Lucy Hale Celebrates Barbie

Lucy Hale Celebrates Barbie

Lucy Hale steps out in a classic LBD to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Barbie at the Malibu Dream House in Los Angeles on Monday evening (March 9).

The 19-year-old Privileged actress, who recently split from Wizards star David Henrie, is still waiting to hear whether the series will be returning to the CW next season. Fans of the series already have two petitions going to save their favorite show.

Check out a cute video of Lucy singing “Fever.”

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Credit: Entertainment Press; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Veselka

    Cool she is pretty

  • ivanka

    first fix your dress.. that thing hanging on her shoulder ..ugh
    thanks god hot david broke up with her and probably is cozying no with selenaa

  • Courtney

    I love Privileged! It’s a really great show.

  • cc27

    Is she dating David Henrie? :l

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    Ummm aren’t they still dating???? Because i just read in a magazine that they were dating.

  • Michelle

    She’s amazing! She’s dating Asher Brook now. He’s in the new movie Fame and a music group, don’t know which one. I hope Privilieged comes back!

  • Rosa

    read people read
    “The 19-year-old Privileged actress, who recently split from Wizards star David Henrie”

    which makes things clearer ..
    as david and lucy split..
    selena and nick are not together anymore..
    sel and dav are so much closer ..
    davelena?? ;p

  • cc27

    #7 i think its delena or dalena? lol.. haha..

  • Cals

    She is so cute! I love her to death. I really like her and Henrie together though :(

  • Cals

    … i mean David Henrie

  • Kasey

    she looks a lot like selena! hmmmmm…..

  • fruity:)

    many people actually make up all dat crap abt David saying he is close wid selena or likes her coz she looks like Lucy Hale and i m LIKE WHAT ? :s
    And i think dey r still dating ….and Asher from V-factory and Fame is not dating anyone …..he is single and he is busy filming and doing performances wid his band !!! I like Lucy Hale but i also think she is a bit weird!! :( And i luv Privileged :)
    But sorry to say think David Henrie sld be wid Selena ! :) Selena seems to be interested in him and she likes him too ( but as a brother and a good frnd though)

  • Rosa

    i loved her and david together ..
    he and selena feel like siblings to me =(

  • caroline

    Glad to know that Barbie’s still kicking it! We need something positive and fluffy but not interfering in the news! I think the fact that Barbie’s idealized, yet also real, makes her have staying power (Ken, too).

    I think Privileged will be renewed; it seems really popular and I think Lucy’s past relationship (or whatever, since this is Hollywood) with David might make TPTB renew the show . . . and it hasn’t been over-promoted like “My Own Worst Enemy” or “Lipstick Jungle”. I hope people are smart about the petition and put some thought into their support.

    David and Selena may look the same age, but one’s legal and the other isn’t :-p Even more so, they play BROTHER and SISTER on TV. I don’t see them in a relationship (backlash). At least not in a relationship like one that’s publicized like . . . Vanessa and Zac. They said they were dating, didn’t they, lol. Obviously as of present day, Zac has talked about his time with Vanessa ‘n stuff.

    Selena said she had a dream she dated David . . . she dated David before wizardswp . . . I read this stuff on the Internet yet no one comes forward with where they read it. Hmmmm.

    I’m all for “so long as you don’t get caught” reciprocal love, even w/ the significant label-dependent age difference. I personally like a younger guy (well, a little less than a year) and when he was 17 and I was 18, none of that agey stuff mattered :-p Where I live, there is a big difference even between people with a year between them!

  • Jamie

    she is sooo pretty!