Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: We Love Aladdin!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: We Love Aladdin!

Scope out this new behind-the-scenes shot of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as Sleeping Beauty‘s Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora.

The official portrait will be published in Disney’s new D23 magazine. Check out a preview of the mag’s interview with the superstar couple:

D23: Zac, you mentioned you watched Disney films growing up, and Vanessa I’m sure you did too. Did you have a particularly favorite when you were younger?
VH: Mine was probably Aladdin.
ZE: I was going to say Aladdin.
VH: I love Jasmine, and the music was really great. It was a fun fairy tale… one of the classics.

Check out the full Zac & Vanessa interview at

UPDATE: Apologies, image removed!

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz
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  • baby h

    awww they’re cute

  • eLLa

    how sweet

  • Zenab

    I LOVE Aladin too.. Yeah everybody LOVE Aladin hahahaha!!

  • jen

    Who doesn’t like addlin? They are definatly the hottest young couple in hollywood.

    Some News for ya:

    Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are getting married! They will tie the knot in a intimate wedding ceremony planned for September, according Britain’s People.

    Zanessa are looking into tropical places, including Hawaii, to host their Fall wedding. A source close to the couple revealed: ‘Zac is over the moon Vanessa said ‘yes.’ according to a source close to the couple. They are both young but they know it’s the real thing.

    The proposal was something Zac had been thinking about for a while. They are both really excited about the wedding, it will be a star-studded day. They fell in love with Hawaii while there for a friend’s wedding. And Vanessa wants to get married on a beach so it’s perfect.’

  • chaelotte

    zanessa 4 ever

    i love u

  • me

    sorry but they are getting annoying!!!!!!!!!

  • baby h

    OMG,if that’s true,then congrats to them <3<3

  • me

    who cares!!!!!

  • Ambica

    are u sure thats true? and that was a cute pic
    i loive here in the UK but i haven’t heard anything like that even though i so want it to happen
    wouldn’t america know first?

  • a

    They’re such a cute couple.

  • hunny

    Another hot pic. Love how the magazine writes “VE” instead of “VH” for Vanessa’s answer in the Aladdin piece.

  • Alexandra

    her dress was gold??
    it seemed kinda pink! in the final picture
    well whatever
    they make a cute couple
    i´m really glad they are togheter

  • secret

    i love them.

    best couple ever.

    theyre so hot together.

  • jen

    #6…There have been many rumors about him proposing and that he did it in Japan when they went. What I put was the latest thing I heard about it and I just wanted to share it with people.

  • cc27

    Zanessa >3 I love them so much!! XD

  • loveza

    They must be Aladdin & Jasmine~
    love thme~

  • Rosa

    Awww ..
    they r so cute ..
    the pic is awesome *.*
    i love jasmine and aladdin too ..
    Zanessa forever =)

    #4 jen ..
    yea .. there r so many rumors about that lately ..
    but no confirmation from anyone ..
    so i guess it may not be true yet ..
    actually .. i think it is too early ..
    tho they’ve been together for more than 3 years ..
    i am enjoyin their relationship the way it is ^_^
    but wish them the best whatever they decide to do ..
    they r meant to be together ..
    GOD BLESS them =)

  • Rosa

    i wish the pic wasn’t edited ..
    this one (the original) looks prettier ..
    and full of life ..
    but i guess the final pic was meant to give the pale feeling of looong sleep ..
    both pics rock =)

  • zanessaholic

    they’re sooo sweet!!! :)

  • iellidy

    this couple has gramur are beautiful,good and velos tougerher

  • may

    i love zanessa!!!!

    =) the best couple…..

  • zanessaholic

    the best couple ever!!! :)

  • :)

    they’re so cute together :))
    love them

  • nathalia

    they’re soo cute together!
    love them.
    i don’t think that wedding thing it’s true

  • cami

    she is so lucky, she has zac

  • zanessaholic

    i cant wait for the mag..
    i’ll buy that for sure!!!
    lovely zanessa,. :)

  • katie

    how cute…they said the same thing…
    match made in heaven!!

    i love them!

  • Katty

    my fav quote is this:
    D23: So, how was the overall the experience today?
    VH: It was a lot of fun, it was great.
    ZE: (Referring to the scene) I mean she woke up; there was a 50-50 chance she wouldn’t wake up (both laughing).
    VH: Yeah, you never know.
    ZE: And I think we made it out OK.

    he he, so cute!

    I don’t think they are engaged, just a rumor! Zac and V have said before they want to wait until they are older, plus married couples seem to just break up, so I don’t want Zanessa to get married just yet!
    Love them tho, isn’t V going to the L.A premiere? When is that?

  • JustGonnaSay


  • Zanessa biggest brazilian fan

    Vanessa’s rep told that the role rumor about a engagement and about they’re living together in LA is all a lie.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Gorgeous couple EVER. Aw..I would have so loved it if they did Aladdin instead of Sleeping Beauty. But this is adorable too.

  • Lauren

    i doubt they’re getting married and that ‘people’ has any information about it..i live here in the UK..and its the paper is well-known for making up alot of information…and i agree with #9 i think america would know way before us over in england.

    i love the picture..but it doesn’t scream love – i dunno theres just something off; who knows..its pretty like

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    haha they r so cute

  • jo

    Awesome. the picture turned out great

  • Kasey

    awwww!!! that is too cute!!!!!!

  • Lilly

    He looks so content to be near her. In both the full pic of the original and his new bts one. It’s beautifully done. So amazing they could use their love and translate it into this shoot. Imagine the other outtakes. They must be equally as stunning. Such an amazing couple and a legend like Annie could only have meant pure Gold! Love the interview too. Zac is such a goofball.

  • Mike

    so gorgeous. Vanessa is just stunning even from a distance. Zac is one lucky guy. I’d love to be her prince charming, but he does a good job I have to say.

  • Alfredo


  • Emily

    he looks intoxicated by her, just being close to her. They are so cute.

  • marie

    hahaha fun interview!

  • zanessa4everr

    hahah they are SOOOO cute!

  • joyfull

    Great interview, these two are always complimenting each other, it’s so great to be young and in love especially when it’s true love for now. Zac has always been the well spoken one when giving an interview. Vanessa is so true to herself, take it as you see and hear it, she’s her own person and it’s not about educated or not!!!! I got my picture on my background on my laptop and PC, it’s so great getting up in the morning and going to be at night and seeing true love, not so many these days.
    #4 I read yesterday that Vanessa’s rep denied the rumora and that is all it is RUMORS, it was fun while it lasted though. Who knows maybe there will be a wedding but it’s going to stay hush hush. I’ll believe it when I read about it, although Hawaii (Maui) is the spot talked about most. We’ll see…….

  • istar

    #28 – i agree with u! lol

  • ME

    Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are getting married!



  • marie

    i want pics vanessa and i hope she got new projects

  • christine x3



    i dont usally like “zanessa” but this picture is super cute
    awwhh bless them <3

    im sure the wedding rumor isnt true, i live in england and i didnt hear anything about it….. But maybe he gave her an ring of marrige for when their older to keep that promise that they will marryy?!

    :) cute picture again, maybe ill grown into liking them :D xxx

  • Lucy

    Is it true about the engagement?
    Part of me wishes it was and part of me wishes it wasn’t
    It would be sweet if they were
    But most Hollywood marriges split and they have all their life

  • jen

    i dk if its true…i love them but i hope its not cause i want them to be together 4 ever and it may be too early.

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