Vanessa Hudgens - New Ecko Red Commercial!

Vanessa Hudgens - New Ecko Red Commercial!

Basically What We’re Gonna Do Is Dance, Basically What We’re Gonna Do Is Dance

Vanessa Hudgens gets the giggles as she slips on her Ecko Red Red Phranz-Phavorite Sneakers in this new behind-the-scenes commercial from her “Sneakernight” music video.

The 20-year-old actress is the face of the young women’s brand, Ecko Red. Check out Vanessa‘s new ads!

Check out the commercial below!

Vanessa Hudgens – Behind-The-Scenes Ecko Red Commercial
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  • secret

    hot. love it

  • secret

    but its stuffing up during it.

  • secret

    its stuffing up during it.

    you can look up on youtube tho

  • Just Interested

    that commercial’s old i want new ones ;[[[

  • listen to mayday parade

    i hate ecko, its so a thug girl brand
    but she is gorgeous. but the commercial looks lame.

  • biggest fan of Vanessa hudgens

    kinda cool.

  • awurbii

    it’s not rely a commercial. just behind the scenes of her music video.

  • jo

    That’s old jjj! obviously not new cos it;s for sneakernight which she did last year

  • anika

    its a weird video

  • oshin


  • vancrazed

    Yeah. this is old, they may still be running it, but from what I understand, there are newer ones, or will be. This one is definitely old.

  • susan

    jjj this is last year echo commercial not new.

  • Karen

    mmmm, wondering why this is being pushed as a “new” ad with Vanessa. We’ve seen this ad using the Sneakernight song and we’ve even seen behind the scene footage of it too. It would seem someone is desperate to put something about Vanessa on JJJ. She must be doing pretty good at avoiding the paps and the pics they got of her the other day must have not been enough for everybody.

  • vic brazil ♥

    Sneakernight is my favorite music video!
    I LOVE HER*-*

  • JustGonnaSay

    reminds me the style of Sneakernight. The most stupid and annoying song. The styles of that dress is so annoying to see. Oh well. I’m just being honest.

  • bohe_Mia


  • Mary

    this is old, something new

  • zanessaholic

    this is old..
    but vanessa rocks!!!
    she’s gorgeous as ever of course..
    love her! :)

  • chris
  • Rosa

    this is older than old !!

  • susan

    even old.doesn’t matter still love it.
    vanessa i love u!!!

  • Alex


  • -Kary-

    I loVe her!!

    She’s beautiful!!

  • peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

    i love you so much vanessa

    and it’s so gr8 whatever you doing it’s cool becus you the one how did’t

  • Patricia

    Sneakernight came out only a few weeks ago in Holland.. Wish it came out earlier here,, I already know de song for months!!.. She looks so cute in the video :) Love Zanessa (L)

  • shannon x

    Oh my gosh! they are the exact same shoes i have that she is modelling, that is awesome :) i love you vanessa x

  • serena

    i hateher. she;’s nothing. NEXT.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Beautiful girl and awesome dancer ♥
    Vanessa has it all :]
    LOVE YA BABy-V ♥

  • dani

    im so happy than vanessa doesn’t go sydney with her boyfriend

  • Katty

    That’s old, JJJ. When he updates as Zac or Vanessa, even Ashley, is when he gets the most hits and comments on the site, she added something old. Can’t be mad at him tho, Iove V, just get something a little newer, bud!
    Anyways, where is her new commercial, shouldn’t that be coming out soon? And does anyone know is Sucker Punch is ACTUALLY confirmed?

  • Just Jill

    Katty, #29, this video was just uploaded on Ecko TV’s YouTube today. This is why we posted it.

  • jessie

    I LOVE YOU VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katty

    It looks old… I don’t care, I like updates on V

  • ode

    lol that fedora she wore it at the beach when she went with zac to turks and caicos

  • maria

    LOVE this girl, her energy, her spunk, her sass, and her beauty!!

  • Rachel

    jjj this is old!! this was last yearrr

  • http://zanessa nathalia


  • vanny14

    i’m hoping to van’s new movie,

    please jj inform us about that

  • loveV..

    love her..
    she’s HOT!!!

  • Alex
  • loveV..

    SNEAK peek at vanessa’s upcoming movie.. BANDSLAM

  • loveV..

    hey guys,there’s a SNEEK PEAK at Vanessa’s upcoming movie BANDSLAM.. Ü


  • charles

    she is gorgeous

  • me

    I LOVE YOU VANESSA!!!!!!!!

  • lslsharon

    love baby v!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yoo

    Nessa is sooo cutee

  • Baby-b


    were can u get does Ecko Red shoes??
    luv dem!! xox

    U rock!! luv Baby-B!! xx

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