Miley Cyrus: Karate Chop!

Miley Cyrus: Karate Chop!

Miley Cyrus poses with a young karate-kicking fan after a private pilates class in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (March 10).

What a cute kid–he’s got a yellow belt!

The 16-year-old Disney sensation left her class and hopped into the shotgun seat of her car, where boyfriend Justin Gaston was waiting in the driver’s seat. After the couple met up, they started repeating the tongue twister “Millions of Milkshakes are the best” five million times. Watch the clip below!

Miley Cyrus: Karate Chop!

20+ pictures inside of post-pilates Miley Cyrus

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    haha very cute

  • elise

    are u aussie too? im sitting up tonite to wait for the jobros world tour announcements. i hate this whole time diff to the US!

  • ashley

    she is like a big girl now, pretty

  • Captincrucnhrocks

    lol love her
    and justin is hott!!!
    anyway their a cute couple:)

  • Rivivere. x3

    oww. that’s so cute!

  • jen

    beware lil boy! she’ll make fun of u cuz she hates chinese.

  • jen

    how come that her boobs are flat here?

  • DemiFan

    Love Miss Cyrus!
    Team Demi and Miley!

  • meeee

    he is a frickin pedophile. and apparently a moron after hearing him talk.

  • 251458

    love miley

  • Captincrucnhrocks

    # 7 shut up i see your a very judgmental person you will never get anywhere in life with that attitude!

    anyway Miley is pretty
    Love her!

  • sarah

    ah that little boy is so cute!

  • sophie cyrus

    Best website to see more of Miley & Sophie send your fan sites and pet photos to Sophie Cyrus website. Miley & Justin are so funny they crack me up :>)
    God Bless
    Princess Pet Celebrity Dog Breeder

  • riley

    Ah i love JJJ.<3 Thanks for posting.She looks awesome.
    Miley and Justin are so cute together.
    They always make me laugh,and its kinda cool how their so close with Alyson(sp?) now lol.
    And i’m super jealous we don’t have millions of milkshakes here in the UK cause it sounds so good.
    That little kid was adorable.

  • vannie

    AWW She is so sweet!

  • mimi

    Miley and justin look so cute together! they always seem to be having a good time!

  • :)

    Aaaaw, cutie :)

  • kidanimationlover

    HOW SWEET!:)

  • kidanimationlover

    that was funny when she said stay tuned.

  • bella
  • dundies

    beware lil boy! she’ll make fun of u cuz she hates chinese.


  • kayla

    i love miley. she’s so nice&preety.

    funny video :P
    i also get tongue tied saying millions of milkshakes lol

  • hello

    i love miley :) She looks very pretty ! :D

  • sharpaiy




  • cc27

    I’m Growing attached to these couples lol :)

  • http://jjj miley

    cute outfit and pretty face!

  • vote KCA!

    that little boy is so cuteee! oh no he’s asian, miley’s gonna mke fun. haha im totally kidding guys that was seriusly a joke, :] i love miley.

  • Courtney

    That little kid is so cute!

  • ivanka

    i like justin, but i can help but think he is a gold digger

  • ChickaChikayeeaah(;

    “I tried Miley’s milkshake!”

    sorry, I couldnt help myself.

    They’re such a pretty couple(:

  • emma

    haha after she takes the picture with the boy she doesnt even say bye or anything

    and why is she ALWAYS talking about/at millions of milkshakes!?

  • Bella

    #31 the reason why Miley always talks about Millions of Milkshakes is because for some odd reason that paparazzi always asks her about it. He’s obsessed with that place lol

  • billythekid

    I watched this video this evening. Not here, but on Hollywood tv’s youtube site and as usual there was a lot of arguing. Someone was claiming Justin was really 22 and was using wikipedia info to back them up etc. Anyhow I go to wikipedia and it doesn’t mention him as 22, but as 20. I already believe he is 20, though you can’t really trust wikipedia since anyone can put post stuff on it. however, it was interesting to see that someone posted on that page that he has a 11 month old baby, who is living with the mother’s parents. Obviously, being on wikipedia doesn’t make it fact, but it was the first time I heard such a thing.

  • andrea

    correction jared – the boy doesnt take karate. the korean flag on his left arm shows that its TAE KWON DO. karate originates from china, not korea. just a pet peeve of mine. =)

  • i dont like u sel gomez

    she is simply the best .
    love her

  • victoria

    love herrrrrrrrrr!

  • Camily



    IT’s Taekwondo!!!!

  • lilly

    that boy is korean not chinese!!
    can’t you see the flag?
    you don’t have any eyeballs?

  • lovely

    ow miley and justin are the perfect couple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lovely

    ow miley and justin are the perfect couple !!!!!!!!!!! by the way the you miley

  • http://miley kiki

    geez…not to be mean or anything, but did a fan take these pics, cause whoever did seems like a freaken stalker!!…i mean seriously…look at all the pics…lil’ to much huh?!!

  • Mileylover

    Hey, can’t you see that flag on the boy’s arm?? That’s Taekwond!!! Correct that at once!!!

  • Massie

    They are kinda cute together but he’s 20 come on.
    and I think he’s a gold digger too.

  • whocares

    i have a red belt in taekwondo, sorry ’bout yer yelow belt kid :-)

  • krithiga the karate kid

    iam a very big fan of miley . i like 7things sng. i love karate it is my life.