Jennette McCurdy - "So Close" Single!

Jennette McCurdy -

Jennette McCurdy‘s new single, “So Close,” is out today!

The 16-year-old iCarly cutie couldn’t contain her excitement and dished to JJJ about her single. She shared, “It’s really something that I hope everybody will enjoy. It’s a song that I really find close to my heart, and I really hope that they find it close to their heart, because I think everybody can find a story in the song. If you like country, you’ll like it, because it has a cool country feel – a few country instruments here and there pop up occasionally. It also kind of has a rock feel, because it has some really strong beats, and things like that.”

Take a listen to the song below and if you like it – BUY IT!

Jennette McCurdy – “So Close”
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  • jenny

    no no no no pleaaase noooooo

  • Sarai


    She has an amazing voice.

    Honestly, I didn’t think that it was this good

    & she hit’s the notes just perfectly.

    - gotta LOVE Jennette McCurdy =)

  • Miley

    She can’t sing!! I’m sorry but shes a great actress but she sounded so digitally edited it’s sad.
    She sounded like a black woman singing.

  • Anonymous

    Actually she can single really well.

  • DemiFan

    I Love the song already! It’s stuck in my head! Jenette has a good vice for a country singer!


    Miley are you talking about yourself? because this girl can definitely sing, she has real talent unlike some teen starlets, and she is underrated im so glad that jjj are giving her a chance and updating on her, she is amazing and underrated. Her voice is awesome, she rocks at it. And Miley why are you being so racist, what is wrong with sounding like a Black woman? I’m Black and I find that insulting, don’t think that you can get away with being racist and cruel again, Queen Miley.

  • Melissa

    this was sooo surprising! i never pictured Jennette to sing country, but I like the song and her voice sounds good. I’m just not sure how good she would be live…

  • Kristine

    just WOW.
    when i first heard this song, was gonna come out
    i was like..
    i wonder how well she sings
    and it might sounds terrible, since no ONE has heard her sing before, but mostly act
    BUT now.
    Jennette is really amazing!
    it def blew me away!!!
    her voice is so strong and powerful like a true country/rock star
    i swear, it’s like similar to Taylor swift’s and i dunno’ carrie underwood kinda (:
    And at first, i didn’t think it was her..
    but my god!
    She def gave me a HUGE surprise.
    not at all, was i thinking, jenn could pull this off!
    but she did, and boy, did she do such a good job!
    NOW, i’m a huge fan, off of one song xD
    Good job! the song is truely perfect!
    i can’t wait for more!
    keep up the awesome work!! =)

    and for all those haters who have a problem with disney actresses being singers
    why are you here, commenting, if you don’t like it?
    if you think her voice is digitally edited, then you have issues.
    No one can judge, cuz they never heard her sing before
    but now, that you have.. ( and you should try, before commenting) you can totally tell, that’s her REAL voice!
    FYI: her voice IS so much stronger than a digital edit- i can tell you that ;) LISTEN REALLY CLOSELY!!!

  • Kris

    not a big fan of the show she’s in ..
    but she can definitley carry a tune..
    probably better than some of the disney gals .

  • FOx

    Wow I never liked her on iCarley but I think she is as good as Demi, even better (but she may sound bad live). She’s still not as pretty Selena. But she sounds way better than Miranda Crosgrove and Miley. She actually has Carrie Underwood-standard voice. Nick is soo trying to be like Disney lol.

  • josie

    This is a great song. I love it sooooo much. Jennette McCurdy is an amazing singer. I loooooooove her voice. She has an incredible voice.

  • josie

    She is so amazing. Jennette has an incredible voice.

  • Rebecca

    i thought it was good. yeash edited but i like counrty and thought it was good.

  • Rebecca

    i take that back actually. i dont think it is edited. after listening to it again.. no.. its not.
    i give jennette alota respect for that cuz its really good!

  • cc27

    Uh… Uh… Idk what to say lol… She sounds countryish lol xD

  • toni

    who knew she could sing?
    i like her doing the whole country thing, it sounds good!

  • Sarah

    it was good but
    i didnt like the music
    i dont like the beginning tune
    but she sings great.

  • Vince

    Dang this song is so spring-ish. Perfect for the season. The pop and country really goes together. I love it. I never knew this girl can sing. WOW.

    Man I’m likin’ this year’s new group of tween popstars, like this girl and Selena Gomez. They remind me of the young Miley/Hannah. These new girls are way better than last year’s rock-WANNABE’s like Jo Bros and Demi.

    Yay no more imitation rock!!!!

  • SWE3T23

    fail………………………what is this???

  • lis

    shes alright :)

  • amelia

    holy cow i expected her to be just like every other actress turned singer, who fails at singing. s
    he’s brilliant! she should always stick to country cause she’s got that cute country yodel goin on!

    man ditch icarly cause you’re way too good for it lol

  • Karissa

    omg i don’t know what some of you guys are talking about she is a good singer even though i don’t like country music

  • Jenna

    WOW. did not expect that. she’s definetely got a really good voice. loud, strong. she’s talented.

  • wildcats

    I love her!!! I met her at Disneyland/California Adventure and she is super nice!!!! I’ve already bought the song!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the full album!!! It doesn’t even sound like her!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • V factory socal

    wow shes good. very unexpected.

  • Faith

    DUDE that sooo suprised me!
    She is actually VERY good!

    <3 Faith

  • Nazeefa

    She does have an amazing voice! And that’s kinda unexpected cause I guess I just haven’t heard her song before.
    And the song is awesome!!
    SHe’s soo sweet as well. I’m def. gonna buy the song and I can’t wait to hear more stuff from her.

  • Emily

    Wow, she really is good. This song is so catchy, too. It’s been in my head all day. I really think she’s got talent. Honestly, she sounds like a country singer, but I think she’ll be able to sing pop and whatever she wants.

    Can’t wait for more of her songs. She’s definitely got the talent. [=

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Are you people deff?
    Jennette is AMAZING
    alot more than I expected.
    Shes just as good as all the
    Disney girls I find that pretty
    jacked up that some
    of you are judging the Disney girls
    saying the Nick girls are better
    when they’re all equally AWSOME.

  • Angelita

    she is very good and i did not have a clue she would sound like!!! luv country.

  • kEn

    ….Learned the lyrics early and sang it all day.
    Keeps get’n better. I like the mix of pop/country.
    Remember, in yer biz, all vibe is good vibe, so
    take the critics with the ‘Frans’.
    …Going this far, this fast requires Ferocity..!
    and boy do we know you got dat. Jam on Jmac..!
    . . . . . . . . . . keepitoniCarly . . . . . . . . . . .

  • AshleyP.

    that’s all that can be said.

  • gingah

    WOW! I absolutely love her voice! With her character on iCarly, you wouldn’t expect it from her. SHE. CAN. SING. PERIOD.

    I hope she comes out with a full album

  • ella1170

    Jennette I never knew you could sing!
    You sound amazing!
    I agree with #29

  • Katherine

    Jennette’s voice is sooo much more different than what I thought. I don’t really really like it, but I don’t hate it. I want to hear her singing more of a pop song and upbeat, not really leaning to the country-sound side.

  • Lucy

    I’ve always thought Demi Lovato had a great voice but I could never learn to like her or her music(Jonas Brothers imitation). But now there’s a person with a great voice and great songs (or at least song lol). Jenette has an awesome voice and this song is so touching and catchy and relatable! She is definitely replacing Demi. Wow, Jenette just made it onto my shopping list lol, right next to Selena Gomez’s new album and the Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack. Can’t wait to buy all of these CD’s!!!!!

  • Popstarbabe


  • JEzziie

    wow! she’s perfect!, I can’t help myself, I can’t help smileee!
    She’s a great singer, I love the song!
    I was wordering about her voice, but now I know


    I love you Jennette! Congratulations!

  • g.

    this makes me remind the beverly hillbillies :S

  • cinthya

    GOSH, i’m shocked :O
    i never thought she can sing that good, before i heard the song, i was like: “well, she can’t sing that bad, but i don’t think she sings that good like to make a cd”

    SO WRONG i’ve heard it like a thousand times, i just LOVE IT the song is so good, also the lyrics, and YES she sings awesome, lovee her voice ^^

    sorry my english is not so good :|
    i’m mexican xD


  • Izzie

    Uh ,,,,WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jeanette that was amazing girl. The fact that she will only get better from this is truly shocking . This girl has talent with some work she could rival any disney star anyyyy day ! The high notes def needed work and you should chose a genre that is pop ,rock or country to make a more coherant song . This girl is so talented i really wish her the best on her career :) . Icarly would be CRAP with her !! JJJ Rocks for posting this

  • Jaiana

    she sounds different to me.

  • jonasloverrr

    she’s not the best. but her lyrics are so meaningful. they actually mean something.

  • aida

    WOW… Jennette you sing AMAZING, i really love this song!!
    Thats a really really REALLY good song, and dont listen at the guys who said you cant sing or something bad!!

    Lots of love

    aida. <33

  • Heather

    Oh my gosh.. I never knew she could sing.. I heard this song and I thought it was an older girl.. I loved it and then i found it was a teenager from Nickelodeon that i can’t stand.. just wonderful.. awesome song though.

  • charlie

    wow she cant sing…just another digitally enhanced fake singer who just had to try it

  • Haeri

    LOVE Jennette. Sweet, hardworking, and good at everything she puts her mind too. She’s got so much talent. I can’t wait to hear more from her.



  • syerah

    i just loves the lyrics !
    jennette has a great voice .
    country songs really suits her .she’s amazing ..


  • Miley

    IHATEUNOTREALLY: I wasn’t trying to be racist. But you can not tell me that you think that’s her voice. It sounds nothing like her!!!JUst becayse I say she sounds like a black woman doesn’t mean i’m being racisit. If I said something offensive about them then that’s racist, but I didn’t. Plus, how old is she 14 or 15. No 14 year old has a voice like that. She needs to stick to acting. Her carrer is going to go down the toilet because she thinks just because she’s a TV star she can also sing too. She’s wrong. She needs to stick to um….what was her T.v show……………oh sorry i forgot but she needs to stick to acting.

>>>>>>> staging1