Vanessa Hudgens is Pilates Pumped

Vanessa Hudgens is Pilates Pumped

Vanessa Hudgens works up a major sweat, taking an intense pilates class in North Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon (March 10).

The 20-year-old actress was accompanied by her mom Gina.

Vanessa‘s boyfriend Zac Efron is on the other side of the world, getting ready for the premiere of his new comedy, 17 Again.

Too bad we won’t be seeing this couple on the red carpet together!

Vanessa Hudgens is Pilates Pumped
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  • secret

    love her to death.

    the premiere is17 again alredy had fotos.

    he posed with taylor swift in one of them.

    and said he wished he broght vanessa with him

  • secret

    oh and first

  • secret


  • Vanessa lover


  • http://jjj zanessafanlovethem

    first!!! love her so much!! she’s so cute.. mwah!!

  • zvzvzv

    shes so tank!

    love herr <3

  • Naomi

    Even working out, she’s so gorgeous! The girl is just naturally lovely and really fit.
    There’s something endearing about unconscious natural beauty that does not try too hard.

    I love the Mother-daughter bonding and how she always makes time for each member of her family.

    I guess, she’s getting herself ready for her action flick, Sucker Punch. Can’t wait for a formal confirmation soon.

  • mika

    she’s really has the athletic body and easy movement

    and she’s looks so hot when she’s movin like this

    love her she is so hot

  • ladysdsandiego

    i agree with naomi. she’s gorgeous even while working out.

    i wish i can work out the way she does. i’d quit after 2 minutes. lol.

  • Athenais

    if Zac wished that Vanessa be with him, Why she d’idn’t come ?

    Zac is so beautiful on the photo and he seems to be appreciate Taylor Swift

  • bee

    How in the hell does she look gorgeous working out?!

    lmao. goodness this girl.
    She definitely puts in work for that amazing figure of her’s.

    Love that she works out with her mom <3

  • jen

    .. :) i luv her

  • oth ! (L) (:

    omg i hate the paps !!!!! but she looks good <3 (:

  • Jessica

    She is so gorgeous! and just so naturally fit

    Hope she goes to the LA premiere with him it is great to see them as a couple and so in love


  • Jessica

    she is so gorgeous and just so naturally fit i could never do that LOL !

    That was such a sweet thing for him to say.

    Hope she goes to the LA premiere with him it is great to see them on the rad carpet as a couple and so in love X


  • suzy

    she is so fit.

  • doesntmatter

    lmao. She lookss REALLY fit! did you see how fast she was going?!

  • jessie

    love vanessa to death!!! but actually i think the papz shouldn’t take this video because it was personal :(
    but i think she need zac anyway LOL
    oh and could anyone tell me when will zac back to USA?
    hopefully vanessa will drive him home :)

  • nina

    i dont really think she is so pretty.but with a lot of make up shes pretty

  • Solange

    … she is a super wh*re!

  • mamamia

    i think she’s natural pretty and she’s totally so hot

    with make up or without it i think she’s hot as ice

    so # 15 make your Your point of view for your self

  • vancrazed

    Sorry #15 ,but you just showed your age. i believe a wh*re is someone who sleep around, not someone who is in a committed relationship with one person. Look the word up.

  • Purple

    Looking at this video makes me want to do some pilates right away.
    Baby V is sexy as always.

  • yets

    Gina wants to be Sexy also.
    Go Hudgens!!!

  • Boji

    Aaawww, she looks so pretty even when she’s sweating it out. Boy, can she work that body of hers. Hmmm getting prepared for some kick ass action, perhaps.

  • Boji

    Gina can sure work it. Nothing like mother/daughter bonding at pilates class.

  • chocolate amber

    I think it was so wrong for the paps to sneak into the pilates class to take this video.

  • Vfan

    Why did Zac say he wished he brought her? Maybe she’s getting ready for a movie so she could’nt go ! Yay Vanessa!!

  • zanessa4everr

    omg even working out she looks great!
    i feel bad for her though, i wish paparazzi would just leave her alone

  • Shannon

    ok i luv pics of Vanessa as much as anyone else but come on this is a bit much dont cha think! other than that she looks good and how cute is it that she goes with her mom!

  • eliia

    Zac and Vanessa are not joined at the hip people…Zac is working at the moment and I’m sure if V did go, people would have been all over her for tagging along…This world is so cynical (sp?)

  • babyG

    their so cute!! go mommy! hahaha

  • vanny14

    this is totally invasion of privacy,paps suck!!!

    Godbless u baby V

  • vanny14

    i hope that she’ll do two movies this year

    she’s just so talented

    Godbless u baby V

  • I-like-red

    How rude! I would felll very uncomfortable if someone were filming me while working out –> I would have been furious!!! Vanessa should complain about this, this is going way across the line of her privacy!!

  • vanny14

    please do the SUCKER PUNCH and DEAD @ 17, I’m going to watch them for sure

    Godbless baby V

  • zanessa 4 ……. i dunno

    is vanessa gonna go to Sydney with zac or wt ?

  • lissy

    Cute, cute, cute. Thats nice that she can do pilates, because i dont really like those exercises. Vanessa wants to looks hot for the efron. hohoooo.

  • meype

    i love you vanessa so much and you look so hot

  • pam

    Ugh! who cares….ugly scuzzins

  • meype

    pam you are the ugly one not vanessa

  • vanny14

    i luv u van!!! Godbless

  • Vfan

    Uhh #38 She’s already hot and not everything revolves around Zac…. get a life.

  • Rosa

    how the hell can someone be that gorgeous even when workin out??

    and ppl .. pls stop being idiots about that primiere thing ..
    u’ve already got beyond the limits of stupidness ..
    leave’em ALONE ..
    they know what to do and what not to ..
    and they know how to handle their realtionship perfectly ..
    it has been more that 3 years .. and u haters can still get any more stupid ..
    grow up for god’s sake !!

  • Rosa

    pam .. get new glasses darlin
    and get a life too ..

  • Mary

    Good to see her happy

    Girl Beautiful

  • vanny14

    vanessa i hope to see u in your new movie plssssss when are you going to promote it?


  • jo

    i love pilates, but damn i get so sore after

  • susan

    wow.vanessa your very fit to do that type of exercise its great i just try to do yoga but i cannot do it very hard.
    van you look always beautiful even your sweeting.

  • HsM_GiU


    V Is the Best, Gina too! xD

    I Love Hudgens family! xD

>>>>>>> staging1