Demi Lovato: 'Sealed' With A Kiss

Demi Lovato: 'Sealed' With A Kiss

Demi Lovato gets a slobbery kiss from a sea lion at Atlantis’s Paradise Island in The Bahamas over the weekend.

The 16-year-old Sonny starlet spent time with the marine life, squeezed some shopping in at Marina Village and even surprised some fans with tickets to her concert on Saturday night.

Afterwards, Demi was seen driving herself and a friend around in a golf cart at Aquaventure water park. Sounds like fun!

15+ pics of Demi Lovato enjoying Paradise Island…

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Photos: Courtesy Atlanis Paradise Island
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  • kara

    the seal is cuter than she is

  • :O

    She reminds me of liv Tyler

  • randa

    she’s too cute!
    I love outfit

    I wanna do that!
    bahamas is calling my name lol

  • tizzfan

    she’s getting prettierrrr

  • Bella

    Cute! I wish I could be with the seals and dolphins! Lucky Demi. <3

  • JL

    She’s kinda cute i guess. Idk, she’s just nowhere near as pretty as Selena or Miley or Taylor. Those girls are like drop-dead gorgeous. Demi is just exceptionally prettier than the average girl.

  • Reindeer

    That looks so fun to go there.

  • Cals

    She is getting prettier! Im starting to like her a lot more now! I love her new hair too! Shes so adorable!

  • who?

    wow… while her BFF Selena is out there saving dogs WHILE shooting a movie, this girl’s busy shopping, riding in “gold” carts, and worrying about giving away free tickets?

  • Zac F Ron

    that picture of her sticking her tough out is…er…ugh. I used to love her but she’s really starting to annoy me lately. she totally changed.

  • Jenn


  • M

    That seal is SOOOOO CUTE!!!


    Another overrated Disney star. /: Disney needs to stop producing useless popstars and go back to the cartoons. ya know, the good stuff!

  • brenda

    She’s 16?!

  • Bahama man

    <3 the Bahamas!!!

  • Dylan4965

    #1, actually the seal is cuter…S:

  • Annie..!

    Haha, I have the same outfit :D

    Love her!

    She’s the best!

  • elise

    I wanna go to that resort so bad. its like pure heaven :) it would be the best thing on earth to go to a jobros concert there.

  • leave demi alon!

    shut up u haters! she’s the best and she’s so pretty not avrage! i think she’s prettier than …….. love her she didn’t changed she just became more happy and not all black! and she became more confidant like she said! demi still the same demi nothing changed her but i gotta say demi changed her look alittle bit and her style she now wears diffrent colors and girlier than be4 but come on give her a break she’s 16 am 15 and every week i have something changed in me! i look up to her demi is my rolemodel and helped mo alot in my life! she’s awesome and that’s it!

  • sam

    shes no where near average! she is stunning and her and miley are the only talented stars on disney. People are just thinking shes overated because she is new. she is talented unlike the others

  • Hayls

    I just love Demi, she’s really awesome. I don’t know why people don’t like her and say she’s ugly. I think she’s one of the prettiest girls on the Disney Channel and she really has talent. She can act, sing, compose her own songs…I mean I haven’t seen that much talent in a long time. I mean people can have their opinion, but that doesn’t mean I’ll agree with them.
    She sure did change and I think she looks better now. I am 15 and last year I used to have this skater thingie going on, but when you look at me now you’ll never say I used to dress like that lolle, because I’m really prepy.
    Change is normal and people should get used, that’s all I wanted to say to those who liked her before more.
    Peace, love and DEMI!!!


    I LOVE DEMI(:!
    shes such an amazing role model..keep it up girl!:)

  • Nazeefa

    AWWW!! She looks so fabulous! and amazing!!
    and the Bahamas look sooo much fun!!

  • Ami

    I Love Demi, she is amazinggg!!!
    Awww these pictures are just too adorable!!

    Demi is soo cute, and for the idiots who were calling her
    “average” are obviously out of ur minds because she is GORGEOUS!!!
    Miley and Selena are not even nearly close to being as pretty as her! I think she’s the prettiest girl on Disney Chanel, and definitely the only one with the most talent!
    Demi is awesomeee :)

  • V

    The Bahamas WAS so much fun!!!!!! I went twice, and I love it there. You should so totallly go. I stayed at the hotel that is shown on picture 14 in the background. Most of the hotels are connected, one of the hotels is by the beach, it is called THE COVE. And the pools in the resort are filled with SALT WATER with waterfalls, so amazing!!!!!!!! Its like heaven. I wish Demi went when I was there. The Marina Village is filled with shops and restaurant. If you go there, go at night, cause it is so beautiful, there are a lot of parades there at night, too. It is a good hangout place if you don’t want to go in the water. Recommend to try out the water slides, really fun, unless you are afraid of heights… But there is always something for EVERYONE, no joke.


  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Aw how cute!

  • lovedemilovato

    SHES SOOO CUTE ! & haters why bother comment, its getting you nowhere ! BUT WHAT A LUCKY SEAL :) ! I LOVE DEMI WAY MORE THEN SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!

  • elsalove

    Annie..! . . . Where did you get that outfit? ? Im dying to find it. could you please tell me where :D

    I’d realllllly appreciate it .

  • stephhhhh

    i loveeeeeee her sunglasses. anyone know where to get them ones?

  • Dawn100

    haters stop hating demi is gorgeous! shes like 16 so what if she got tan and new hair and clothes shes got the money… let her enjoy herself she worked hard for it. As for saying miley and selena and taylor are better that is just absolute nonsenceeee first of all demi’s is voice is a billion times more beautiful than miley, selena and taylor put together, as a matter of fact i think she is the only disney star that can actually sing i mean have u heard miley sing her voice is like a paper shreader when compared to demi…. DEMI IS PRETTY AND TALENTED LEAVE HER ALONEEEEE. SHE IS AN EXCELLENT ROLEMODEL STOP HATTTTTINGGGGGGG…

  • jazzzel

    She’s like my idol

  • demi#1

    she looks very pretty there and i love the dolphins too

  • http://Iloveyou Amanda

    Te Amo demi do fundo do meu coração em quanto vc estiver viva e até a morete que deus mi livre você não vai morrer agora

    Eu vou te amar

  • stop hatin

    oh my god, all of you.. “shes totally changed” actin like you know her personally.. shutup haha your such haters.

  • felycha

    wow demi is really nice and funny
    i love her more now <3

  • http://ftye camila

    hola sos mi idola y sos mi fans te quiero mucho estas muy linda en los episodios de soni entre estrelle ya quiero que seas mi hermana y selena gomes real mente quiero que seas mi hermana y tambien selena gomes y justin bieber mando muchos besos. chau

  • tammy

    lol good one : )

  • http://twitter atmy

    ay es bien
    esta demi
    ay andubo
    con nik
    y a la
    jou pero
    eso q
    si es
    q inporta


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