Selena Gomez is Old Navy Nice

Selena Gomez is Old Navy Nice

Selena Gomez enjoys her day off by testing out some new makeup at a local store in Puerto Rico on Wednesday afternoon (March 11).

The 16-year-old starlet and mom Mandy also stopped at Old Navy and picked up some new clothes.

Selena recently updated her MySpace and raved about the tropical island. She wrotes, “Puerto Rico is honestly one of the most beautiful places in the world.. the sweetest people and energy.. i suggest everyone to runaway here one day.. it will make you a better person.”

10+ pics inside of Selena Gomez shopping around the island…

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Credit: Ben Dome, Louise Barnsley; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • cc27

    She looks super tired lol.. :( But still looking amazing :)

  • Marina

    They don’t work. I only see pics of them on the beach, and shopping and hanging out. Where is the work, guys?

    I wanna your life ¬

    But she still looking amazing!

  • melissa. *

    #2 they probably are working. but the paps just haven’t caught it on camera yet. anyways, she’s pretty. so very down to earth, shopping at old navy! (: i’m glad all this “fame” hasn’t gotten in her head yet. <3

  • marymarie

    oh my goodness, she does look tired…

    i hope she gets enough rest in puerto rico and she needs to start to eat a little more….

    it seems like every time i see a new picture of her she gets thinner and thinner.

  • carolineee

    hahaha Old navy ? that’s like the worst shop ever… i mean no Urban outfitters around ? cause old navy is kind of um… basic ? But i guess she likes style like that…

  • http://justjared shamilah

    oh she looks soo tired but still cute :)
    selena gomez is soo pretty, natural!!! rock on selena !

  • Emma

    Selena :D

  • Courtney

    I wish she’d wear less boring clothes! It’s always jeans and a black top.

  • Samantha

    she looks very casual and tired and still look stunning

  • Ash fan

    She rock!!! It is very popular in poland. i have a blog about her. Please check it

  • Orls

    She is soo naturally stunning.
    And i think she’s the perfect size for her height, i hate people critisizing her for her weight, she’s obviously naturally thin. <3

  • ♪ Music is my life ♫

    I lovee her outfit! Simple yet sophisticated. It’d be nice if i could actually fit into those jeans. I probably can’t even though I’m younger than her :(

  • katie

    i don’t find her particularly pretty or interesting, but she seems nice enough. that being said, old navy nice is a wee bit of a lame title, jj. just sayin.

  • luis

    Selena Gomez is beautiful either with or without makeup… she is really pretty!

    Greets from Guatemala!!


  • marymarie

    don’t get me wrong i’m not criticizing her weight in a bad way. i’m just saying she’s getting thinner lately.

    i mean i like selena, she’s seems pretty down to earth and she’s also pretty.

  • Bianca

    where exactly is it that they are filming…I can’t believe that I’m here in Puerto Rico and I don’t even know where they are…they were probably shopping at Plaza Las Americas…best mall here in Puerto Rico.

  • Orls

    #14.. you could be right, i havent noticed though..
    and i full agree she does seem really down to earth.<3

  • Krissy

    This girl is beyond good- Selena’s really amazing!!!
    Such a true role model, who’s sweet, nice, kinda, funny, generous and down to earth – she’s def everyone’s hero! <3

    I love how she dresses. So casual and not 2 fashionable.
    it def shows she’s just like us to be a normal person and doesn’t take fame into her head (:

    aww how cute ^-^
    putting on makeup in … OLD NAVY?
    i didn’t know they had makeup O.O
    but oh well … she looks really pretty and beautiful no matter what!
    AND who cares, if she just shopped there, to put on makeup..
    It’s just a store, that actually really cheap and has really good products there- and believe it or not, people DO shop there!
    which is good :)

    Why are you guys criticizing her on her weight?
    so what if she’s naturally skinny?
    there are girls who are born like that..and still work out, to stay in shape. ( which she does)
    AND i bet she does eat- just because someone looks skinny, doesn’t mean there anorectic –WTH! ( btw- look again closely.. see that bag she’s’s probably FOOD and drinks inside, since she doesn’t have time on her hands 247)
    Even if she might look, skinner and skinner every day- it’s called, working really hard. ( just look at her, she’s so tired and so worn out..selena has been working extra hard for the WOMP movie)

    Who could not love her, just for all these things?
    she’s simply the best person in the world!
    Keep up the good work girl :)
    can’t wait for the movie
    i know it’s gonna be the most amazing experience ever

  • Step

    She is so so so so SOOOOOOO prettttyyyyyy!!!! But she’s really thin now. I hope she goes back to a healthy weight soon. She is insanely gorgeous and does not need to be this thin.

  • Orls

    opps, meant #15. lol.

  • alba

    ewwww why is hse shoping at old navy most regular people dont shop there couse the clothe are cheap looking and ugly , she has bad taste in clothe , it looks like shes trying to hard to like she down to earth and shops at navy like she needs to stop trying to hard , like if i was famous and rich i wouldnt shop there like im not famous or rich and i dont even shop there couse no one likes that store couse they have ugly stuff , and she looks emo

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I like her
    but I’m not
    her biggest fan
    or anything but shes ok.

  • Rachel

    little on the thin side selena.
    you have no need to diet, hun.

  • TheRealALyssaCarson

    She needs to cover up her stomach.

  • Angelica

    yeah selena ill just go to puerto rico right now… :-/

  • tara

    She is so cute…..haha :) i love hr ;)
    she is adorable as Alez in WOWP :P

    ps….sel…how am i sposed to get there? haha

  • >:[

    what is she going to pay for us to go to puerto rico? obviously this ‘celeb’ clearly doesn’t know we are in a recession

  • Donjuan

    Selena has great feet.

  • caroline

    LOL, some of us know how to handle our money in a recession. SOME OF us have nice jobs and our lives aren’t changed. I know a TON of families that can afford to take extravagant trips. Because they have simply learned how to effectively manage money. Using the recession for an excuse is total BS. Yes, the recession has affected many people, but a LOT of fans, I’ll bet, are not affected. LOL, and suggested it . . . one DAY :-p

    LOL, when I was working, I usually lost .4 pounds per day of work :-p Pretty cool how she treats the paparazzi like they are camera for television. Miley used to do the peace sign; Selena is acting natural . . . I’ll be sad if she gets visibly annoyed with the paparazzi consistently and her demeanor changes.

    Tired? Not surprised. Seems to be like they stay up WAY too late for a 5 am wake-up call. But they’re teenagers; what you gonna do ;-p

    That girl is so pretty. Wowwww. Her mom is pretty but I don’t think she looks much like her. So her real dad–whoa. He must have been QUITE a catch!!!

  • leila

    #18, she’s not putting on makeup on old navy. it’s actually a pharmacy here in puerto rico called “el amal”

  • sabrina

    i love selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 :)

  • sabrina


  • Quinn

    Omg, in the second picture she reminds me of Anne Hathaway, just the expression and everything. xD
    I see nothing wrong with Old Navy. They have some nice basic stuff there.

  • ashley

    she is getting really thin.
    I wonder if shes ever heard of mcdonalds?

  • Skyler

    Hey Selena!!! I am your BIGGEST fan!!!! You are skinny and pretty with out makeup!!! Do you think you could email me at my email?!?!?!? Well keep rocking and you rock!!!! TTYL!!!

  • pallavi sawant

    she is stunning without makeup . and i think she is more cutter then miley . she is too cute , too sweet , too naughty , too smart and i love selena