Robert Pattinson Covers GQ

Robert Pattinson Covers GQ

Robert Pattinson perfects his stare on the April 2009 cover of GQ magazine.

The 22-year-old British actor, who says he reads gossip blogs regularly, reveals to the mag about his Twilight audition, Camilla Belle and getting his next job. Check out what he had to say:

On future acting jobs: “I’m not massively concerned about doing lots of acting jobs. If it all just went, right now, I’d be like, ‘All right. I don’t really care.’ That’s probably a stupid thing to say. But I don’t, really. I think it’d be much worse to do a load of stuff that’s really bad. Because then you can’t go into another career. If you’ve made an idiot out of yourself, you’re never going to be taken seriously, as a lawyer or something, if you’re, like, a joke actor. The only thing I want from anything is to not be embarrassed.”

On good friend, Camilla Belle: “That’s the extent of it [our relationship; friends]. I mean, Camilla’s the nicest—she’s a saint. And it’s funny that she’s being portrayed as this home wrecker. She’s literally the most unlikely person to be a home wrecker. It’s just ridiculous. I don’t see people. I don’t even have people’s phone numbers. I almost don’t want to have a girlfriend, in this environment.”

On his audition for Edward Cullen: “I took half a Valium and then went into this thing—and all this stuff happened. It was the first time I’ve ever taken Valium, a quarter. A quarter of a Valium. I tried to do it for another audition, and it just completely backfired—I was passing out. If you met a guy like that [Edward] in real life, you’d think he was kind of dorky.”

Check out the rest of Robert Pattinson‘s feature at GQ.

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Photos: Nathaniel Goldberg
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  • ooro

    love him! he’s funny handsome and talented!
    love you rob!

  • jade

    his hot…

  • trish.

    omg. Rob i would literally like fck you.


    He’s so hot.

  • Russian girl

    I like his look. But I love his person soo much better))

  • peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

    ogh my hart

  • Sar

    He’s SO hot! I loved the “On any last comments: “Okay, (deep breath) I f—ed Joe Jonas. I love him.” hahahaha he’s hilarious.

  • Mary

    I dont like the cover photo

  • Francisca

    ¡Oh dios mio!
    que hombre tan maravilloso y hermoso *.*
    es un regalo de dios :$ mi corazĂłn esta apenas xD
    es tán hot =$ rico rico rico ♥_♥

    Saludos muuy buenas fotos xD

  • Francisca

    Me encanta es tan delicioso me lo comeria xD estaria perfecto para ser mi esposo omg XD he’s so hot hot hot..
    I love you robert OME.

  • Orls

    I can’t pick who’s hotter between him and Taylor Lautner :/
    They’re both so perfect.<3

  • Rosa

    ewww ..
    he’s so ugly ..
    the photoshopped version on the cover is even uglier ..
    sth is “very” wrong with his nose on it ..
    i don’t understand what girls see in him ..
    i’ve never found him hot

  • listen to mayday parade

    I would do so many sinful things to this man.
    Ugh he is soo darn sexy
    I just want to hit that over and over again,

  • Pam

    Sickeningly beautiful.

  • Ava

    If Rob calls you a saint, thats really not saying much………

  • http://jjj miley

    he looks gorgeous! love the cover and all the other photos!
    go rob!

  • alex

    total and pure hotness!!! love him!!!

  • Lisa

    When he says that stuff about not being a “joke actor” and getting embarassed do you think he means disney?

  • tiffany

    hey jared, were not able to see some pictures and when you click on them a different one shows up, and i reallly wanna see the one of him with his cigarette

    thank you

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh my…he looks unbelievably gorgeous here. Honestly, I think he sorta resembles to Zachary Efron a bit. His hair..and the beard of course :D Their both so FINE. ♥

  • Shantell

    he is perfection<3
    though i wish fan girls would leave him alone,
    i wouldn’t want him leaving the acting business.
    i love robert pattinson!

  • JessiBella

    Just one word… YUMMI!!!!

    O love this guy with all my heart and soul!!! He’s the perfect boy for any girl around the world… I think!!

  • gaby

    i love u rob!

  • http://jjj laurenj

    just telling the truth…………its amazing how rob and joe jonas hate each other but have never met or spoken to each other………….camilla belle is bad news for the both either that or she is satisfying both…..

  • http://jjj laurenj

    jjj awaiting moderation for what for speaking the truth…..have u heard of freedom of speech or everyone is so scared to speak up and tell the truth…..rob pattison was not shy for speaking his mind so why should i…………..camilla is dragging joe jonas to her level…….ZERO…..

  • Angelica

    It doesn’t seem he’s too interested in starting a relationship. Mabye he’s waiting for the right girl? Thats soo sweet that makes me like him even more. I think he has more respect towards women and that is sexxy. =-]

  • Karina

    He’s sooo hoot ! But he’s strange in the cover . but on the same time handsomee !! love him !

  • katie

    haha!! i love how he descretely brings the whole joe/camilla/taylor thing into this. good for him to stick up for his friend. still don’t like her though. i don’t really care what he says. i still think she’s a “homewrecker” (im the idiot who had to look up what that meant. lol!).
    and he is so gorgeous!!! love the pics!!

  • lily

    katie i love you ahahahah you said everything i was gonna say he is a good friend and gorgeous but i dont like camilla belle she is a homewrecker and only wants fame and publicity. i love the he is soo honest. ahhahaha i f-ed joe jonas i love him hahahahah he is so funny and just honest he doesnt care what people think i love that

  • britney

    when does the magazine come out?

  • laughs

    So even when he tells you a relationship with someone which is techincally none of your damn business you still say he’s full of crap? There is no hope for this ‘fandom.’

  • marie


  • azraa

    robert is so damn hot

  • chelsea

    his cute ,sexy ,handsome and damn hot

  • Unintendedchoice


    this interview (and those pictures- ah!) did nothing to cure me from being robsessed. it only made it worse

  • samantha

    he makes my heart skip a beat!
    soooo gorgeous!

  • chloe

    he’s got a really unique look and that’s why i love him!
    plus he’s amazing at interviews!
    and that cover…i can’t even describe!

  • ana

    oh my gosh!! why rob is so hot??? i love himmmmm!!! he is gorgeous.

  • deede

    my heart just stopped..(L)

  • luismiguele

    Impressive at the same time as colossal, and that nobody says the opposite to me we have who it (na is joke, for tastes the colors). To always see I have liked east boy, but as I am not one more going to you to deceive, but she is that in this news article he is incredible. And it is that one already came rumoring for some time this possibility but has not been until now that we have seen Robert Pattinson in the cover of magazine GQ. Photos that leave the screen, but the declarations also will like to many of fans. To the question, more than forced, on if it has fianc2ee, Robert it is clear, not and all the awardings who does to him are mere rumors without no type of foundation. It does some time until was related to him to Belle Stretcher (fianc2ee of Joe Jonas), to which he says that is of its preferred gadgets, confesses that only he keeps a pretty friendship with the actress and nothing else. That yes, one of the graceful things of which it speaks is that in hearing for the paper of Edward Cullen he was so nervous that had to take half valium to calm the nerves. they leave grogui me lost, but it is known that to him it came because obtained to him well, without a doubt, the paper of his life. How she is the protagonist of `CrepĂşsculo’ gentlemen, what barbarism! Here you have a sample than he waits for the number of April. An impressive work congratulations.

  • Kayli

    OMG!!! HE IS SOOOOOO HOT!!!! so hot its not even funny!!!

  • I Love Rob

    He looks so hot in that picture!
    I wish I could take him home with me <3


    I say we take a trip to vancover

  • just me

    Handsome ??? ,, oh my Godd !!
    look at him in the cover ,, ughh
    just look at his nose , eyes and lips ,,,, super ugly !!!

  • just me

    ( luismiguele ) , that is a biig paragraph

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