Costume Designers Talk Hannah Montana

Costume Designers Talk Hannah Montana

Two of Miley Cyrus‘s concert designers show off a pair of star-studded skinny jeans backstage at one of the many Hannah Montana concerts.

The short clip about Hannah Montana’s concert costumes will be featured on the Hannah Montana: Keeping It Real (Vol. 5) DVD as a bonus feature. The DVD will be released on Tuesday, March 31st.

Miley, 16, even dishes her favorite costume in the clip. She shared, “My favorite is probably the zebra [print] with the vest and the boots. It goes with the song.”

Hannah Montana concert behind-the-scenes
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    who cares… seriously post real news..

  • dAN


  • lisa:]


  • Val

    Actually some of the outfits are really Nice

  • katie

    i looove the costume design on hannah montana ♥ the clothes are so fabulous. these people are my heroes! :P

  • N’keeyah

    I love Hannah’s new style. The costume designers rock! I need them to come dress me.

  • Miley

    I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  • Chris

    She’s a rockstar!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    #1 chillax
    who cares if
    this isnt “real news”.
    If you want real news why
    are you even on here? Seriously
    find something better to do.
    Miley’s new costumes are soooooooooo
    cute! I love her cant wait
    for the Hannah Montana

  • PaulinhoO

    The movie will be awsome *——-*

    Looove³ you Miley <3

  • anastasia

    i have always loved her wardrobe especially now but if i tried that i would look like a fish out of water at my school LOL

  • i dont like u sel gomez

    her outfits are awesome

  • elizabeth12

    I love all of miley’s outfit’s

  • emma payne

    i think that selena gomez and miley cyrus and venessa hudgens and zac efron and ashley tisdale are so cool i thimk they should do a movie togther and there fashion sense is so cool i want to be a fashion designer when im older i think i might make it what do you lot think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????? haha byeeeeeeee

  • sarah

    hello :) hey i was Just wondereing where can i get these clothes they are great please tell me!
    Sarah x x x



  • billy

    i looveee miley cyrus she is so cool and fit her boobs are so big and i would do her up the ass any day i want ya miley love ya babbby xxxx

  • jammie

    luv the outfits so u need 2 get a life!!!

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