Ashley Tisdale is Salon Sweet

Ashley Tisdale is Salon Sweet

Ashley Tisdale lets her hair blow in the wind as she leaves the Andy Lecompte Salon in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon (March 13).

The 23-year-old actress was seen toting her fave Fendi “Spy” bag and wore Frye Veronica Slouch Boots.

Ashley will be in the next episode of Myspace’s “The Fit” next week. She’ll be giving fans a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for her new album Guilty Pleasure.

Ashley also updated her official website today. She writes, “Hey all, it’s Ashley. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for neglecting my blog for a while. I have been so busy working on the new web design and the project that I’ve put my heart and soul into, my new album, Guilty Pleasure. For the last 8 months, I’ve been spending my time working to make this the best album it can be, because this album is a reflection of where I am in my life. Thank you for all the support and I’ll be checking in and giving you updates. I love you guys! xoxo Ashley.”

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  • miilla

    damn she does alot too her hair `
    it’s not good for her hair..

  • Sar

    She looks preeeeeeeety.

  • Seruce

    she’s stared being borin this days with her dailey stayle there’s no fashion in it at all

  • miilla

    secure #3 yep i agree and i hate the boots on her’

  • Martah

    I can’t wait to listen guilty pleasure
    ash I love you:)

  • laura

    she really has to change it up.

  • izzie

    love her

  • Alyssa

    Can’t wait for Guilty Pleasure!!!

  • Wisher

    Thats all she does? goes in and out salon . !

  • kate

    I love her hair.

    First! ?

  • biggestashleyfan

    gorgeous, love her soooooooooooooooooooo much, my rolemodel and inspiaration forever and always; cant wait till her new album :)

    love you so much ash
    fan since 2005


  • ilovezanessaxo

    Yeah I dislike her style very much. She wears gray cardigans with white tops underneath in way too many candids. And the hair..ugh. So boring.
    Sorry Ash fans!

  • liz

    She looks nice. Not my fav outfit. I love her, but seriously. She’s ALWAYS going to the Salon. It’s like the only thing she does.

    Although I am looking forward to her album!

  • ivanka

    so now she is copying vanessas curly hair?

  • Elisa

    wisher #9

    yeah, that’s all she does… she is recording inside of a beauty salon, she is producing a show inside of a beauty salon, her office is inside of a beauty salon ¬¬

    i hate when you said that the only thing that she does is going to the salon. Ashley is working very hard in so many projects. It’s not her fault that the only pics that we see are from the salon. So please! don’t say that Ashley is not working because she is

  • Solange

    #14: Vanessa’s not the only one in the world who has curly hair. Okay??? And she’s not famous! Go back to primary school!

  • Virginia

    how is that copying?
    She hardly has CURLY HAIR! It’s like barely wavy (Ashley).

    You guys make way too many assumptions, grow up.

  • ivanka

    oh and those fugly boots i forgot to say
    and solange vanessa is famous … for more information check the magazines or watch all the paparazzi pics of her…

  • Sabrina

    Ashleyy I Loove your Style and YOouuu!
    I Can’t wait for listenning Gulty Pleasure !
    I support that you want to be more rebellious because you are gonna be the same ashley everytime LOovee YOou Real Muchh <33

    S AA b r i n a

  • guga

    you’re pathetic
    stop trying to guess something you know NOTHING about
    vanessa is not the only person in the world with curly hair
    and vanessa and ashley are pretty much in the same level when it comes to famous

  • Solange

    yeah i know, famous for some nude pics…and Bandslam sucks, do u watch the trailer… i puked as i saw it for the first time… What was Aly think to do such a completely fail movie!

    anw, Ashley looks gorgeous!


    WOW, her hair is PERFECT! *-*
    Ash, we ♥ u !

  • http://justjared lucy

    she is not copy Vanessa, she as a natural curly hair, look the pictures when she is a child she has a brown and a very curly hair, hence she has never copied anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps: she is very cutie :-)

  • britney

    oh i forgot to say that the tabloids and almost everyone started to notice her b/c oh her nude pics nothing else

  • Andy

    So cute!

  • miilla

    britney # 21 and solange #19
    sure ……

    AND everyone started to notice ashley after she was seen with vanessa AND because of that NOSE’JOB sshe got then

    i am not a ashley hater ! but COME on PLEASE if vanessa isn’t famous then ashley isn’t famous AT ALL ‘

    and i would for example say that your pretty famous if you get asked to perform at the FREAKING oscars !!

  • kim

    well said britney
    i bet ivanka if vanessa would of been wearing those boots
    it would had been the most beautiful thing u ever seen
    grow up
    seriously wat r u 10


    people think that ashley only has fans on just jared!?
    come on theirs loads of billions of fans out their.
    and vanessa dosent OWN curly hair!!!!!!!!
    vanessa bumlickers. u seriously look stupid.
    u guys she said in an interview, “im annoyed tht people always compare me and ashley, they need to accept that where just friends”

    loveuashley xxxxxxxxxx

  • PaulinhoO

    Awsome! *——–*

    Looove³ <3

  • roy

    wat the hell u talking bout
    ashley was seen by paparazzi way before she was seen with vanees
    and way way before her nosejob

    im not saying vanessa isnt famous
    she is just in a smaller level
    she has not done anything besides hsm that shes been reconazed for
    her album was nothing but a joke
    so wat else
    instead ashleys album went wold
    while her movie picture this was seen by 4 to 5 millions viewers
    i understand that ashley is still in the middle but the way shes going with her enxt album i really think shell make it big

  • katie

    some of you are SOOOO immature and stupid. i bet if this was vanessa u wuld be PRAISING what she was wearing. and also, wtf! how in the world is she ‘copying’ vanessas hair?!?!?!?!?! as if vanessa hudgens like, invented curly hair. annnnddd ashley is NOT famous cuz of vanessa. they BOTH are well known because of HSM.

  • Mary

    Ashley rocks on, love her

  • tizzfan

    ashley and vanessa haters are just the same
    they SUCK big time…..
    people who keep comparing both girls need to eat dust since they probably don’t have friendship like ashnessa have for each other…
    grow up !!!

  • erika

    you guys she looks great and i love her style so stop gating

  • erika

    and by the way i love her hair! and stop comparing her to vanessa cause i love ashley and vanessa! and there both BFFS!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh..haven’t seen her in a while. She looks pretty :D I love her outfit, reminds me of her BFF’s outfit.

    ..Now, let’s get this straight. Ashley and Vanessa are BFF’s, actually, their sisters. They tend to help each other with style, music, acting…etc. etc. Ashnessa FOREVER !! ♥

  • super fan ashley

    I can’t wait for her second album, it will the best!!!!!!!

  • awurbii

    stop hating on ashley and vanessa . its just dumb. solange what is wrong with you? seriously, when u write stuff like that it causes problems. i get that u like ashley but there’s no need to rat out vanessa.

    vanessa and ashley are godd friends. their as famous as each other and both talented ppl.

  • http://myspace syahira

    U all are damn fool!!!!!!!
    r u crazy??
    she is NOT copy anyone OKAY??!!
    ashley n vanessa are BFF, n pliz…..
    not juz bcoz of that,ashley copying vanessa’s hair n whatever…..
    I talk this not bcoz I”M really2 biggest fan of ashley…
    yeah i am but this is for reality…
    not juz bcoz vanessa has done a performance at academy awards, she already famous….
    PLIZ!! Don’t say bad things to others people aspecially ASHLEY!!!
    she is GORGEOUS enough!!

  • Carl


  • Marilyn

    #14 ivanka,

    Just a heads up Ashley has naturally curly hair like Vanessa.

    I like her outfit, the boots are growing on me

  • ZJ207

    She has the BEST style everrrrr!!!!!!!! :D:D <3
    She looks stunning here! :D:D <33
    I love her !! :D


    i just heard the preview of the single!!!!
    its soooo good!!!!
    go hear it at myspace music playlist!!!!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    she doesn’t need copy anyone ;)
    she doesn’t need to be popular with her boyfriend or meet celebrate people !
    this is ashley’s style ;)
    but you say she copys vanessa’s’s really wrong
    you guys have NO brain .. i’m starting think about’re really bad you don’t know friendship or another thing .you always want to find bad thing.eww it is really bad for you because you cannot be happy like this ;)
    and ashley looks really amazing ! i like her style ! and everyone likes ;)
    but she listens breakup songs.did she breakup with jared ?! :(

  • nina

    i looooooove her, shes the best

  • Emma

    I love everything about Ashley :D
    and i cant wait for her album. LOVE HER HAIR

  • Solange

    in Ashley’s Myspace, there is a 8 sec preview of the song. And it’s SUPER HOTTTTTT

  • jen

    she’s not copying anyone.. but i really think her outfit these days are boring. wats happening?? she’s cute but that’s not her best?? theres somthin wrong.. i dont really like it

  • lauren

    Then we clarify some things girls ashley is much better than vanessa! ash is beautiful is fantastic and not only on JJJ because I am a fan of Italy and in Italy all know and love to all! vanessa you want to know what they know and how to take the call? call vanessa a slut! because now is only known for his photos of naked on the internet!
    ashley is known for his skill and his endless talent beyond its immense and unsurpassed beauty!

  • Seruce

    will maybe Italy think about vanessa as this way becus they did’t knew what happen next , that photo it’s only her pssns , so if the think at this way let’s what goone happen with her new album , and by the way maybe this is not italy thinking maybe it’s only yours . Vanessa is the besr and i hop all good things to her , i love her mre even than life , she is so cool