Debby Ryan is a Cheese Head

Debby Ryan is a Cheese Head

Debby Ryan tries to get some shut eye in a Wisconsin airport wearing a giant foam cheese hat.

The 15-year-old Suite Life actress uploaded a hilarious new video to her official YouTube. Debby shared, “It’s honestly, interesting because usually when I go out in public like crazy outfits or hats or something, most people stop and stare. Here [in the airport], I’m walking around with foam cheese on my head and no one seems to care. I think I like it here.”

Check it out below!

Debby Ryan – The Cheese Stands Alone
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  • Karina

    She’s cute

  • Karina


  • Shannon

    omg, LOVE HER.

  • Sarah

    haha I SEE CHEESE PEOPLE! =)

  • rosie

    she is so sweet!

  • i dont like u sel gomez

    hate her.
    she is FALSE!
    i met her and sheeeeee is very rude.

  • mandy

    the name in her shirt is written backwards right?? =s

  • Mayra

    I live in Wisconsin, if I saw someone at the airport wearing a cheese head thing I would be very weirded out!!!! Psh…

  • Kathleen

    she is sooo cute…


    love DEBBY

  • mafer

    oh my best friend went there and her dad buy her that cheese and i take pictures with the cheese on my head lol!

  • (:

    She’s so annoying.
    Stupid little mouse face.

  • Kelly

    ummm i live in Wisconsin too
    and if i saw someone with a cheese hat on i would make fun of them…….. and/if who ever is with me would probably say they just wants attention and trying to act “random”

  • Kelly

    they just want attention and they are trying to look “random” ********

    my mistake

  • Caitlin

    Her voice sounds sorta like selena’s

  • ludovica

    she’s so cute i love her voice!
    i’ve to admit that her eyes are amazing; do you think that she’s wearing sort of plastic eyelashes? xoxo

  • http://deleted maya

    I love her
    She’s so cute…….

  • omg

    U guys r soo gay , girls are all like shes so cute and thats justtttt weirdoo =p

  • qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

    YOU ROCK! Wisconsin is the coolest!! I wonder why debbie ryan was at an airport in wisconsin?

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