Taylor Swift & Zac Efron: Fearless Friends

Taylor Swift & Zac Efron: Fearless Friends

Taylor Swift rocked out The Factory Theatre in Sydney, Australia on Thursday night (March 12) and had a very special guest in the crowd!

JJJ reader Elle wrote in and dished that none other than Zac Efron was there for the performance. Elle wrote, “She did an amazing job but I thought you would like to know that Zac Efron attended the show and viewed the concert from the wings of the stage. I pointed and waved to him but he shook his head and hid behind the curtain, I think he wanted to keep a low profile.”

Taylor came out to support Zac on Wednesday. He premiered his flick, 17 Again.

Taylor Swift – “Love Story”, 03/12
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  • Vanna

    awh the next biffys

  • JustGonnaSay

    Cool, don’t ever think about them dating though. I prefer them as friends.:)

  • jo

    that’s nice of him. he returned the favor

  • c

    awww thatss cuteee<333

    gotta love zac<333

    ah itaylor is pretty too(:

    iLOVEEjoejonas with all my heart<3333333333333333

  • kara

    lets all ignore the fact that it’s “cute” he went to see taylor and focus on the fact that he completely blew off a fan, all he had to do was wave back and he couldn’t even put his ego aside and do that. i used to be a fan but he’s losing my respect more and more each day

  • bettybaby

    i think its great that both of them are enjoying themselves while working in australia!!!!

    but, damn, here it comes……..

    the rodent will enjoy this that’s for sure……

    its kinda sad that zac and vanessa can’t do anything ‘solo’ or with other friends without it creating all kinds of negative speculation….

    i’m sure this post is gonna have a huge comment count!

  • ashlee

    zac ignored a fan?!?!?!? that must be a first. where are the pics of him at this concert?

  • aw

    lol kara what an idiotic comment. You seem to have no idea what blowing off or having an ego means. Also the actual fan in question “Elle” was there as a fan of Taylor firstly.

    Cool, returning the favor. He must be bored since it’s still a couple of days until the next premiere/appearances.

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com angie

    #5 You are so right, he really makes me sick. I don’t know who he thinks he is but it’s not anybody special. Vanessa should dump him because he is way to full of himself…but Vanessa is so grounded and beautiful and she does’nt think she is better then anybody else unlike him.What a douche.

  • kara

    #8 i dont see how her being there to see taylor means it was ok for zac to blow her off like he did, not waving back to her and just shaking his head equals blowing her off, i’m well aware of the definition thank you.

  • desiree

    You people must need a rock to fall on you. he hides in the wings like he’s doing something he shouldn’t be what more do you want.

    He’s sneaking around and he got caught and he ignored a fan to keep from being seen screwing around on Vanessa.

    Friends my ass. Vanessa can’t trust him as far as she can throw him.

  • stephanie

    oh my god, it’s a freaking crime! zac efron ignored a fan!
    call the police!
    he isn’t going to please everybody, give the guy a break.

  • aw

    You implies that he blew off a fan. She was there for a Taylor concert, there is no proof that she is his fan. Also she seems to have no issue with what he “did”. Unless she does, please show me where she is complaining? Because she seems to understand him wanting to be low profile.

  • mhay

    i dont know but he needs to explain this to V.
    i love Vanessa i dont want her to be hurt.
    sorry if im so imature.

  • kara

    if she waved at him i’m assuming she’s a fan and even so it doesn’t matter if she’s a fan or not she waved and he not only ignored that but he even shook his head at her and it’s not the fact that it doesn’t seem to bother her it’s just the principle

  • vannie

    im just admire Vanessa for being so faithful to Zac all this years
    by wearing a ring everyday etc. hope Vanessa knows about this Zac.

  • sara

    aww thats cute that they’re supporting eachother while both in Austriala! i wonder if vanessa and taylor know eachother…?

  • kami

    does sound like he’s sneaking around. not cause he’s doing something wrong. he probably knows that if seen there the story will be all over the www by tomorrow morning that something is going on with him and taylor. but it will be anyway. better to not disregard a fan that way and be open about being there.

  • yep

    ooor maybe he hid b/c he knew this is how some people would respond. I think it’s awesome that he could go to her concert in Australia. I’m sure they have met before and if not, they do have mutual friends already.

    Just sticking up for Zac a little (unnecessarily I might add, as those who are fans of his wouldn’t be angry at him for this anyway), from everything he has said in interviews and such, I would guess that he was just trying to keep his privacy in tact (which this fan did seem to recognize after waving to him) just as he always is no matter if he is in America or another country.

  • Bobby

    Zaylor all the way I hate Zaneesa.

  • aw

    Just because you recognize someone, does not mean you must be their fan. Regardless it’s obvious he shook his meaning for her to not draw attention to him. And do you know what ignoring means? Shaking his head at her means he noticed her, you can’t do that and ignore at the same time.

    Also the rest of you are pathetic. God forbid Zac and Vanessa hang out with and/or be in the presence of someone of the opposite sex. Stop being so freaking insecure about someone else’s relationship. And for the morons such as desiree or the rat who is sure to come, it’s ridiculous how hard you try. You’re grasping at straws.

  • jamin

    oh, zac, zac, zac. dude, being sneaky does not become you. i’m sure you told gf you were going, but why sneak around?

  • yep

    well said aw : )

  • jo

    y’all are dumb. did you not Read?! He wanted to keep a low profile so girls aren’t distracted and keep the focus of TAYLOR SWIFT who has PERFORMING! DUH

  • katie

    morons. he probably shook his head like “no no, don’t let people know i’m here, the focus needs to be on taylor.” aka being polite to TAYLOR.

    and you zanessa freaks are both hilarious and pathetic.

  • tia

    he and taylor would make an awesome couple. unlike vanessa-taylor actually seems genuinley appreciative of everything she has and of her fans. she seems like a really really normal girl, who is totally unaffcted by the fame. shes stunningly pretty, but doesnt walk around with an air of ‘i KNOW im pretty so im gunna have a stuckup look on my face and pout at every chance i get’. in every sense of the word, taylor swift is MUCH more likeable than vanessa. even though she is WAAYYY more successful and talented, she just seems waayyy more down to earth and humble than vanessa hudgens. i think any guy would be lucky to date a girl like taylor. shes awesome!

  • KK

    how sweet to return the favor back to taylor, by going to her concert & supporting her (:
    that’s just so cute AS friends & nothing more ;)
    WOW. look at taylor go! that concert def looks amazing!

    Honestly guys
    your making a big deal over nothing!
    trust Zac and realize he’s still the same guy, V trusts and loves with everything!
    Just because he went there, doesn’t mean, something’s gonna happen. What taylor did, for him was the most sweetest thing ever..i mean, he was really lonely w/o V :(
    And don’t blame V for not being there, i mean, she needed time,for other projects & spend time with her family..she’s human, and she does have a life! BUT i know, she wanted to be there, because V always have supported Zac no matter what- just not at this time.
    IF zac went there ( the same place and different time) to support tay & watch her perform- he was returning the favor, for her, and thanking her, for being there, for him, when he had no one @ the 17 premiere.
    OF course, that elle ( fan) who caught zac ,and waved at him, but he just shook his head- he wasn’t pointing out, he’s NOT a fan, he was obviously being low key and didn’t want anyone to know he was there!
    I mean, he was probably scared about the whole thing, and didn’t want people to get the wrong message – like what right now even!
    And i bet, that fan girl, knew what Zac was aiming for..
    he wants his life to be low key and not have people know what he does all the time? is that so hard to believe?

    YES he supported tay and watched her concert. he’s a fan , just like that Elle girl.
    HE treated the girl, with respect and dignity. Not making a big deal and just walking away…really smooth.Imagine, if you were there..screaming and going GAGA for Zac..when really..all he wants is alone time..and some privacy? AND you would respect his wishes and understand what he wants.

    Z still loves V. Believe that!
    His intentions to cheat are low and rare, just because V didn’t show up..i bet he understood that reason, instead of showing what it’s like, not to have someone be there for him.

    get it now?

  • aw

    katie- well no more pathetic than fools like tia.

  • http://justjaredjr.com ashleytfan

    I think its sweet that they are becoming close friends.
    He probably didn’t wanna be seen because he wants to just you know, be free from cameras for once?
    I don’t know but, he doesn’t have an ego.
    And Vanessa doesn’t have to be clinged to his side 24/7.
    I don’t get that about you ‘zanessa’ fans. You act like just because they are a couple that they have to be everywhere with each other all the time.

  • Lai

    i trust ZAC.

  • nessa







  • dieba

    they just friend..




  • http://www.justjaredjr.com duhh

    #14 Exactly….I don’t know if anyone else cares about Vanessa’s feelings but I do it seems they only care about and defend Zac. One day she’ll find that ‘special one’ to bad Zac is wasting her time.

  • desiree


    “His intentions to cheat are low and rare”

    so what are you saying he only cheats sometimes? When he thinks he won’t get caught.

    “just because V didn’t show up” what that’s her fault he cheats? Maybe he thought he needed to this on his own, maybe she had to stay home and do her business.

    Why are you sounding like she’ is busy in one breath and she’s didn’t want to be bothered in the other.

  • joanne

    ok i’m a zanessa fan. but not all their fans are tweens, most are actually older than they are so don’t think all their “fans” are immature tweens who can’t comprehend that Zac and Vanessa are Individuals who are in a mature, trusting relationship.

  • aw


    He’s not even cheating idiot.

  • http://justjaredjr.com patricia20

    oooh i hope they are DATINGG!!! cutest couple EVERRRR!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    ..OHEMGEE !! Zachary ignored a fan !!! We MUST tell the news people about so it can be seen all over Televison !!! …You have got to be kidding me.

    He didn’t want to be seen so that it won’t start a ruckus. Taylor Swift preformed and Zachary decided to come and watch but keep a low profile while at it so that all the fans there won’t be distracted by him. It’s Taylor’s performance after all and I don’t think she would really like it if half of her fans are over at Zachary trying to get an autograph from him while she’s performing. I know I would have done that if I saw him.

    #25, Katie. You are SO right. There. There’s all the things we can think about. Give the guy a break, he was trying to be polite.

  • jamin

    vanessa never displays what you all consider “questionable” behavior with other dudes, so there is never any need to defend her. she is more aware of her reputation and the publics perception of her. zac just naturally assumes everyone will like him no matter what he says or how he behaves. it’s called a double standard.

  • desiree

    it is strange we are always seeing Zac in position like this and then lame supporters come and say they should be allowed to be with other friends.

    no one notices that Vanessa is never seen in the company of hanging out with male friends usually if she’s doing business we will see her with a man.

    but we don’t see her hanging with guys she’s alone or with Ashley or mom. so why does Zac get a pass

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com duhh

    How would you know if he’s not cheating? Wow Zac must be sent from heaven…NOT. Zac is a low life and every time he’s away from Vanessa he tries to hook up with a girl.Desiree you’re right. Why did Vanessa have to end up with this scumbag? =(

  • Nel

    Some of you are truly disgusting! Not to mention pathetic! Zac can’t go to a concert without the trolls thinking he’s cheating on his girlfriend. Get a life people!

  • Nel

    Even if Zac is attempting to step out on Vanessa, you are all making the assumption that Taylor wants him. What makes you think she wants him?!

  • Lai

    is zac is like the other man out there?

  • joanne

    you are too immature to realize that they are in a commited relationship. they can hang out with other people. they’re not attached at the hip. Zachary was supporting her by watching the show. Vanessa was pictured with Taylor Lautner in an event? So was she cheating on Zac then?

  • Lani

    You commenters are always good for the lulz.

    It is just like being in high school, reading so much into a situation, making mountains out of molehills, you are.

  • Kar

    oh good lord. if vanessa went to see a justin timberlake concert would she have to explain it?

  • taylor swift rulz

    nah he was definetely doing the right thing. my friends saw him (and got pis:P) of him and they went CRAZY. it wouldve taken the attention off taylor if he came on stage

  • desiree


    are you saying you think he is being a slime.

    if vanessa went to a timberlake concert she would most likely be with a girlfriend she isn’t seen with men outside of zac outside of business.