Nick Jonas is Science Savvy

Nick Jonas is Science Savvy

Nick Jonas takes over the April 2009 cover of Scholastic’s SuperScience magazine.

The 16-year-old musician breaks down what his diabetes is all about — from the causes to the diagnosis — so that young kids can understand.

Nick and mom Denise also spoke to Good Housekeeping mag about keeping his diabetes in check. Denise shared, “I was terrified that diabetes might ruin Nick‘s life. I thought that his being diagnosed would completely stop all the progress that he had made so far. I thought all his hopes and dreams would be completely devastated by it, and it might stop him from touring and performing and doing what he loves. But he proved me wrong.”

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  • will


  • katelyn

    He’s Using His Diabetes sickness to get peoples attention it is obvious.

    They Are so much Better Than
    The JOnas Brothers!

    They Wrote The Song
    YEAR 3000 Where JB Used For them to be Known
    And the Song What I go To School For!

  • alanah

    #1 you suckk !

    awee luvv you nickk !!
    your such a good role moedel for kiddss :)

  • rii

    lol how does that hat even stay on?

  • fabiana Jonas

    Nicholas Jonas you are such a hero for me and an inspiration i love you and wwow 2 years since he told the world he had diabetes

    for “will” shut your mouth

  • elise

    I love u Nick, i’ll keep helping the researchers to find a cure.

    and i agree with #3 how does the hat stay on???!!! :) must just be resting there.

  • mel

    hero <3

  • strawberrykiwiz


  • stephanie

    that’s pretty awesome

  • Maria


  • N’keeyah

    Love you Nick! You are a great rolemodel. EVERYONE PLEASE BUY NICK’S DOGTAGS AT The Tags are like $5.00. He is amazing! <3

  • i dont like u sel gomez

    my hero.
    i love him

  • anna.

    aww, young/little nick. i used to think he was ugly 2 years ago, but he’s actually pretty cute. love his smile!

  • anonymous

    seriously… why does he have to bring his diabete all the time. he sucks

  • chichi

    #14, its because he is some kind of attention monger. He needs attention.

    I don’t see why people think tey are so attractive. He looks so ugly, BLEH! I can’t see any trace of looks there, it looks like a dog did a diarreah and someone stepped on it, and wiped his foot onto a towel, and that diarreah stained towel is what he looks like.

  • JustGonnaSay

    awe, he look cute in a dorky way.:) I like him when he dresses like that. Make him more cute. I really dont see him as a hot guy.


    OMG! he is so hoooooooooooooot i love he and he come to argentina!!! in may! OH YEAAA!

  • meeee

    he’s so gangster.

    he only gets press for constantly talking about his “condition”. he’s not the ONLY one with diabetes or any other blood sugar disease. It’s so annoying when he CONSTANTLY brings it up. You’re fine, Nick. Now shut the hell up. We get it.

  • haters go away

    Dang, they are haters all over JJ and JJJ today. Here is the thing, if not interested then don’t post hateful things, just skip over and go to the thread that you do like.

    There must be something in the air today.


    hes the love of my entire life.


    w glad i can spell.. MY***

  • aicu

    i like nick and all and his brothers but he always brings up this diabetes thing… he’s trying to get to much attention seriously :( but i love him and his brothers but i think he should cut down on this diabetes thing ..

  • Krissy

    # 1- get a life, or stop trying to make it seem you have one.
    #2- that’s the most stupidest thing i have ever heard!
    He was more famous, before bringing up his condition. -.-
    AND besides diabetes isn’t a sickness that happens to everybody you know! it happens to some people, who are now, not lucky. In which this case- it happened to a true sweet, kind and generous guy, who has done nothing, but suffer with the consequences and can easily learn to help others with the same problem!!!
    nick is seriously a true inspiration, and just by hearing him talk about it more, makes you feel sympathetic and think, no one can relate to this. BUT truly they can! if HIS whole family dealt with this terrible misfortune event, i bet ANYONE who hears him, can relate and KNOW what he’s talking about. THEY can learn and adapt from him.
    it has affected his life REALLY much, so he has every right to explain himself more and more each day.

    # 15- i think the only attention morger is YOU.
    what goes around, comes around.. that’s all i gotta say ;)

    # 18
    he’s so gangster? HAHA! i’m sorry, but nick j is not gangster, he’s a total rockstar :)
    of course he gets press for talking about his condition.
    THAT proves, that people want to hear him talk about it more, and he’s a true inspiration.
    you wouldn’t know, how IT would feel, to be diagnosed with something, you had no clue, knowing about.
    think he’s more annoying? try hearing yourself!

    NICK never said, he was the ONLY person out there with diabetes.
    ONCE it happened to him, he wrote a song and GOT influenced to help OTHER kids , in a diabetic run and meet fans in person.
    umm… i don’t think you get it.
    HE’S NOT JUST FINE. DIABETES can never go away. It’s a sickness, which people have to be careful about all the time.
    THINk before you say, or better yet, shut up, if you don’t understand anything!

    love the hat
    looks really cute ^-^
    aww how adorable =P
    that hat must be stuck pretty tight..
    or it was done by magic , similar to his blackberry flying in mid air xD

  • melissa. *

    go go krissy! (: way to put it. although i find joe much more attractive. xD but still, he’s just trying to address diabettes. beacuse it is serious.
    and he wants everyone to be educated, so they can prevent certain things. idk, lol. :D and lots of people love nick jonas. so maybe that’s why that put him in all those diabettes conmmercials, lots of kids would watch them! :P lol. anyways, hm. his hat is like, about to fall.
    lol, they must have used super glue or somethingg.

  • jobro lover

    F*** You #1

  • lizzie

    oMg that´s y I love u nick u help me 2 hope i can continue living…ur so strong i want 2 be like u n i want u 2 know i´m in love with u Nick…i cant imagin a life without u next 2 me!!! I got a crush on u!!! damn!! im gonna cry bye <3 u guys so0 much!!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Thank you Krissy you’re awsome
    thanks for sticking up
    for my future husband :roll:
    I cant believe how
    some of you idiots
    are. Poor kid cant help
    he has diabetes
    and wants to help kids with
    diabetes. Thats not
    a crime get over yourselves and
    get yourselves some
    lives to live.
    Keep doing what you
    do Nick! I love you.

  • Lindsay

    He definitely is not using diabetes to get attention! It is a very emotional thing for him, He is just trying to help and show kids who have it that he has it too and it didn’t slow him down to carry on with his dream. He isn’t trying to gain attention for himself by promoting his diabetes, why would anyone want to do that. He just want people to know about the disease. I strongly believe that what he is doing is great, and probably helping many kids out there who have been let down in learning that they have diabetes, these kids look up to him because they know he was not slowed down by it. I myself love the Jonas Brothers and really look up to Nick for doing this. So anyone who thinks he is trying to gain attention from his disease, you are definitely wrong.

  • frejamacarons

    WHAT AN ATTENTION SEEKER. He is trying to get sympathy and attention, THE LITTLE SCRAG. When he was on ellen, he was such an attention seeker, with his stupid little ball throwing. loser! get a life, get a haircut, get some plastic surgery to get your eyes widened. That or stop being such a calculated poser! POSING WITH YOUR EYES SQUINTED, WHAT A LOSER, ITS TIME TO ACCEPT YOUR LOOKS HONEY, BEING UGLY IS NOT A CRIME.

  • Mandy

    well #29 would u like to be dissed also the way u dissed nick? well no u dont so will u ppl stop bieing mean?!

    Bieing a Diebetic can kill!
    I had a friend who died because of it! If u were a diebetic u youldnt say the same thing!
    and he is doing all this to help other childern with the same problem so stop it and get a life u haters!

    I <3 JB

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    #29 STFU
    Its not his fault
    that he has
    diabetes. If you were
    a celebrity diagnosed
    with a serious disease
    and you wanted
    to encourage kids
    that have it
    as well you would probably
    do the exact same. Think a
    little cause the
    only attention seeker
    is YOU dumb ass. Nick
    is a very inspirational
    young man and 1000′s
    of kids look up
    to him and his brothers.
    By the way
    hes not ugly either get
    your facts straight.


    I support Nick and his battle with diabetes.I am a JB fan too.he is not doing it for the attention.When he found out he had diabetes,he was doing it because he probably wanted his dreams to come true in his life.And that what life is all about.Having your dreams to come true.He probably wanted to live a normal life career battling diabetes.I don’t have diabetes,i just wanted to say this as a reason.

  • Future lexie jonas

    i think that it is great that nick is telling people about his condition and helping other people understand everything about diabetes. i am doing a disease project on diabetes and i am a huge jonas fan so i’ve known many things already just by listening to nick when he tells his story. I LOVE YOU NICK! thank you for being such a great role model and inspiration!!

    ~Lexie xoxo

  • Elsa

    dammit, i’m kinda ‘fall in love’ with this boy .. he is so sweet, so strong, so cute, with his feets down on earth, but at the same time he know how to live his life ! he fights for what he believes, he believes in himself and keep fighting, and i guess he shared his diabets history to make other kids believe in teirselfs! Nick, Nick .. you’re an angel :) I wish that almost boys in this planet would be like you! .. i’m speachless (x
    i wish so badly to meet him, unfortunally, nothin more than a dream !

    i adoooore you nick ! keep fighting, you’re stronger than everything else, you know it and you already proved it ! (:

  • Anonymous



  • n.lover 4 Ever

    first nick has the right to talk about his diabete second I think the hat looks so so cute on him for sure becouse nick is wearing it atlast”it’s ok to be jolous die with it junk girls ps. nick is so so so hot i love you nick and I dont care for junk and thier talks

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