Alexander Ludwig Crushes on Jessica Alba

Alexander Ludwig Crushes on Jessica Alba

Alexander Ludwig recently sat down with Teen Vogue to dish on his new flick, Race to Witch Mountain, in theaters TODAY. Check out what the 16-year-old actor had to say:

On if he watched the original RTWM: “Believe it or not, I was a huge fan of the original. My mom was a fan when she was a kid, and she kind of passed it down to me. I had such a crush on Kim Richards, who played the sister.”

On becoming a family on the set: “It’s funny–the movie’s about people from different worlds coming together and forming this one family and we really formed like a family off-screen, too. AnnaSophia’s (Robb) amazing and Dwayne (Johnson) is unbelievable. He’s super jacked, but he doesn’t act like a tough guy at all. He really took AnnaSophia and me under his wing.”

On his favorite movies: “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, E.T., Saving Private Ryan, Goonies, and Stand By Me.”

On watching TV: “I don’t really have time to watch too much, but I like Family Guy and Entourage. I’m also obsessed with the YouTube series Balls of Steel. It’s hilarious.”

On his favorite tunes: “Jet, The Beatles, AC/DC, The Beach Boys. Lately, I’ve also revisited Sum 41. I actually write my own music whenever I have a chance. I play guitar and sing.”

On who he’s crushing on: “Jessica Alba. I have the biggest crush on her, I can’t even tell you. I met her in Vancouver when she was filming Good Luck Chuck.”

On the hardest thing about being a young actor: “It’s so tough trying to keep school up. Every twenty minute break you get, you have to go back to the school trailer–while everyone else gets to go back to their own trailer and read their lines and prepare for the next scene.”

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  • katie

    everyone crushes on jessica alba.

  • x

    another guy crushing on Jessica Alba… Shocking

  • Michelle

    He’s so cute! I want to hear him sing!

  • Lauren

    yay! i’m a fan. he likes the goonies and stand by me. nuff said!!!

  • Chloe

    it seems like EVERY guy in the world crushes on jessica alba seriously :/

    i really wish i was her lol :P

  • diana

    I’ve heard him sing and he’s not bad.
    the unfortanate part is that I know him.

  • Amanda

    I think Michelle is right, He is cute and I want to hear him sing to!

  • Gabby

    he is like the hottest person ever! i mean right after edward cullen. SO HOT> i so wish i was his girlfriend…

  • Madu

    he is soooo cute i want to here him sing

  • cheyenne

    I love him

  • Emma

    I love him he is so so so so so so cute

  • nisa

    i <3<3<3 HIM!!

  • coleen

    wow…i didn’t know he write songs too…well i write songs too especially when i’m alone…hehe

  • http://justjaredjr. notey

    were did you here him sing.

  • Hannah Bocquin

    Oh my god! He is sooooo hot! I am sooo jealous of jessica alba. She is so not good enough for him. He is like the hottest person ever! I am so going to see his movie right when it comes out.

  • http://- abigail

    i love him too!i want to buy the dvd and watch it over and over

  • http://google clau

    hi congratulations on your birthday alexander ludwig

  • linkan

    I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Alexander Ludwig. Hope your nice dreams come true ! and be good Alexander ! I have seen your new movie (Race To Witch Mountain i mean) it’s totally cool ! you have a great power ! Anna too, she’s really great. i think what just Hannah said up there is a little bit wrong. I mean, as a fan we should support him (Alexander Ludwig) if he has a Big crush on Jessica Alba. But, i wanna ask Alexander : do you think that Jessica Alba is too old for you ? haha :D GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALEXANDER LUDWIG :D !!!

  • violet

    wow, obsessive much, guys? let the poor actor breathe-but i do think that he should audition for the part of riley in twilight’s eclipse-he looks the part

  • lolo

    hes so sosososoosososoosososososo cute!!!x3 i wish i can hear him sing! he has a crush on jessica alba? isnt she too old for him? and i think he deserves better girl than her. alexander all the way!! woo!! love your movie: race to witch moutain

  • lolo

    so cute!!!x3

  • trixie

    hi! alexander can i call u alex 4 shortcut?
    pls add me? on my friendster? here’s my e-mail address

    pls add me!! $_$

  • http://yahoo mikaela

    hi alexander,,,,
    I really like your character at THE SANDLOT 3 (E.J.)
    it’s so cute for you,your name (E.J.) and your bad character….



    I think you should look at other ACTRESSES that fits for your AGE….

    well for me JESSICA ALBA and YOU are not compatible….

    I LOVE YOU!!!!



  • Gelz quiambao

    oh my God..hey!zxander, you’re so handsome…i’m totally inlove with you…

  • nallely mendaz pares

    i love alexander ludwig is fantastic,love your movie race to witch mountain is cool.
    your brothers;natalie,nick, so fantastic,well my house is cool for alexander ludwig is so cool.
    your school; collingwood school in west vancouver.

  • cHaCa (inDoNeSia)

    Hi… zXanDer???…. You vEry2 hAndSoMe

  • cHaCa (inDoNeSia)

    Hi… ZxanDer??? YoUr So hAndSoMe n cOoL!!! I LIKE YOU!!! :-)

  • Jade

    I LOVE U ur so CCCCUUUUTTTTEEEE.I love Race to Witch Mountain its awsome :)

  • Jade

    I LOVE U ur so CCCCUUUUTTTTEEEE.I love Race to Witch Mountain its awsome :)