Robert Pattinson is a Vancouver Vampire

Robert Pattinson is a Vancouver Vampire

Robert Pattinson races to his car as he leaves a local coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday morning (March 11).

Costar Taylor Lautner tagged along with dad Dan to pick up some groceries.

The duo are currently in Vancouver filming New Moon, which hits theaters in November.

Taylor recently dished to BlogTalkRadio that he’s very grateful for the Twi-hards [Twilight fans]. He shared, “I’m getting a little nervous. But I’m so thankful for the fans and even those Robert Pattinson/Edward fans. I know we wouldn’t…be here filming New Moon and [then] filming Eclipse if it wasn’t for them.”

10+ pics inside of Robert and Taylor shopping…

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robert pattinson taylor lautner vancouver 01
robert pattinson taylor lautner vancouver 02
robert pattinson taylor lautner vancouver 03
robert pattinson taylor lautner vancouver 04
robert pattinson taylor lautner vancouver 05
robert pattinson taylor lautner vancouver 06
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robert pattinson taylor lautner vancouver 09
robert pattinson taylor lautner vancouver 10

Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Karina

    OMGG, they are sooo hoooottt !!!

    FIRSTT !

  • jo

    Taylor can so beat up Rob with his martial arts moves

  • jacqueline

    im from vancouver
    i was unaware that we had paparazzi here XD

  • Blineee

    OMG… Tayloooor you’re so hooooooooooooot ! *———————–*

  • hhh
  • Luísa :*

    Robert you so hot! the girls of Brazil loves you! kisses of brazilian girls!

  • joss

    both are oh so hot! <3

  • dundies

    UM who else thinks that if taylor lautner and selena gomez had a child, that he or she would be GORGEOUS

  • dundies

    im from vancouver
    i was unaware that we had paparazzi here


    lol. im way on other side ;)

  • Melissa

    Taylor Launter = MAJOR FAIL.

    How anyone finds him better looking than Robert Pattinson is beyond me.

    Get over it, he will never, EVER, be as good as Rob.

    End. Of. Story.

  • Michele

    Robert is so HOT!

  • arantxa

    Vancouver is so lucky ¬¬

    i would love to meet them
    like eveone else ..

    ROBERT (L)

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    lol, jaqueline. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the paps here in Vancouver. Apparently, their filming the movie near Robson St…? And has anyone else noticed that there’s been a FULL moon in the last 2 days ? Perfect for filming New Moon :D

    Eeeep !! of the two most hottest guys. Next to Zachary ♥ Love all 3.

  • Alexandra

    I LOVE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wish i could meet him!!!
    this are not the best pics i´ve seen of hin tough
    I like that jacket he is wearing BTW

  • Alexandra


  • Gabiz

    I’m from Vancouver too and i believe the Twi-stars brought on the paparazzis here because heaven knows we’ve never had has many for any of the major stars that have been here previously =/

  • newport beach, 92660♥

    #10 – agreeeeed

    robert = hot hot hot sexxx (L)
    taylor = euwwy

    audrey ♥

  • blalblalblablabllablalblalblal

    does anyone know what local coffee shop he was in?
    i just need the name of it…i reallllyyy2 need to clarify something…

  • Mary Ann

    Rob ! why dont u smile ):

    love him !

  • Michelle

    Hottie alerts!!!

  • laughs

    @Melissa- Enough said. I agree.

    Doesn’t matter how much Taylor bulks up, because muscle doesn’t = sexy. He still has the face of 16-year-old, and it’s still jailbate for me to even fathom finding him attractive (thank GOD I dont). Pattinson is just…man.

  • ximenaaa

    rob is so HOT!
    i love his jacket and the ray-bans

  • Anon

    Not hard to tell Rob wants to be left alone–poor guy…he deserves a little privacy!

  • Rosalia

    Here’s the weird thing when I was 16 and harry potter and the goblet of fire came out my sister was like I’ll bet you’re going to love Cedric Diggory and I was like whatever because Harry Potter puts me to sleep… she was right though! And fiveish years later he is popular and lost his appeal because every teenage girl is like “gahhhhh!!” It sucks cause I hate liking what’s popular. I do like the book, but with them too its like everyone loves it… It just sucks… I had to vent that out.

  • unintendedchoice

    i love that taylor IS now jacob! so cute! and sigh… robbie robbie robbie.. so hot

  • vanessa

    love them both!!!
    they’re wearing similar shoes haha.
    and rob looks like edward alot more now with the pale skin and short hair.

  • julie

    one question…what they gonna do with rob’s hair???It’ s not like the other movie….????

  • Orls

    #8.. i fully agree! i so want them to get together :)
    Is it just me or does anyone else notice that the twilight cast seem to love nike shoes? I mean Kirsten, Rob and Taylor are always wearing them?
    Anyways, love you Taylor <3

  • Alex

    OMG :)
    i live 3 hours from vancouver i wish i was there right now, its so cool that they are filming new moon in canada, and in my province lol it feels pretty special, but i might get to go to vancouver over spring break maybe next week or something. that would be cool and the coffee robs holding almost looks like tim hortons.. xD best coffee everr. rofl

  • ana

    i love rob and taylor!1

  • emmily

    yeah i can’t wait to see the movie it’s going to be great the frist one was and robert pattinson is soooo hoooootttttt

  • Robert Bain

    Robert is getting coffee from the place across the street from the art gallery. I suspect he is staying at The Four Seasons judging from the pics

  • lor

    It look like the coffee that robert has in his hand is from Tim Hortins, I am canadian and he is in canada,Roll up the Rim Robert to see if you won anything good luck

  • nia

    OMG! robert pattinson is so hooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!! i love him <3

  • michelle

    And it is Roll up the Rim time, and it’s much more worth it to go there :)

  • Amanda

    Love Taylor! But love Rob so much more!

  • lala

    a lot of movies are filmed in vancouver.
    GOD i wish i was there right now.. ill only be back in june. :’(

  • nansie

    No, that coffee cup is from Cafe Artigiano. And yes, it’s across from the art gallery on Hornby. He could be staying at the Fairmont Vancouver, a it’s right beside the coffee shop.

  • stephanie

    rob is so cute, he makes me feel like a teenager again….lol…..cant wait to see new moon, eclipse , breaking dawn and midnight sun. go, go, go robert, ur d best, mwah…..

  • Cassie

    Oh my gosh! I live here in Vancouver! I am sooooo going downtown with my bff’s to go Rob spotting. (Also to go 2 robson st, hello it’s like the best place to shopping!) I wonder if he’s finding the weather interesting. As in the past hour the sky has gone from pouring down rain, to cloudy, to sunny, to rain, to snow, to sunny again. Yeah, i know, i’m kinda used to it.

  • Rose


    Taylor ROCKS my sox!!!


    cant wait for new moon…



    Robert is so sexy, Taylor is cute, but it’s Robert for me !

  • I Love Rob

    OMG! He is so gorgeous <3
    I wish I could marry him <3 <3
    He is the love of my life…..

  • I Love Rob

    I wish I was in Vancouver with him….<3

  • abetterbella

    these two r drop dead qorqeous & i seriously dont c how people c otherwise.

    vancouver people- you guys are so unbelievably lucky ! i hope the twicast comes to ny soon. :]

    -total twihard <3

  • Naomi

    I live in Vancouver. I was in Downtown the same day that they were there. I wish that I could see Rob…. HE”S SO HOT!

  • Tamara

    Haha those are Robert’s trademark shoes, he wears them everywhere.. Seriously.. the only time he wasnt wearing them is at the Oscars. Awww…. Anyway why did Taylor start wearing them? Also his style is evolving.. hes wearing more black.. grrrr

  • http://google erika

    i love him fyi he is mine and so sexy

  • lILITH

    LOL! Careful Rob, Tim Horton’s coffee is addictive!! LOL

  • samanatha

    robert pattinson is so hhhhhhooooootttttt

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