α hottie .
    she`s so lucky .

    αudrey :)

  • ariana

    shes acts like such a normal teenager and is so nice to the paparazzi …

  • Erica

    there’s a driving teacher in the back seat of the car, so she’s not driving illegally.

  • Rachel

    i luhv how miley & justin r so nice to papz! they talk 2 them lol
    i lyk mileys car!
    i want a milkshake now aghhh