Selena Gomez is Latina Lovely

Selena Gomez is Latina Lovely

Selena Gomez shines in a bright yellow dress on the April 2009 cover of Latina magazine.

The 16-year-old Wizards starlet dished to the mag about the “feud” with Miley Cyrus, her Latin roots and looking up to Britney Spears. Check it:

On admiring Britney Spears: “In a way, Britney can be someone to look up to. She was constantly being looked at and picked on, and it’s starting to happen to me. At the moment, I don’t have anything good they can pick on me with, but they’ll find something. Maybe I can be as strong.”

On being proud of her heritage: “I didn’t even realize what a big deal it was to be Latin at first. But then one day being with my dad, it hit me: it’s pretty neat to be Mexican. And there aren’t enough Latinas in Hollywood—or there are, but they don’t get the recognition. So to be able to come out here and use that, it’s really a powerful thing.”

On the so-called feud with fellow Disney star, Miley Cyrus: “I think Miley can agree with me. There are so many more things going on that are so much more important to us in our lives than wasting time on that stuff.”

Selena Gomez – “Latina” Behind-the-Scenes Cover Shoot
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  • Shannon

    FIRST -sorry always wanted to say that

    that is so gorgeous
    i adore her

  • V

    Selena looks awsome! I love her white blouse!!!!!

  • jo

    the only thing Latina about her is her last name. she can’t even speak spanish

  • N’keeyah

    She looks SOO Pretty. I can’t wait to hear music from her.

  • Jessica

    she is so cute:)

  • Ma

    ok… i love selena gomez, She looks so gorgeous

    P.s. -selena… latina doesn´t mean be mexican, there’s alot countries in LatinAmerica…

  • tara

    Wow…NUMBA 6 :) hopefully ;P
    she is so pretty in that color. i love her, and that is my fave color ;) :)

  • megan

    she’s cute.
    love her (:

  • Carlyn

    gorgeous <3
    i love selena!


    wow very pretty!!!!!! luv her!!! oh and lol @ #3

  • Karina

    She’s so beautifuul !

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Eh she looks alright. Shes
    just not pretty to

  • anna

    ehhh… not rreally loving this shoot .

  • marymarie

    she looks beautifully stunning

  • chrys

    I have to agree with #3. I like Selena and all but come on, I’m latina and I would not be calling myself that if I wasnt fluent in the language. If she wants to be taken seriously (as a latina) she should take some classes and learn the language more, perfect her accent, cuz it wasnt that good when I heard her in Wizards of Waverly place. Did ya catch that one? When she switched bodies with her mom? Well didnt sound so “Latina”, just saying. I mean no disrespect, I still like her.

  • Janey


    Selena understands Spanish, but she can’t speak it properly. So technically, she knows Spanish very well.

  • vote KCA!

    her face is gorgoeus but the outfit totally ruined it, it’s just not right for her, but minus that it’s gorgeous LOVE HER HAIR! i have to say. i loved that video. okay, so she doesn’t speak spanish well so what? i mean i don’t speak my language well but hey at LEAST she’s TRYING. hey, no haters on here lolz that’s weird. :] anyways, i love selena gomezzz haha.


  • coolio

    # 13 Um, Selena has every right to call herself a Latina. I mean come on! She’s MEXICAN for goodness sakes. Do you expect her to call herself white?! It doesn’t matter if she speaks Spanish fluently or not, she’s a Latina whether you like it or not. Besides, Selena DOES know Spanish, she just can’t speak it correctly. And thats OK! She’s obviously very proud of her heritage and that’s great for her!

  • KK

    First and foremost
    love selena! She’s my idol & i’m so happy she’s been showing the real side of herself, to not take fame into her head, live her dream and still have a great time :)
    she’s so beautiful & gorgeous looking- those pics looked so amazing!
    can’t wait to see them!
    it looks like she had a really fun experience, being part of their magazine & just being herself as a Latina/Mexican (:
    SHE deserves it =]
    you go girl! Show, Accept & be who you really are and what you represent , and don’t care what other people have to say about you! Being mixed or just have one cultural background is awesome!
    SEL’s a true inspiration ^-^

    People who say, she’s Alright looking and not loving the shoot
    sorry, but you guys have issues, to not realize what a great person she is >.>

    # 3 & 13
    No offense, but how would you know, Selena’s not fully Latina?
    Even if her last name was Gomez, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know, how to speak the language.
    She was born In Texas & her family is FULLY i think, it’s genetic enough, for her, to know how to speak, and socialize like a true Mexican. So i don’t think, she should take classes or take herself seriously with something, she’s already part it!
    On Wizards, you can totally tell, she has the accent, the looks..everything to be part of the culture & represent herself ON the show. I’ve seen 2 episodes of her, ” pretending not to know Spanish”
    and trust me, when she wasn’t trying, she still pronounced the words right! – even i understood her, since i took it myself!

    Love SELENA!
    Can’t wait for more news on the movie & new episodes of Wizards

  • megan


  • http://jj myob

    jo ur so rite she doesnt even noe spanish

  • cc27

    she looks soo amazing and beautifull >3 >3 wow! lol

  • QuintanaOliviaMelendez

    No seriously, I (a proud born and raised latina) don’t think she’s all the Latina. She may have a little bit of the looks but other than that no. And I highly doubt she can speak any language other than English, if she did, she’d probably mention it atleast once.

  • WTF?!

    Oh no I think she read and JJJr. and saw all the stupid hate comments. She knows that Miley fans are hating on her. You guys need to watch what you say. Even though her life is better than all of you, she’s still a human being and no human being deserves to be treated like that.

    I love you Selena. Be strong cuz you are super super talented and SUPER BEAUTIFUL. YOU GOT IT ALL!

  • Chris

    Go Selena!

  • Nelly

    im so sick of hearing stars saying they don’t receive enough recognition in the business because of their culture, there are so many that receive recognition and are successful

  • jilli

    What can I say? How would any of you know what she does? How do you know she understands spanish? I don’t get it! you can’t diss the people who say she can’t speak a lick of spanish(which I think is true) because the ones saying “She cant speak it well but she understands it” don’t know what their saying either.

    adios…y hablo español…because my dad actually taught me.

  • Valerie

    Me encanta Selena GĂłmez, creo que es muy talentosa y hermosa.
    I love Selena GĂłmez, and I think that she is very talented and gorgeous!!!
    She is Mexican and Latin PRIDE!!!


    I’m from Mexico, and I’m like one of the biggest Selena’s fans!!!
    Lovely photos and clothes and GIRL of course!!!

  • Ew

    Seriously, You guys are all messed up.
    I dont care you can all hate on me, But you guys are stupid to defend her, Ill bet she doesnt know spanish. I dont see how she would have the time to learn it shes been in the buissnuess since she was what? 10?
    I dont think shed have the time to learn a fluent language.
    She may be part latin, but just because her last name is latin doesnt give her the right to go around saying shes proud of it and all.
    I think thats rather image like. Thats all she cares about, well to me anyways thats what i think she cares about the most. Everytime i read about her shes always trying to say something mature about the miley feud. I dont recall miley mentioning the feud or anything in any interviews.
    “Its starting to happen to me”
    OMMGGG seriously girl, you will NEVER get the criticism brittney or miley get! Im sorry but you will NEVER NEVER NEVER be that popular in the buissnuess.
    You may have fans, but you dont have the talent.

    yeahp. that my opinion.
    And yes, i know most of you will bash me now.
    Not that i care about insults over the net anyways.

  • jen


  • Madison

    I 110% agree with comment #29.
    Yeah, sure Selena is latina in her blood, but she doesn’t take advantage of that. Being ‘proud’ of something that you don’t even make effort is kinda sad, she should learn spanish and get into her culture.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Nicely said “Ew”
    “You may have fans, but you dont have the talent.”
    Finally someone who

  • jilli

    Thats exactly what I’m trying to say #29 lol

  • v’

    LOVE sel.
    she’s so beautiful and sweet

  • lola

    agree with #30!!! can’t wait for this mag to come out, even if it is in spanish!! LOL!!!! I’ll probably check the photos are obviously gonna be beautiful!!!!

  • exe

    Hello sele am exequiel of Argentine am 17 years old, want to say to you that sos a very nice girl, that I admire you very much and I am charmed with what you do for the demas that mas nesecitan since I saw you in your peli of the new senicienta I was charmed with since I cannot see the echiseros very followed(consecutive) and not the new chapters. Sos very pretty I am charmed with your smile prinsipalmente and me encantaria knowing (that is some of my mallores dreams) but since I am of social average class and the distance does not give me sufficient the money to travel and to know yourself that there is done to me that you are a UTOPIA for my and this makes me remember(remind) a part of a song of a recognized artist that say to him(you,them) “I here between(among) nothing go to ablar of everything it(he,she) will seek to my way to continue and until the years close my memory(report) will not stop myself asking where estara my spring ” bony(osseous) your, good I hope that you read it and answer me please. Also I wish you that it(he,she) fences IN HIS(HER) EXELENTE in your career(race) and segui this way and do not change I wait algun day canocerte.
    Pd: look after yourself very much and do not change. IF TIME PLEASE ANSWER ME thanks to i not if this biel translated is that not English ylo traduci in an Internet page my mail

  • exe

    hola sele soy exequiel de argentina tengo 17 años, quiero decirte que sos una chica muy simpatica, que te admiro mucho y me encanta lo que haces por los demas que mas lo nesecitan desde que te vi en tu peli de la nueva senicienta me encantaste ya que a los echiseros no los puedo ver muy seguido y no los capitulos nuevos. sos muy linda me encanta tu sonrisa prinsipalmente y me encantaria conocerte (que es unos de mis mallores sueños) pero ya que soy de clase social media y la distancia no me da lo suficiente el dinero para viajar y conocerte que se me hace que seas una UTOPIA para mi y esto me hace recordar una parte de una cancion de un reconocido artista que dise “yo aqui entre la nada voy a ablar de todo buscare a mi modo continuar y hasta que los años cierren mi memoria no me dejare de preguntar donde estara mi primavera” osea tu , bueno espero que lo leas y me respondas por favor. tambien te deseo que te valla EXELENTE en tu carrera y segui asi y no cambies espero algun dia canocerte.
    pd: cuidate mucho y no cambies . SI LO VEZ POR FAVOR RESPONDEME gracias

  • Lizzie

    Um, 18, she is ONLY half mexican. Get your info right. Its obvious she is now into her so called “roots” after the MEDIA makes a big issue out of it. Oh and 29, you are AWESOME!

  • Wmn

    Selena rocks! – Miley sux.

  • Karen

    To speak Spanish you must understand the language, so if she “understands Spanish very well” then she must be able to speak the language. It makes no sense that she understands Spanish and can not speak it.

  • Marky

    well, just because you dont speak the language doesnt mean you are not latin. being latin as all about the blood, the attitude, the heritage. yes, i do speak spanish..i am dominican..but dont downcast those who dont speak spanish. you may think that they are the embarrasment but actually you are for saying those things and putting down your latin sister.

  • ehhhhtalian

    umm not really to #40
    I’m italian I understand it but I cant speak one bit of italian for the life of =P to you..
    also I was born and raised in Canada and yet I am so connected to my italian roots so for her to be proud of her heritage shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone I absolutley adore her and i think that she is allowed to be proud of who she is and what she is without unknown people like all you haters tearing her apart..
    ps..she is mexican && italian..for all you people who are wondering



  • john cabrera

    selena i m proud of u cuz im mexican 2 and we suport are self 2 dosent care u canoot speak spanish and u r proud to be mexicana thats only matters the mexican zone

  • kiana

    does selena gomez speak spainish???

  • http://Google Mckayla

    Hey im latina and i think she deservers to call her self latina oh and just b/c you are spanish or mexican or wat ever it does’nt neccseraly mean you have to speak it to be it and lay back a bit on the cruel comments shes trying her best i <3 you selena keep rockin and your so pretty

  • karycatura

    ok so we have established that she is mexican-italian american… she like all us that have been born of immigrant parents have to be raised to be bicultural…unfortunate to her being bicultural is very critizizable i believe as said by the woman whom selena is named after the all around famous and loved reina del texmex Selena Quintanilla ….we have to be more mexican than the mexicans and more americans tHAN the americans so everyone can approve of us and of course that cant be done..ass all of you must know selena growing up also did not speak spanish very well but did that make her less of a latina i dont think soo she was loved by every one alike and why did they love her because she admitted at that her spanish was not perfect but she tried i admit i was a bit dissapointed to here that she did not speak very well spanish but i understand i would like her to try t speak it publicly more often,,,,,,y si yo naci en california de padres mexicanos y gracias a dios y a mis padres ellos no me dejaron perder mi raices lamentablemente no todos los padres haces eso por sus hijos

    keep the good work up selena love your work!!

  • Anjelica

    for all you guys saying that she is not latina b/c she doesn’t speak spanish, thats a bunch of bull. I can speak from not being able to understand it at all that it doesn’t matter if u can speak it or not its all about blood. My father is from (born and raised) Belize, a spanish and eniglish speaking country) and can’t speak it at all but all the rest of my family can. But does that make him less Latino. i think not. so why don’t u just keep ur remarks to yourself b/c apparently u dont know wut ur talking bout.

  • person

    @Nick Jonas’ girlfriend: ur not nick jonas girlfriend

  • Rob

    The only thing that is latina about her is her blood, her skin, her hair, her body. So basically, she is a Latina. Who cares that she can’t speak Castilian(Spanish). There are a lot of latino/a that can’t speak Castilian. Yes, it is Castilian spanish. There are different spanish languages like Catalan, Galician, and Castilian. It’s more than likely that her father speaks Castilian since he is from Mexico.

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