Tiffany Thornton Spills Sterling Knight's Secret

Tiffany Thornton Spills Sterling Knight's Secret

Tiffany Thornton caught up with Popstar! mag at the filming of the music video for “Let It Go” from the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Hatching Pete.

The Sonny starlet spilled a secret about co-star Sterling Knight. She shared, “He’s a really talented guitarist and singer. He sings a bunch of John Mayer songs for us all the time. He’s kind of shy about it, so if you ever see him, you should ask him to sing for you.”

Tiffany Thornton tells a secret about Sterling Knight
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  • cc27

    :O I didnt know that! lol that is a secret :)

  • Rosa

    she looks like a barbie ^_^
    i’d like to hear what Sterling sounds like ..

  • Cloudy

    Go to You Tube!

    You will find some videos of him singing and playing the guitar. He is very talented!

  • kara

    she’s really ugly

  • Melissa

    hmmm it seems like everyone is a guitarist/singer these days.

    i wonder if he’s good?

  • mrsefron.

    I love Sterling<3.

    & The Cast of Sonny With a Chance.FUNNY SHOW! ;D

  • V

    H’s a video of Sterling Knight singing back in 2007.

  • V

    Here’s a video of Sterling Knight singing back in 2007.

  • V

    Sorry, I didn’t realize that I posted two of the same comments.
    Here’s a video of Sterling playing the guiter at a photoshoot this year.

  • Rosa

    Cloudy and V ..
    thx for the help guys ^_^
    he is really talented ..
    at least .. more than some talentless people who r already having their albums out !!
    he’s a good guitarist too ..
    it’ll be cool if he has an album someday ..

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    she moves her eyebrows a lot ;p

  • gia convoy

    Tiffany Thorntonis so cute and she’s so sweet like candy. Pink is so totally cute on her.

  • new moon101

    its kinda hard to believe that he can sing but its not! :/

  • new moon101


  • http://google Dasie

    I have a walkie talkie talking to Debbie.

  • gomezjonassongasslovoto

    i hate sony wit a chain!

  • soccerlove23

    to me, he looks like a good singer and he is so hot!<3 the youtube links were helpful thanx cloudy and V

  • savanna nicholle payne

    i know. i have seen sterlin sing castaway by greenday and secret by maroon 5 befor on youyube. and he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u dissagree the u r retardo!!!!!!!!!!! and 2 soccerlove23 i agree with u on ur coment. well bi =0 <3 goodby peoples of earth and retardos!!!!!! jk?!?!

  • sterling knight

    well at least nobody knows my real secret that i take steroids! hahaha

  • http://Celebuzz Shyanne payne

    Did not no that he is a good singer though!!!

  • mylife101

    r they dating

  • joanne

    i’m a fan of sterling knight, hope he has a facebook account.. i would love to be his friend.. but just friends coz he would be totally whacked out if he knows how old i am.. he’s a cool guy, but just the usual..

  • http://- farah liyana

    i want you be my best friend forever and sterling knight.

  • http://- farah liyana

    i want you and sterling knight be my best friend forever

  • http://myspace jj

    Tiffany was on the news saying this was all arumor shes not going out with sterling their just really close and anyone she said shes

  • nicky_jayne

    I’ve just seen a comment on here about Tiffany being ugly, are you actually being serious? she’s absolutely beautiful, plus she’s so sweet. x

  • imdrooling

    OH my God, Sterling Knight, you are soooo cute! And i love the way you trick people with your smile- its just sooo funny! your name just spells CUTE! if you are reading this, i would like you to know that you are sooooo CUTE!

>>>>>>> staging1