Kristen Stewart Raves About 'The Runaways'

Kristen Stewart Raves About 'The Runaways'

Kristen Stewart will not only be starring alongside Dakota Fanning in New Moon, but they’ll also star in The Runaways together.

The 18-year-old Twilight leading lady sat down with MTV and dished about Dakota, Joan Jett and The Runaways. Check it:

On starring with Dakota Fanning in two flicks: “I can’t wait to actually work with her. We aren’t BFFs yet, but hopefully. I’m so excited that she took the part in The Runaways.”

On telling Joan Jett’s story in The Runaways: “It’s one of the most immense responsibilities to play a real person. If it is not done right, it should be publicly acknowledged. Her story is important. It is an incredibly triumphant feminist story, really. She is an incredibly distinct personality, and so many people love and admire her, and so many people know her as just being one of the coolest people ever to live — and that, in itself, has been one of the most intimidating things that I have ever had to confront.”

On being friends with Joan Jett: “That band, the Runaways, is what started her entire life. She is very happy that it’s being told. … She is the first woman to ever start her own record label, and she’s just a good person. She’s got ambition, she’s got conviction, and she’s just cool.”

Kristen Stewart Talks Dakota Fanning, 03/09
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  • Tina

    I can’t wait to see it!

  • anna

    LOVE her…she’s going to make an awesome joan jett. sooo excited to see this!

  • manly

    she is getting much better in the interviews. like, showing some emotions and not seeming as high. lol i liked that interview :)

  • Diana


  • M

    hmm it won’t let me watch the video, is it because i’m outside US?

  • Sar

    I love her!! She’s so amazing.

  • http://jjj miley

    she’s really sweet and good in interviews! love kristen!

  • bellamor

    Love Kristen. Great interview.

  • Maria

    Can’t freaking wait to see this movie for SOOOOO many reasons!!!! Kristen and Joan Jett…UFFFFFFFFFf…too much!!

  • tcali29

    aww….i just think she is great! I love her passion!!

  • Karina

    Love her .

    She is a trully great actress !!

  • Kris

    oh man !
    i’m excited

    Dakota and Kristen will now officially be in 3 movies together !
    New Moon.

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  • anna

    i love her<3

  • arantxa

    i love her

    but why Dakota on The runaways
    she is very talented but why with kirsten :s
    just because they are oon New Moon they
    need to be on more movies ? :s

  • arantxa

    Kirsten didnt say that
    hopefully thay will be friends & youwrote that

  • arantxa

    oh sorry :s
    yess she said that
    i didnt hear that :s

  • blaster

    i’m in love with kristen!!!! she’s the coolest!!!

    she’s very smart and georgous…

    i can’t wait to see her battle it out with dakota on stage for the runaways and on the open fields for breaking dawn!!!!

    she and dakota didnt actually have a scene together in cutlass..

    kristen stewart rocks!!!!

  • twinutter

    again, a perfect role kristen has chosen. that’s kristen, she chooses her character in a movie very well. i’m sure you gonna ROCK it. you’re the Bad*SS

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