Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart: Shopping Spree

Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart: Shopping Spree

Taylor Lautner goes on a shopping spree with costars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed in downtown Vancouver, Canada on Sunday (March 8).

On Friday (March 6), the 17-year-old actor was seen getting in some dirt bike lessons for his upcoming role in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, which will be shot in Vancouver later this month.

How terrible of Kristen to shove a cigarette down Nikki‘s throat!

Dakota Fanning was recently cast as vampire Jane in New Moon.

UPDATE: Taylor is wearing the black “Laderry” leather jacket again and Nikki is wearing the Tinto Filo scarf in cream and the Oro-Bag in black. All by Diesel.

20+ pictures inside of shopping spree partners Taylor, Kristen and Nikki

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • vanessa


  • Lauren

    i’ve just posted this on justjared..but i thought i’ll post it here as well, im at college right now and im way bored…so sorry if it annoys anyone lol
    How is it nikki reed doesn’t even look like nikki reed..are these pictures from the same day because kristen has a different coat on? unless she just changes..bit wierd but okay!

    i’d like to meet taylor and ashley greene and jackson rathbone more than anyone else on the twilight films – they seem much nicer people than anyone else, obviously robert is alright as well but i dunno theres something about them

  • Cyn

    I love all 3 of them.. this just makes me excited coz new moon is going to start filming!! woo!

  • blaster

    wahahahaaa!!! i love kristen’s gloves!!! skeleton!!!! rocks!!!

    kristen is really sweet with her co-stars.. hmmm…. she and taylor looks interesting together.. i mean with taylor’s hair like these, (he’s long hair looks bad seriously)he’s cute..

    i love kristen!!

  • Janice

    hahah i never knew kristen and nikki smoked but seriously who doesnt? i mean i started smoking since i was like 15. jokes :) but i do smoke .

  • JustGonnaSay

    they are not those Disney stars. reality check for u since ur obsessed with disney.

  • Mary Ann

    Awwww , so cute .
    wheres rob though ? *sigh*

  • jasmine

    the three look adorable together! Im such a fan, especially of Kstew. Looking forward to the second movie

  • si

    I used to like Kristen…but it always looks like she thinks she is the most important think in the world…hope i´m wrong…

    This friendship between Kristen an Nikki is wierd…

    Taylor look pleased with two beautiful girls by his side…

    Can´t wait for New Moon….

  • si

    Don´t know why my comment was “awaiting moderation”

    I like them!!!!!!!!

    I just a bit disappointed on Kristen…

    Taylor look pleased with two hot girls by his side…

    Can´t wait for New Moon!!!!!

  • SI

    I like them!!!!!!!!

    I just a bit disappointed on Kristen…

    Taylor look pleased with two hot girls by his side…

    Can´t wait for New Moon!!!!!

  • http://letterstotwilight.com UnintendedChoice

    Taylor is so cute and innocent… They better not corrupt him.

  • joss

    in canada!
    can’t wait till new moon comes out!

  • hahaha

    where is ashley?
    ugh i cant stand kristen. i wish she was never in the twilight movies. nikki is okay, but she seems like she can be a huge b!tch too.

    #2 – thats good to know! i always thought ashley and taylor seemed the nicest.

  • Julie Jonas

    I cant wait for the movie

    love you Tayor!

  • vanessa

    nikki reed is so not rosalie in my mind.
    kristen’s okay i guess..not a huge fan of her acting.
    but i lovelovelove taylor!!!

  • louise

    taylor looks like the cat just got the cream with a girl on each arm, :)
    wonder if rob is avoiding everyone again

  • Jessica

    haha he’s wearing Calvin Klein underwear LOL

  • Victoria

    Love Love Love KStewart and her style!!

  • http://rantsthoughtsmerde.blogspot.com NativeNYker

    He is truly hotness!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • deb

    wow taylor definitely looks a lot older~ WHOOT~ i can’t wait for new moon…YAY dirt bikes!! cant wait to see him on the screen!!

  • Destined

    LOVE Taylor! Team Jacob! He is so cute and hot, and that’s just at 17. Def looking forward to the maturing Taylor in the upcoming years.

  • Anna

    Oh man I don’t think that Kristen is doing something sooo bad to Nikki! I do it all the time with my friend..when her hands are busy, I’m always like that when we’re smoking. Same with her if my hands are busy. It’s not like if you smoke marijuana or something like that, it’s just a cigarette!! And I don’t think that Kristen forced her..at all! So..I guess it’s okay! :)

    I love love love Rob, Kris, Taylor, Nikki, Kellan, Jackson, Ashley and everyone!! I love Twilights! It’s just like a drug for me! I can’t live without it! I’m addicted to Rpattz and to Twilight..in different ways.. :)

    Love it! And can’t wait to see the second movie! I have a friend in Canada, so I’ll ask her if she can go there and see if she can do some photo for me! It would be awesome!!

    Love ya all!

  • Sar

    Ahhh that’s so cool! I freaking love Kristen!!

  • indiesr

    Rob is probably alone, getting into his Edward character (that’s how he does), but I’m hoping he’ll come out for fresh air, and I get to see pictures of him soon.

    No wonder Bella went crazy! LOL

  • Jennifer

    I like Kristens skeleton gloves :D hihi, and her shoes rock :D anyway, theyre all great, luv them :D xoxo jen

  • taylorlautnerhasmyheart

    I love all 3 of them, but damnnnn Taylor is perfecttt! x

  • sophia

    rob has a good friend that lives in vancouver. i would imagine he’ll spend a lot of time with him on off days while he’s here.

  • maria ginacia

    omg…kristen looks so gorgeous in this pics…her style is amazing…
    i freaking love her she is awesome…..
    and nikki is so nice..and taylor looks very handsome…mmmm
    he and kris look perfect together,but in this pics i miss robert…..xD

  • francesca

    thats weird that kstew is sticking the cancer stick in nikki’s mouth.
    btw nikki looks like she gaineda few pounds.
    but <3<3<3 taylor lautner!

  • pame

    i love kristen

  • Steph

    Who out of the cast smokes seems like they all do?

  • Alexandra

    WOW! underwear showing much?? TAYLOR!
    anyway he looks SMOKING HOTT!!!
    Yeah need i say I want him like NOW!!!!!!

  • Alexandra

    uh and BTW also need i say out loud i wish i were there instead of kristen? (minus the cigarrete tough!)

  • anna

    wonder why rob’s not w/ them….they’re trying REALLY hard to not have he & kristen pictured together……EVER. gee…i wonder why? maybe b/c they’re already dating. summit can stop trying to lie to the fans….everybody already knows.

  • Ellen

    So are they a threesome?

  • liz

    I love Taylor, he’s such a cutie! Nikki & Kristen better not turn him in2 a bad boy! =(

    I honestly cant stand Nikki & Kristen…. Their friendship is sooo odd & creepy! No lie!

    Im so excited though for New Moon!!! Can’t wait! =)

  • twilight__bitch



  • karr

    ..SHUT UP. I live in Vancouver !! …I’m going to try and see where their filming. Maybe I can see Taylor and Rob. :D Hopefully

  • Noelani

    omg they’re old enough to smoke. leave them be. it’s their own lives. i personally don’t smoke but i’m not gonna hold grudges against people who do. unless they’re right next to me of course, haha.

    but yeah i love kristen! i’d switch teams… okay not really cuz i like boys too much.

  • Noelani

    oh and anna, #35 don’t we all just wish? i know i do. but i’m waiting for when they shoot eclipse. yes it’s so juvinile of me to think that way but i like living cliche’s every once and an eon.

  • cristina

    So cute! I love how they’re all linking arms. And I share cigarettes with my friends all the time, it’s not that weird.

    I love KStew’s style. I want her kicks!

  • newport beach, 92660♥

    nooooooo :(
    come bαααααααck to the stαtes !

    i reαlly wαnted to go to portlαnd to wαtch them film…

    oh well , vαncouver is COLD .

    ♥αudrey :(

  • ivanka

    the friendship between nikki and kristen is weird.. just as they are
    taylor is hot

  • anaaaa

    i love them all!
    omg i cant wait till new moon!

  • Orls

    Awww they look like such good friends =)
    Very jealous of Nikki and Kirsten getting to link arms with Taylor..God he is too hot for words!
    Love him =)

  • Rachel

    omgahhh i luhv them!!! <3

  • Mariaa lautner

    awww super cutee!!!
    i love taylor soooo muchh!!

  • Rachel

    need I add, Taylor seems so innocent to be hanging wid them. lol even tho they all are frends. Kristen & Nikki have like a thanggg haha

  • karina

    taylor looks so hott. can’t wait till new moon.