Zac Efron's Sydney Stroll

Zac Efron's Sydney Stroll

Zac Efron squints and tries to keep the sun out of his eyes as he walks down the pier before hopping on a ferry to take him to his hotel in Sydney on Tuesday afternoon (March 11).

The 21-year-old actor is in town to premiere his new flick, 17 Again.

Zac stars as the young version of Mike O’Donnell in the movie, a guy whose life didn’t quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it.

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron strolling in Sydney…

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Credit: Big Australia; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • marie

    Gorgeous, so gorgeous….

  • ladysdsandiego


  • secret

    i recognize that area..

    so glad hes here

  • Lydia

    hah that’s definitely no sun, it’s cloudy/raining here :P

  • Karen

    I’m wondering if the premiere has started yet or if it is over. Sydney is like 16 hours ahead of EDT which I am on and it is pasted 1:30AM here.

    And before cetain people start jumping about the blond, she the publicist, not a new woman in Zac’s life.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    the premier stats 6pm sydney time which means 10pm LA time.

    omg i have been there!!

    Going to the melbourne premier and monday!! so exited and i am sitting in the same cinema as ZAC!!!

    wish Vanessa was here 2!

  • Alessandrah

    so cute. <3

  • Magie

    ugh what a great birthday gift for my eyes!!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    *sighs* …Just looking at him makes me want to fly all the way over to Australia right now. He is so unbelievably adorable.

    And gorgeous, and hot, and cute…I just love his looks so sexy on him…*sigh*

    Hope he has fun in Australia !!

  • vulgarity


  • vanessa

    I love zac efron, he seems so humble and so sweet, vah is a very VERY lucky girl.. I’m jealous :p

  • gracemarie


    I’ve never seen the actual publicist only the woman (assistant) at the premiere the other night.

    How’d you know it was her.

  • nikki

    OOMMGGG HOW HOT IS THAT!!!<333!! omggg wow i cant wait for the pics of the premiere!! he is so hot here!! WOW! just gets hotter everyday mr.Efron!!
    loveeee him to death<33 :D

  • Stephmurphy

    Its 5.30 here in Australia so that means the premire will start soon.

  • Flick

    super duper hot, cant wait for the premiere pictures!!
    #13 is ssooo right! HE IS FREAKING HOT<3! lol :)

  • mzindochick

    OMG. I could go over there now and greet him:L

  • mzindochick

    1 hour more to the preimere. I live in sydney;)

  • i love zac efron

    im glad i live there :)
    zac efron spotting anyone? lol

  • desiree

    Excuse me Miss knoweverything Karen:

    publicist! she looks more like a date and his publicist is older than that and not as attractive

    It didn’t take long for him to introduce his new houchie. So now that’s why Vanessa stayed home.

  • Lucy

    actually Desiree, she is a PR assistant. Hence the notebook. Gina has people who look after Zac if she is not able to do so. That’s what happens in the industry. Of course you wouldn’t know or obviously understand that. Fool.

    It’s a defirmation of character agaisnt that poor girl who is doing her job. Not to mention Zac who has done nothing at all to warrant such hate and vileness from some idiot who hasn’t got a clue. You need to find a new hobby.

  • gracemarie


    Preferably Desiree can get a hobby away from the computer.

    Thanks for clearing something up for me I thought that woman at the Watchman premiere the other night was the assistant who goes when Gina can’t. I’ve never seen this woman before and was wondering who she worked for. Thanks!

    BTW carrying a notebook doesn’t make you anything but able to write even I carry one LMAO You think George Clooney would hire me?

  • Apple

    ok, the girl with them is his assistant! haha! just clearing that up!! and by the way! ZAC IS SUPER HOTTTT HERE!! :) :) :)!!

  • zac is a rat

    Sun in his eyes I serioulsy doubt that, he’s off again flirting and winking at women wonder who caught his eye. And it’s funny that the main pictures JJ has put up this blond is the main one walking with Zac.

    Keep having fun in LA. V

  • zac is a rat

    How many assistants does oe person need this blond is’nt the same one that was at the premier that he and Vanessa recently attended, that one was older, so Zac is obvioulsy going for the younger model.

  • anna.

    lmfao. “zac is rat” is baaaaaack!
    seriously guys, don’t mind so much about the haters. the more they comment, the more hits zac got. and so jared would keep posting news about him. (:
    the haters are stupid btw, they want peopleto listen to them and eventually despise zac too. but it’s actually the other way around. ahah

  • tizzfan

    one day when I am lucky enough to spot a celebrity, I will go near him just near enough to get photographed….

    just to make his fan freaked out !!!


    that lady might not be his publicist, assistant, etc…
    but is Zac not allowed to have other female friend ?
    should he wear ” I love Vanessa ” t-shirt anywhere he goes ?

  • Lucy

    no she’s an assistant, most probably Australian. Gina’s assistant was the one at the watchman premiere. The blonde in the pics above, She is at the premiere with him right now escorting him through interviews etc. Actors usually have more then one assistant. Especially since Zac is doing promo alone. They will work for, or hired by the the movie company most probably.

    And yes ratfreak. He was keeping the sun from his eyes. Anyone with a brain can see that from his expression, hence the hand in front of his face. Not that there is anything wrong with smiling at Someone for gods sake. Grow up!!

  • OK calm down

    THAT IS HIS ASSISTANT!!! oommggg!! calm down!!!

    and zac the rat, ur stupid, u just post things just to make people hate u! whatever dont listen to him/her

    ZAC IS SO HOT keep rocking zachary efron

  • Emily

    apparently Taylor Swift is at the premiere!!

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    haha cute taylor is there! hope she come to the melbourne one. lol but she prob won’t

  • Emily

    he looked really good, his hair slicked back, not much just enough. A suit and tie! He has left now, he was in a good mood and waving to fans. such an awesome guy!!

  • maddy_loves_zanessa
  • elise

    Here in Aus we are 16 hrs ahead of u guys in US. so the premiere is actually on right now…wish i was there. why didnt he bring vanessa?

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    #33 coz she may have been busy.

    does anyone know if zac watched the movie or just waled the red carpet?

  • elise

    Here in Aus we are 16 hrs ahead of u in the US, the premiere is just finishing now. Wish he could have brought vanessa.

  • Karen

    That is an assistant with Zac and she looks quite like a young woman we saw last year with him while he did a photoshoot so I’m thinking she was Gina Hoffman’s assistant. Nevertheless, it is apparent that she is working in some kind of PR capacity as we do not see Gina here.

    desiree you are so obvious as is the rat. I have begun to think all you two are after is to either get attention in a personal way since you know SOMEONE will respond to your obvious lies or you do this to get more hits on these threads. However, we don’t need you since Zac’s fans have been responding to his threads for 2 years now—so much so that he was in the yellow box at the top of the page on the main board until jared changed things on that page. However, his name is still in the list of TOP celebrities on the right side of the page on JJ and he is the TOP celebrity here on this page. So, we don’t need comments for him because of the likes of you.

    And as was mentioned, if anyone can’t tell that Zac is squinting from the glare outside due to his senstive blue eyes—that’s what we blue-eyed people do, squint–then it just shows how you are desperate to insult and be hateful. Also, the boy left LA late at night and has had around 14 hours in the air. It is quite POSSIBLE that he has been asleep and is trying to get accoustomed to the light…

  • Miriam

    OMG he is trying so hard to look like Robert Pattinson !!!
    HAHAHAHAH !!! what a shame !!


  • Katty

    Calm down people, that girl is like in one pic, I doubt she is some date. Either some happy fan, or some assistant they hired for him to get him to places on time during the tour. He even said in that article he wished Vanessa could be there… geez, you see a guy with one girl and you all assume cheating.
    zac is a rat just likes starting drama, the more you try to deny it and not ignore it, that person likes it, so just ignore it!

  • Karen

    One for thing for the likes of desiree and rat, you seems to know how to WRITE your vile accusations so I assume you do actually read words also. On the main board—where you both have already “struck” too, if you read JJ’s comment you will notice he talks about Zac’s ‘entourage” that is with him. So, it would be apparent that all those people are working for him. When he was there a few months ago with Vanessa and Ashley, did you not NOTICE that same kind of crowd around them? Did you think him or the girls were hooking up with those people? Your days of this kind of talk is numbered—as they say, we got your number and we are not buying anything you are tying to sell.

  • Karen

    Some pictures you can enlarge of Zac on the red carpet and a shot little interview. also has some pics of the premiere.

    Thanks to maddie_loves_zanessa for the sweet little article.

  • j

    were is the article I hope she can join him on one of his premires. when does it premire in hollywood and will he be at the kids choice awards

  • zanessa4everr

    omg her is so cute!

  • chocolate amber

    I love Zac. Can’ t wait for more pictures.

    Zac is a Rat, please give it up. No one anything you write.

  • babyG

    cute zacy!!!

  • Kelly

    zac is a rat you keep saying the something over and Over again. you are making yourself look dumb.

    Zac is A rat you are not a true fan of Vanessa’s you are hating on her boyfriend. I don’t know if your life is just sad or bad that you have to hate on Zac.

    I Believe that Vanessa loves Zac so Vanessa does not mean Zac talking to other woman.

  • HsM_GiU


    He Looks So



  • zanessafan4ever18

    N GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO ZACHARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zane

    Calm down people!! this picture is nothing at all!

    have faith , Zanessa is solid as rock!

  • susan

    He looks so hot.!!!i can’t wait to see the movies!!!!

  • zanessaforever

    He is so cute.
    ı love u so much zachary!
    you are my life!