Taylor Pulls A Swifty!

Taylor Pulls A Swifty!

Taylor Swift dropped in on the Hamish and Andy show on 2Day FM in Sydney on Tuesday morning (March 10).

The 19-year-old Fearless female got a lesson about the Aussie meaning of her name. ‘Swifty’ in Australia means to pull a scam on someone. Hosts Hamish and Andy dared Taylor to pull a swifty on a local McDonald’s employee and she did it!

Taylor called up the McDonald’s and and joked in a Southern accent, “I was just at your drive thru and y’all did not put french fries in my order…do you think that you could do that for me, if I come back around?…I had a chocolate milkshake, it’s what I get all the time when I go to McDonald’s back in Alabama but you did not put my french fries in here…I got my cheeseburger. I got my Diet Coke. I got my chocolate shake but I did not get my french fries.”

Listen below to find out if Taylor actually got her french fries!

Taylor Swift Pulls A Swifty, 03/10
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Photos: Hamish and Andy
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  • Cals

    FIRST!! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! shes so adorable! aannd she was great on CSI!

  • joanne

    hahahah i wonder what the dude at mcdonalds gonna say when he hears that the person he hung up on was TAYLOR SWIFT lol. i friggen love her <3

  • lesha

    sooooo… i love her. : )

  • Nazeefa

    Haha!! I loved her southern accent. =D

  • Elise

    it was actually on in the arvo here in Australia Jared. i listened to it…funniest thing ever. love taylor, pity i missed out on seeing her in concert here in Aus, oh well next time!

  • N’keeyah

    I LOVE HER!! She was great on CSI. Now she needs to get on CSI:NY or CSI:MIAMI Love Taylor!

  • Chelsey b

    hahahaha.oh Taylor!!!! :D i love her!

  • tara

    Taylor is amazing :) But her name is Swift…not Swifty…but i guess they are just trying to be funny :P I wish i was that person workign at McDoanlds. :P Haha. Imagine their face and their emotion when they hear about this :P HAHAHH omg. They actually talked to Taylor Swift :P


    she is so freaking awesome

  • lesha

    i love that she brought he fiddler. i think the UK got the ‘english’ version of her album where the songs are more like ‘popped’ up a bit. so im glad she brought her fiddler to still incorporate that ‘country’ vibe so that will start to get accepted instead of different versions of her music.

  • Lydia

    what a funny girl!

  • natasha

    LMFAO i love hamish & andy! heard this, was hilarious :P taylor swift is a sweet heart.

  • caseyy

    LOL hamish and andy(L)
    they’re so gosh darn funny.. taylors awesome too lol.

  • katherine

    HAMISH AND ANDY ARE THE FUNNIET RADIO HOSTS. I AM FROM Melbourne in Australia and they are soooooooooooo funny:)

  • caitlin

    ha swifty

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    i loved that interview!! hamish and andy are the best radio hosts! btw does anyone know if zac will b on hamish and andy while he is here?

  • dieba


  • jill

    haha awesome.. shes wearing a bracelet that someone gave to her on monday night.. best night ever by the way :] haha

  • megan

    Hamish & Andy are the beeeest guys ever.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    was monday night good?? i could go i had another thing on i was so sadd:(

  • Ellen

    This was so hilarious!!
    I’m Australian myself and this was so funny. Taylor Swift is so awesome. :D



  • jasper

    hamish and adny r geniuses!! hehehe im aussie too …but shes not cuming to my city ;( soooo upset but still love her!!

  • elise

    Zac wont be on hamish and andy as he is doing rove on sun night, channel ten,. make sure u tune in.
    luv everyone here in Canberra Australia

  • tabitha

    I listened to that on the way back from schoo on the radiol lol
    i asked my dad if swifty is a real saying and he said yes i as like LOL that is awesome i am gonna use that!


  • Val

    OMG thats was so funny !!! I would like to see the dude face’s

  • http://hAY ♥Britty♥

    Hahaha i love you tayler
    Britty xx.

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