David Henrie Gets Dirty

David Henrie Gets Dirty

Dirty David Henrie gets a kiss from costar Selena Gomez on the set of the Wizards movie in Puerto Rico on Thursday morning (March 12).

The 19-year-old actor cleaned up and hit the gym afterwards. David hit the cycle machine for about 10 minutes but then got a phone call that put an end to his work-out.

David posted on his Twitter, saying, “Selena is awesome.”

We’ll have to agree with you, David.

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Credit: Ben Dome, Louise Barnsley; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • nicole

    david is great and selena is the nicest and most awesome girl ever!!
    well with demi and taylor :)

  • http://justjared shamilah

    haha david looks funny !
    yeh we all have 2agree wiv him selena is awesome, she rockss :)

  • amber s.

    i didn’t know david had a tattoo. :o
    cool. :)

  • mILA

    Awww, they should be together. It’s so obv. that they kinda,like each other. Look at the photo. And like they do so much together. So cute.

  • emmaxx

    They are soo cute togetherr!
    wish they would go out
    && david is hoot

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer listen to mayday parade

    I think they are totally together. He is constantly writing about her on his Twitter and they are always together. On dinner dates and poor side dates. They are totally together and I am very ok with it!

  • Katty

    I don’t even watch that show and I know those two either like each other or are dating… jeez, just get together already.

  • cc27

    I think their falling for each other :) hehe… David looking good :) aha. I love WOWP!! >3

  • http://ashleytisdale-vip.blog.onet.pl Ash fan

    Selena It is very popular in poland. i have a blog about her. Please check it http://miss-selgomez.blog.onet.pl/

  • Nicole turner

    Selena makes it seem like they are brother and sister.
    I would think it was nasty for them to date, for that reason.

    But whatever makes Selena happy, Cause she is THE greatest person, And deserves WHO ever she wants.

    SHIA LABEOUF, if you see this, marry sel!

  • Alfredo


  • caroline

    I KNEW right when I saw this picture that David had sort of dug himself into a hole. Don’t care if he knows that he has or hasn’t–I think he has! Though I have no idea what his intentions are. He’s smart; I think he knew exactly what would happen if he posted this. Doesn’t care, does care–I don’t know! But what I do know is that the amount of people that think they are dating must have increased 300% thanks to THIS photograph. And on his official site to fans he said they aren’t dating. I think I believe that–this is 2009; not 2109; if a duo that plays brother/sister on a KIDS’ television were to start dating, parents would raise HELL. If they ever do date, I pray they only do it in secret. There are a TON of uptight parents, but also kids that would ask questions (Mommy, why is Justin kissing his sister Alex?) Yes, public dating would be a bad idea :-p For the younger crowd.

    FYI, tons of girls are affectionate with their guy friends. There are a lot of photos like that; doesn’t mean they are dating! LOL, but most people don’t look as good as they do and somehow that equates with dating. . . don’t know how to word it.

    LOL, love how photographers follow him to a gym. I was actually getting my hopes up that we wouldn’t be that voyeuristic. But there’s no harm and people want to see it, soooo :D It’s like seeing anyone else at the gym. LOL, I used to do that machine. It’s loads of fun, really! You have fun working up to levels and seeing how fast you can go.

    That would be so funny if he went to the gym all dirtied up.
    David reads JJJ SOMETIMES; he probably can tell who I am if he remembers my comments on Twitter, which is unlikely/thisclose to impossible,

  • rock00

    selena and david are awesome..
    they seem to have a great time in puerto rico..
    i want to be there, too =D
    hopefully they are dating^^

  • Anonymous

    of course i have to agree with im selena is awesome she a sweetheart and desverves someone who is speacial like her

  • Cals


  • L

    I’ve always shipped them but no one ever agreed with me because of the – not even that big – age difference, the fact that they’re bro/sis on WOWP and because they’re “Nelena” supporters. I think that they look cute together though… as David and Selena not Justin and Alex but that may be just it… they’re close and nothing more. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to stick to Delena YouTube series. LOL

  • gaby

    semeone know in wat hotel they are stayng


    please tell me

  • mmac

    omg. for the record i know first-hand that david and sel are NOT dating. even if they were theyre not really bro-n-sis anyway so who really cares. and a kiss on the cheek big freaken deal. i see that everyday at schl btween friends. and theyre always together cuz they work together DUH. and last, the pics on the net are rarely posted by the celebs. thats the fact jack :P

    oh yeah, <3 u david! and selena!!!

  • allison

    whoa, i had no idea David had a tattoo!
    well, that’s cool i guess ha ha! plus i think Selena is really pretty:)

  • Shannnon :)

    They’re not dating, but they should…

    ORRRRRRRRRRR he should daaate lucy hale!

    just saying, they;re like the cutest couple in the world.

    so if he doesn’t get back with lucy hale, he should get with selena gomez! mwahahha, yeaaaaaaaaaah. KBYE.

  • davidhenryy’smayorfan

    ii think david is cute and handsome and charm and all the cute
    things in all the world:)
    he should be with me not with HER!, well anyway
    i dont think they will ever date .. selena is not the kind of girl for david
    and by the way she is way to little for him

  • nikka

    David = hottness

  • shannon x

    david is so FIT!
    and yup selena is an awesome person x

  • davidhenryy’smayorfan

    selena is being a slut with david i mean.. shes always behind him
    she takes his hand and now this wannabee kiss..
    i think selena must paint her line and leave david alone !
    whos with me(:?!

  • WTF?!

    #24, heeelllll no. ain’t no one is painting a line between them. They are sooo cute together

  • jo

    i think they are dating.
    they are allways sayng cute things about each other. allways together

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    #24 I agree
    I think she is acting
    a little slutty around him.
    Makes me wonder
    if they are dating.

  • marymarie

    david and selena will make such a perfect couple!

    they look perfect for each other

  • vote KCA!

    they are so going out :] i hope so! =D selena deserves a good guy

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    they would make a cute couple!
    but I guess they are just fiends

  • cj

    with such closeness THEY MUST DATING! love them as couple!

  • davidhenryy’smayorfan

    whats with you people!!
    they should never EVER date!
    i thinK selena is still dating nick and thats why i said
    shes a bitch
    and they dont do such a cute couple!

  • davidhenryy’smayorfan

    whats with you people!!
    they dont make such a cute couple at all..

  • Ellen

    they look so cute together. i reckon they’re dating… but i guess it would be weird to tell people since they play siblings on tv haha.

  • davidhenryy’smayorfan

    it doesnt matter the tv..
    they dont tell ppl cus the are NOT dating ..
    david is inteligent enough and he wouldnt keep it in
    secret just because they are brothers in a tv show
    think a liittle guys

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/VanessaMlieylover Miley

    Wait…I don’t get it you all are okay with Selan going out with david even thought it’s practically illegal but when Miley dates Justin you all call her a slut. I just don’t get how those two situations are differrent!!

  • davidhenryy’smayorfan

    miley and justin do make a cute couple but , anyway
    its wrong, both are wrong, david and selena and justin and miley
    whateverr.. ii dont care about justin and miley
    i care about davidd..
    whats with him? i dont get it
    who would date selena:O she is taking too serios her fame
    she is not the cute girl we used too see months agoo..
    selena shoud be with nick or i dont know.. with anyone but david(:

  • brasilian

    i agree Malee, a so cute couple, but him is single


  • Book lover 101

    David is really hot and Slena seems like a nice girl they should tottaly go out !

  • selenamatthews

    Whats up with his face?????????????????

  • samila

    David is so cute.He shoud go out with Selena Gomez.They look so good together

  • Ashlyn

    Thank u number 12 and 24. We are the only chicks who can speak our minds. With selena and david,they pratically scream hookup. After she gets knocked up,the baby would be named savid. Breaking dawn parody!

  • Michelle

    I don’t think they are going out and hopefully they aren’t cuz they would look cute together but there’s a HUGE age difference!!!!

  • Melissa76835965

    elena is better than those illigal people

  • laila

    o that was for the filming for the movie i saw it 3 times its on the demand on verizon fios its for free go to browse all kids free disney disney channel orignal movies wizards the movie sit back and enjoy
    its so good alex and justin have a wuzards competetion see who wins it starts with an a but then the person wishes on stone of dreams to have everything back to normal

  • Mimi


    She never went out with Nick. :/ There’s no need for censoring of bad words, or bad/mean words anyway. Why threaten the disney star, and make negative comments. lol

    But I see what you’re saying, I don’t agree 100% but… yeah. :D

  • Mimi

    <3 Selena! I don’t think their together but I wouldn’t mind it!!!

  • http://tuvvasssery anju

    i love u david please dont go back of selena she is a bad girl

  • http://yahoo.com suzy

    daved shach a kyoodi

  • emily

    cool i wanted selena to kiss david

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