David Archuelta Sings Selena

David Archuelta Sings Selena

David Archuleta wowed the crowd on Wednesday night in San Antonio, Texas when he sang sang the late Latin singer Selena‘s “Como La Flor.”

The 18-year-old “Crush” crooner claimed to not remember all the words to the song, but did sing a few words of the chorus perfectly!

David also updated his official website to weigh in on the current American Idol contestants. He wrote, “I was able to watch American Idol since we have tivo on the bus! I am really impressed with the people they have this season. Some of the performances that stood out to me were Adam Lambert‘s and Danny Gokey‘s performances. I also really liked Matt Giraud‘s performance. There were honestly a lot of good ones. Allison Iraheta blew me away with her voice. I can’t believe she’s only 16! I’m really looking forward to what else she is going to do.”

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David Archuleta – “Como La Flor”, 03/11

David Archuleta – “Como La Flor”, 03/11
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  • gano.


  • MoJo

    First!! I like Danny Gokey, Alyson Iraheta, Alexis Grace, and Lil Rounds!!! Woo!! I love AI!!!!!

  • jane


  • sarah

    i like danny and adam

  • jj

    OMG He was so amazing singing that! I LOVED IT!!

  • N’keeyah

    I Love Danny and Lil’ Rounds. My faves might change though.

  • sanders

    LOVE hearing David sing in spanish!! More,David!!

  • celeste

    I don´t like anybody, but if I have to chose I guess that Adam Lambert… grat video from David and blog from David, thanks for posting it…

  • katie


  • kara

    David is so much fun to watch. His voice is amazing!

  • liz

    I Love Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, Danny Gokey, and Allison Iraheta <3 Haha, but none of them beat David A! ♥

  • addy

    haha. David’s like a walking jukebox. of course he knows the words to that song! that was amazing!

  • dbs

    Thanks for posting David’s videos. David is beyond amazing!!!! WOW!!! he can sing in any language and he will sound perfect!!!!! I’m Hispanic, my native language is Spanish, and listening to David sing in that language is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! PERFECT!!! I hope he records an album in Spanish soon!

    Te adoramos David!!! Dios te bendiga!

    P.S. I already have my idol, David Archuleta. However, my favorite this season is Danny Gokey.

  • Lauren

    awwww he’s so cute

  • Soy

    Ahhhh David’s voice is ear candy.
    Especially when he sings in Spanish! :)
    He’s so modest too…

  • marie

    I’m still unsure who my favorite on AI is this year. I do know who my all time, will never change, love him so much favorite is……..That would be Mr. I can’t go a second without having an adorable grin on my face, and singing my heart out 24/7!!!!!

  • Sharon

    He sounds so HOT singing in Spanish.

  • gloria

    ahhhh he is so freaking cute!! i love love him so much!!! ahh i heard he alredy record “crush” in spanish i cant wait to hear it :)

  • vote KCA!

    i thought they meant sel gomez oh shuckerss.

  • lizzy

    OMG I WAS AT THAT CONCERT!!! FIRST ROW RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PIANO AHH!!!! =]] IT WAS SO FReAKIN AMAZING!!!!!! he was SOOOO much cuter live when he asked his mom what he should sing!!!! it was adorablle!! and when he said ‘selena’ omg =]] so hott!

  • rocksii

    aww.. that was cute!
    i know most of selena’s songs by memory haha
    i listened to her since i was little … anyways..
    he actually sings perfect in spanish!
    I absolutely LOVE him!

  • ivanka

    omg is amazing! its great that latin singers really accept the fact that they have altin roots and dont forget spanish..=)

  • the.KT

    frick hes good!

  • Astrid

    oh my agaod, u can´t belive it. he is amazin singing in spanish too.
    tI like Adam Lambert too, what is a surprice for me cause i dont like rock music, but he´s really good. anyway the best american idol ever is and will always be David Archuleta of course!!
    thanks for the videos, it´s amaging!!
    eres increible David. en español o en inglés eres el mejor. no solo eres un American idol, tambien un latin american idol!!

  • Sadie

    I LOVE KRIS ALLEN and David Archuleta. I am glad that David is singing some songs in Spanish. That way he can open up another market….YAY!

  • sv18

    he sings sooo great in spanish!!

  • pascalee

    What a joy to hear David sing!!

  • c

    awww i lovee selena<333


    te quiero

    he sonud is perfect and sexy in spanish

    he is the best :)

    go adam lambert

  • cutelady

    he is adorable and sexy singing in spanish

    i love him

  • nia

    He sounds amazing in spanish.
    like seriously.
    i love selena and tht song
    and he just sounds so sexy. lol

    he said he was gonna release crush in spanish.
    cant wait to hear tht.

  • Amy(ahecht25)

    Let’s see:




    Latin American-check!

    Who’s next?!!! World Archu-domination, here we come!!!

    That was an amazing cover of a Selena song! The boy can really sing/do anything. There’s no stopping him.

    As for this season of Idol, I think it pretty much sucks, but my fave (I use that term lightly) is Danny Gokey, but there will never be another David Archuleta-EVER! He will always be my one true Idol.

  • Treetop

    awwww i haven’t sung selena since i was around 10, good stuff

  • Archie papi chulo

    he is so sweet

    I love his Spanish
    His voice is amazing

    I love that song

    I miss selena :(

    David my papi chulo mua :)

  • China80

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! David can sing everything!! He is just preparing us people for when he releases “CRUSH” in Spanish which is probably already done and waiting to be released!!!

  • lauren :]

    AHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD THAT NIGHT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh oh and it was thursday night not wednesday



  • lauren :]

    OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope that lady that asked him to sing in spanish make archie loves san antonio’s show the best :D oh and it was thursday night not wednesday.

    I LOVED LAST NIGHT SO MUCH IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WISH I MET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Lucky

    Beautiful <333 David can sing the phone book dawg.
    and now we know he could sing the phone book in spanish too =p

  • blu

    Thanks for posting this on your blog =) He is just full of surprises! He can sing ANYTHING! I wouldnt be surprised if he could sing in Japanese! lol

  • accord

    I talked to him! He said he hopes to get the chance to record an album in spanish someday. OMG, David singing spanish is HOT!



  • Lindy

    i love when he sings in spanishhh :D

  • duyen

    Love David. He is so amazing

  • gracie

    What is he saying in Spanish?

  • iluvdavid

    omggg he did it again in new mexico!! this one is even clearer!!! David is perfect!


  • iluvdavid

    hey guys he sang an even more amazing version from Albuquerque New Mexico is up and it’s perrrrrrrrfection to the maxx a he’s so IT

    search David Archuleta singing Selena

  • idontcaree

    omg ahhhh i wish i was there

  • kelsye

    i cant wait to hear crush in spanish i know he already record it :)

  • gloria

    david is so HOT

  • Ashley

    haha i love how everyone knows the words =) that just made me so happy…we will never forget Selena

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