Miley Cyrus: Nick is My Favorite Jonas

Miley Cyrus: Nick is My Favorite Jonas

Miley Cyrus was more than happy to talk about her new book, “Miles To Go,” to the women of The View on Monday morning (March 9).

The 16-year-old starlet was asked about her relationship with Nick Jonas when they were just 12-years-old. She shared, “It was great and it was fun but I was really young. I live in a very mature world…We’re just so busy. Unlike more 12-years-old, [we're like] ‘I can’t hang out with you today, I’m doing a concert in Germany.’ And so that go hard. I still love him with everything in me. I think he is the greatest. I get asked all the time who’s my favorite Jonas. Nick‘s my favorite Jonas. I’m happy with our friendship.”

Miley was also asked if she still has her own wing in her own house, she said, “”YES! (fist pump) I love it except my [younger brother Braison] is next door and just two little rooms over. He just got a drum set. It’s torture. I hate it! He bangs on it.

She continued, “[I'm like,] ‘Can you just chill out? It’s 11 o’clock. I’m trying to sleep!’ [He'd say,] ‘If it was you, you wouldn’t get in trouble. You can blast your music all the time!’ My brother’s crazy. I love my brother, though.”

Miley Cyrus – “The View”, 03/09
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  • Yuval Jonas

    yeah this is really cool!
    go Niley!
    Israel <3 Miley Cyrus :)

  • jimmy

    Yup Miley confess her relationship with Justin. Bye bye Niley for good..

  • hanna

    aww sweet :)

  • Mkaaa

    Miley should stop trying to get Nick back… seriously, not only is it TOO obvious, but it’s disrespectful to her actual boyfriend… This girl just doesn’t know when to shut up…

    Okay, so, people, this is just my opinion. I have to read yours too, it’s a free world and I’m entitled to have my own thoughts. So don’t get offended, please.
    I only read this article because it’s related to a Jonas Brother, not because of MC.
    That said, have a nice day! :)

  • nick i love you


    her look when the woman said ” and nick said: whatever this has been in the future”

    she totally is still in love with nick =)

    niley 4ever

    (sry if my english isn’t so graet, but i’m from germany =D)

  • Blake

    Niley forever. Justin sucks!

  • will

    All the Jonas brothers are poofters

  • nick i love you

    her look when the woman said”..and nick said, whatever thas has in the future”

    she is totally still in love with him =)
    niley 4eva =)

    (sorry when my english is bad, but I#m from germany :D)

  • lilix

    that’s why you wrote 1000 songs about him breaking your heart! duh -.-”

  • Andy

    Shocking! :roll:

  • Jessica(MilezPotential)

    I read the whole book in like 48 hours and I love it.

    And I think Niley is done… when it comes to friendship you do anything to make it last and feelings can just ruin it.

    And Miley looks so happy with Justin.

  • strawberrykiwiz


  • Rosa

    Awww =(
    i actually don’t find it disrespectful to her at all ..
    she’s just expressimg it openly ..
    u can feel it deep in her heart what she feels towards that relationship ..
    her words were really touching :’(
    hope niley will be back one day ..
    justin is so not .. her guy ..
    it is of course up to her not me ;p
    yet .. i can’t stand that justin dude ..
    so anoying .. so fugly ..
    niley r much more cuter ..

    well .. let’s just hope the best will happen to all of them ..
    they are people just like us ..
    fame got them into some mad madness ..
    and they need “a break” ..
    it is all over now !!

  • sb

    the thing is sh

  • Blake

    when is everyone gonna realize that 7 things is not a hate song? It’s about a girl who can’t stand her bf yet loves him at the same time. She’s obviously not over him but she is using Justin like a tool.

  • begss

    the thing is she cant say yes,goodbye to prince charming when barbara walters asked her

  • jj2

    :( I Miss Niley! :O
    But Joe is my fav Jonas! :) ahah… I No Likey Justin :) I like Nick lol!
    But i have to deal with it lol..

  • manly

    she was really mature and handled their prodding questions well. good job miley.


    she is the best

    i support you whatever you do, i don’t care who you are dating

    but i think Justin is the right chose !

  • shane

    OMG I love the fact that Miley is always SO TRUE!
    I’m proud that my idol (her) is not a fake like SOME CELEBRITYS.

    I think it’s cute that Niley is a friendship but I think they’ll have a future :)

    and c’mon, if you think it’s not good for her reputation to talk about Nick then you think that what Nick’s saying isn’t good for HIS reputation because he talks about HER EVERYTIME


  • Lauren

    she is going on about him quite abit but you can tell she loves him after all she is only for her and justin i don’t think it’s going to last long, i think that her and nick are going to get back together in next year; and also, i know this hasn’t got anything to do with this post but…i keep thinking that zac efron and vanessa hudgens may be going their separate ways, its just they’re not spending as much time together as they usually are..well from pictures ive been seeing around on the internet, i dunno its just a feeling i’ve had lately….

    geez my comments are getting even longer…eeshta!
    anywho…love the jonas brothers and miley…see yah

  • Rochel

    OK Now Im Confused.
    At the book signing in LA. Miley told ET that Nick isnt the
    Prince Charming in her book.
    That she wouldnt write him as Prince Charming cause it
    would be to obvious.
    So I wonder if she is talking about Thomas Sturgis then. Cause he was living in Tennessee and then moved to LA.
    Those pictures came out about the same time she was doing
    her tour back then..

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    i think its great she still feels like that about him.
    i dont think she’s in love with him, but they have a good relationship for a used-to-be couple, and its good to be friends after a break up. many people cant do that.

  • shane

    oh and also you keep judging and talking that Miley is this, Miley is that and that she has to get over Nick but just SHUT UP OK?


    idiots :*

  • Melissa

    i love how honest she is in all her interviews. and yeah, im also glad she’s over him(he miiine). hahah

  • Lindsey

    the second that lady said “and whats to come in the future” she was like ya i know im going to marry him but i have to wait…shes full of crap

  • Annette

    This is my video!! haha thats so awesome, i love you justjaredjr! :)
    and I love Mileyyy and Nick and want them back together lol

  • katie

    that was a very classy interview. i love nick and i love miley.

  • Elsa**

    they will always talking about each other ! c’mons guys, their relationship lasted TWO YEARS, they were, they still, and they’ll always be so special for each other .. ! they were young and so busy about the concerts, but they were together no matter what, they understood each other and stayed strong [ true love (': ] i think you all know what i mean ..

    we can all see that miley is happy with justin and she doesn’t care what other people say about their relationship . i really, really love nick, he’s my favourite jonas too but i just wish they could be one again .. i much prefere to see her and nick together . they just make a SWEET, CUTE, PERFECT couple*

    XOXO Miley , I’ll always love you and admire you, no matter what .. cause I see that you’re always giving us (your fans) your best! (‘:


    im almost done this boko right now..its soo amazing:)
    i literally stayed up till 1 last night reading and making my own lists like she does in the book..i love you miley:)!
    dont let anyone bring you down!

  • rani

    i think miley is just makin it 2 obvius she stil lyks nick.
    Nd as for her sayin ‘oh i dunno he myt want 2 but i dont’
    which makes it sound lyk she dusnt want nick but he wants her
    which i think is rong!

    she wants nick…

    he dusnt want her!!

    ( i dont hate er btw i do luv er!!)

  • :)

    Its so cute how they always text so early. He was texting with her at the radio interview too. And they both care for each other a lot.

    Just like Nick said ” Me and Miley have something, that always going to be there”. Yes he said that, back in JAN 2008.

  • carolineee

    Umm… frst of all I don’t think she gave a PERFECT answer. I think instead of trying to get him back she’s trying to say that ‘This whole thing is the past but I still love him as a brother’… and why be so suprised nick is her favorite Jonas ? isn’t that OBVIOUS?! they were dating for over two years !
    But I wouldn’t tell that to everyone around though. i mean to the media. But i guess she wants everybody to know it’s done.

    And justin… to be honest I would steal you from her- if I didn’t have my own, better version( alittle younger though) version of you haha. <333 But ur definetly hoooooot! ;D

    So way to go Miley ! We love yaaa ! <33 <333

  • mileysupporta4eva

    awww…i love miley..and niley…

    in my mind, deep inside miley was thinking “OF COURSE THERE’S A FUTURE FOR US!” (:

    i love how she’s the only celeb that like opens up and denies what needs to be denied, and confirms what she needs to confirm

  • ivanka

    get over nick girl!

  • katie

    ivanka, try LISTENING TO THE INTERVIEW next time. she is over him. which makes me sad and happy at the same time… like, i loved them together, but i want her to be happy. and she’s happy with justin. so… it’s fine with me.

  • Lizzie,

    People stop saying Niley forever. That was when she was 12, she’s 16 now. Her and justin are happy, and you should support her.
    I’m happy for Justin & Miley honestly.

  • obssessed with MILEY

    Miley is the best role model ever and i love all her music

  • obssessed with MILEY

    i love u

  • QuintanaOliviaMelendez

    Okay Lauren or rather #21. First of all, this archive has NOTHING to do with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. And second of all, they have this thing they have to do, what was it again? Oh right, work. Right now, that’s their #1 priority, they’re still young, they have alot of time to see eachother.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Niley was a very cute
    couple. It would be awsome
    if they got back together
    but it would probably cause
    them some more problems with
    their friendship. But I’m soooooooooo
    happy that they’re friends.
    Sorry to steal #12

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I thought they were both
    14 when they started dating.
    Now I see why it didnt
    last. They were both WAAAAAAAAY
    to young and had no buisness
    dating when they were only 12
    thats rediculous.
    Still love em

  • McKenna

    I read the book in like three hours…. it is the BEST book I’ve EVER read!! I LOVE MILEY!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassidy

    Why so Nick isnt really Prince Charming?! Someone on this post said that at a book signing that she said it wasnt Nick! That it might be Thomas Sturges!

  • niley!

    “OK Now Im Confused.
    At the book signing in LA. Miley told ET that Nick isnt the
    Prince Charming in her book.
    That she wouldnt write him as Prince Charming cause it
    would be to obvious.
    So I wonder if she is talking about Thomas Sturgis then. Cause he was living in Tennessee and then moved to LA.
    Those pictures came out about the same time she was doing
    her tour back then..”


    No. Prince Charming is Nick Jonas, not Thomas.
    It’s confirmed, and it was already confirmed.
    Thomas is not Miley’s prince charming. not even close.
    Nick is the prince charming

  • i dont like u sel gomez

    she is awesome.
    i met her at the grove LA!

  • aubrey

    im just so happy shes being honest about the justin relationship. but when you think about it shes never been shy about personal questions.shes happy. im happy for her.

  • eldina

    Okay can you blame her
    for getting excited
    to know nick n her might have something in the future?
    Its nick flippin Jonas any girls dream boyfriend
    a true gentle men who is very soulful and just a al around great guy
    which girl wouldnt want that?
    soo dont hate on miley she was very mature in this interview
    she didnt hate on him or anything.

>>>>>>> staging1