Nikki Reed: I'm Wearing A Wig!

Nikki Reed: I'm Wearing A Wig!

Nikki Reed recently caught up with MTV to dish about the much-anticipated Twilight sequel, New Moon.

The 20-year-old actress shared with the music channel on why she’s not dyeing her hair back to blonde and the overall styles of the Cullen family. Check it:

On opting for a blonde wig: “My hair fell out. It took 36 hours initially to make me blond, and every other day, I was bleaching my head and my skin. This time around, we are testing out different wigs and stuff. I know how upset everyone is going to be, but [my devotion to Rosalie] is why I did it initially.”

On the hairstyles of the Cullen clan: “I think we are just perfecting it. I think it will be a little bit different, and we’ll perfect it for the best. We weren’t expecting all the weather issues and all the makeup we had to put on. Every single character [had a hard time]. I know a lot of people think it was just me that changed how I looked physically, but Peter Facinelli has black hair, and he has to go back blond [for New Moon]. And Kellan Lutz, who is a natural blond, has to go back to dark hair.”

New Moon is currently filming in Vancouver, Canada.

Nikki Reed – No More Blonde For Me
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  • listen to mayday parade

    I like her, but she looks like she has lost a lot of weight.. her face is caving in… not everyone can be as skinny as KStew, Nikki!

  • duddeee:]

    eww i hate her.

  • pATI

    Love her! She’s so cute!

  • francesca

    #1 i think she looks like shes actually gained some weight! lol

  • arantxa

    Hahaha i know #1

    i knew her since Thirthteen & The OC !
    i love her
    but she is not one of my favorites on Twilight

  • arantxa

    Hahahha i know #1
    i know her since Thirthteen & The OC !
    i love her
    but she is not one of my favorites on Twilight

  • Liev

    I think she gets a little angry at the end of the interview.
    She said that given that thay are vampires they can’t all look like believable creatures. I must say that everyone but her live up my expectations

  • jasmine

    i like her but has anyone else noticed shes started to dress just like Kristen Stewart?

  • ana

    i love her!! she is so nice and gorgeous!

  • nicole

    oh my gosh!! she is better than ever!! i think she is better as nikki than as rosalie, i love brunettes(like her)

  • hahaha

    Ashley > Kristen & Nikki

  • jo

    she looks much older than 20

  • Destined

    Jasmine, if you look at her interview on accesshollywood with Rachelle (Victoria), she is starting to interview like her too. Honestly, I do not see why they could not find a natural blonde to play Rosalie. It would be much more easier and realistic.

  • Noelani

    haha i always try not to be harsh on people and pick on the lil things.. some of people’s comments would of been mine a couple of months ago. but honestly i don’t see why we critisize her so much or why i did before.

    she’s just being real with us now. and the fact of the matter is that she was probably to scared to be truthful in interviews before. as a new actress/actor you want to please the people and come off very personable/friendly. but as the time goes on andseeing as her good friend kristen just tells it like it is… that probably made her realize she didn’t have to hold back her feelings and be more open/truthful.

    the reason why i didn’t like her before was 1. she played rose and 2.she seemed so fake. but now she’s being more honest and i appreciate it.

  • Diana

    i hated her on the oc because i wanted ryan and marissa to be together, but since twilight, i think she’s pretty cool now.

  • missqueenb

    I cant stand Niki and her SWF ways. She is totally trying to be like Kstew. Honey, looking like Kstew aint going to get you Rpattz deal with it.

  • alexz

    She is such a Famewhore first he was friends with Amanda Seyfried then dumped her for Lindsay Lohan, dated Ryan philippe after he separated from Reese

    and now she is “friends” with Kristen she is copying Kristen’s style and mannerism I HATE HER

  • carmen

    don’t like her as rosalie .. there are many actresses that could perfectly fit this role ..

  • BEBE

    yeah, she is copies kristen attitude. look at her latest interview, she is trying to be like her, gosh… i think they were BBF but i am not like her so much it’s killin’ my buzz when she’s acts like she is the coolest chick in twilight with kristen, actually i like ashley greene much more,…

    she is look like much older it’s true and i just didn’t know why…

  • Leah

    I don’t know what it is about her that i find very annoying… and yes its like she changed her personality over night to take on Kristen’s public persona. =/

  • blaster

    she was actually good in Thirteen.. she even co-wrote the film at age 13!!! she’s got pretty talented..

    but have her stand next to vanessa hudgens who is her same age, she would like her aunt.. i mean with kristen now, she look kinda looks that.. but i love kristen, so nikki ‘s fine with me..

  • fy9r1209

    if kristen likes her than i like her. and by the way to the person who thought ashley is better i totally disagree with you. my fav girls are kristen, rachelle and nikki (and in that order). i am really loving rachelle lately

  • Mel

    haha, “you look unnatural”.

  • lucy

    i love her!!! she’s so pretty

  • dorothy

    i don’t think that she’s trying to be like Kristen Stewart. The reason why they dress and act alike is because they have a lot in common and they’re really good friends. They have a similar style and they get along so well. They’re basically like sisters.

  • Camille

    I say why couldn’t they have just gotten a REAL BLONDE.

    It wasn’t that hard and they cast Rosalie (of all the characters to get wrong when it was so easy) so wrong.

  • sunshine89

    nikki did look different, in twilight, beside the blonde hair. I saw her in other movies, and her frame was smaller, hmmm
    Not a bad thing

  • ishiiy

    nikki can fit being the rosalie in new moon.
    but it’s so easy to get other stars besides her to play that role.
    i mean, her acting is good but i think they should should get an actress who is naturally blonde. because nikki already said that dyeing her hair from dark to blonde spends to long. btw, i don’t think she is copying kristen’s style, maybe in some ways but not completely. i heard she and rob are flirting but i don’t think that’s true.

  • Jess!!

    I really think nikki is perfect as rosalie …and yeah they could of got a actress who is naturally blond but she’s not da only one who had to change physically like she said Peter Facinelli And Kellan Lutz had to dye there hair 2 so its really no big deal i think the whole casts fits there roles perfectly

  • bec

    I think that is what she should have done in the first place.She new the concquences for deying her hair. So that is what she should have done in the first place.

  • lyla2

    Your all stupid!

  • brooke

    dude why is everyone talking about her weight. jeez. and i think nikki reed is perfect for the role of rosalie!!! quit bein a hater!!! she pulls off a blonde wig very well to me. betcha u cant pull off a blonde wig better than nikki can. mmmhhmmhmm..

  • Ilena

    @missqueenb: Clearly, because Kristen can’t get Rob either. Leave Nikki alone. I’ve met the whole cast and she’s the friendliest one other than Ashley.

  • Chantelle

    i dont blame her i would hate to bleech my hair i love her as rosalie

>>>>>>> staging1