Demi Lovato & Sterling Knight are Fast Friends

Demi Lovato & Sterling Knight are Fast Friends

Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight make nice with actor Rich Ceraulo in this new still from Sonny With A Chance.

In the upcoming episode “Fast Friends,” Sonny (Lovato) is interviewed by Tween Weekly but Chad (Knight) steps in and tries to steal the spotlight. Sonny gets frustrated with his schemes and gets angry with him and the cameras catch her!

“Fast Friends” airs Sunday, March 29 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

10+ Sonny stills inside…

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  • Mileylover

    GO DEMI LOVATO!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU GO GIRLV !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ;o

    ooh i hope they get together. they would be so cute.

  • Brittney

    awee demi s so pretty i dont care what anyone says shes gorgeous

  • hun98

    I wouldn’t call her gorgeous. But I like her looks. Seem fresh faced and sweet. just normal, you know?

    Anyways, yeah, these two have chem on the show! Like the hate-love thing! :) Hope there are some Chonny momemts!!

  • ashleytfan

    I agree #4. She looks normal. In a good way though. She looks like the regular all american girl teenager. Not some glamorous, stuck up celebrity. She relates. :)

  • omer

    Ashley Tisdale’s new single sneek peek!!:

  • DisneyFan

    See that’s the problem, I’m so used to seeing drop-dead gorgeous girls on Disney, like Vanessa, Ashley, Selena Gomez (of course), and even Miley. I truly would like Demi better if she was on Nickelodeon. If she were standing next to Miranda Grosgrove, then yes I would say Demi is pretty. But she just doesn’t measure up when compared to the Disney girls. Demi is looks a little more average than them and her personality is just too…different.

  • Webber

    #5, but sometimes looking average and normal may not be a good thing for a teen star, especially the female ones. Demi has musical talent but that alone is not enough in Hollywood. Look at Christina Aguilera, she’s the best singer around AND has the looks but is still not able to upstage barbie-looking Britney Spears.

    Speaking of Barbie, looks sells. Miley dolls sell like hotcakes and I’m hearing a lot of anticipation for the upcoming Selena doll. But I’ve noticed that the Demi dolls at Toys R Us are looking extremely lonely and unnoticed on the shelfs. It is always the prettiest doll that appeals to little girls, and Miley and Selena have that advantage.

    Let’s face it. Our world is shallow. I’m not trying to say Miley and Selena have looks but no talent. All 3 of them are talented. But when you are a Disney teen queen, you have to be extremely pretty to be a hit. That’s just how Hollywood is and will forever be. Unfortunately, Demi alone will not be able to break that awful trend.

  • Craig

    This show is a failure. it’s getting beaten in ratings by iCarly, and that is not even a good show.

  • FOx

    Her smile reallly freaks me out. Sterling is annoying. But I do like to listen to Demi’s music, just not her show. ):

  • lalaine

    i agree to no. 10

    i don’t like it when she grins… it doesn’t look cute on her …urgh…

  • NativeNYker

    Her smile is a bit creepy and her hair seems like its textured…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • sam

    yeah demi is very pretty but it’s hollywood. Compared to other stars she is average. I see people commenting her she is so ugly why would someone like her. people are so shallow, the only thing that matters is looks in hollywood. I’m not much of a fan of disney but i think Demi is the most talented star on disney aswell as Miley Cyrus that’s my opinion.

  • Mary Ann


  • Mary Ann

    ARE U SICK ? ):

  • anon

    well i think demi is gorgeous…beauty is in the eye of the beholder remember that guys! and i hope this show fails that way demi can get out of disney and dont gain too many little fans! ugh! anyway love her!

  • Toby

    She looks unique but she just has a really manly face for a 16 year old girl. and she sorta dresses like a man too. I just saw her new Dont Forget video and she practically looked like Russel Brand.

  • http://jjj miley

    i love her music and she looks good! not too glamourous and not too normal!
    go demi!

  • V

    Like what #17 had said, I think Demi is not too Hollywood, and not too normal. She’s can relate to us better than most stars. I think that Selena looks pretty normal, not too normal, but she does look normal, in a good way. Miley… well, that’s a different story (she’s still pretty cool, though).

  • janice

    These comments make me really sad. I don’t know how old or young you guys are, but its important to not focus on these types of things. Beauty is subjective, meaning that what one person thinks is beautiful may not be the next person’s idea of beauty. We are fascinated with the materialism of hollywood and focus on their looks and style or whatever and you guys look up to them for that. You are blinded by how then look and how wonderful their lives seem to be, but in reality, you are being misled. The fantastic world of celebrities is only a fabrication.

  • Andrea


  • Alexis

    I love Demi and Sterling! Demi was amazing in Camp Rock (my fave ever!) This new show is really funny you guys!!! Who is the other guy in the pic above!??? He’s ADORABLE!!! Kinda reminds me of Mario Lopez but cuter! ;) LOL

  • Carolina

    I agree with you entirely #20. We have toomany skinny girls at the disney channel. Espcially miley. Dont get me started on that story. Demi is a pretty girl and has potential. Sterling is handsome in a cute but hot way. But in that episode when demi kissed sterling was a bit too much

  • http://myspace sterlinglover05

    they look good as a match
    did u guys know they went out
    they did honestly
    go even check
    but it didnt last long
    well sad
    they look good together
    i really think sterling is so cute hottest guy in the world to owned
    love him

  • http://justjared Rebecca Johnson

    demi and sterling u guys make such a good couple omg u should tottaly date

  • brittany

    demi so preety i like everything she do ,she funny lovely,beautiful,ect..

  • imgoinworldwide

    I think you are all slatin demi a bit… i reckon she is fab. she is a great role model along with selena and she has a really nice fashion sense. also, sterling knight is gorgeous!! they would be soo good together!! luv uu demi and sterling xxxxxx

  • http://google Tori

    i agree with # 4 5 7 and 8. demi lovato is ok but she isnt gorgeous. most of the time she looks pale. she wears the same hair style almost all of the time and her hair has no volume. the clothes she wears are ugly. on the show tawny (tiffany thorton) has way better clothes than her. but i suppose thats what she likes.
    ashley tisdale miley cyrus selena gomez vannessa hudgens chelsie staub tiffany thorton her co star and many more are beautiful. demi is very talented and i like to watch sonny with a chance but she looks like an average teen. and im glad she got her gap fixed.

  • http://? soon to be star

    @Brittney: yea she’s like, i can’t discribe how pretty she is!selena is really pretty too,but i do like miley. witch mean to me she’s not pretty she’s almost ulgy

  • http://? soon to be star

    i love demi!! and if sterling is with her ok,but if he’s not, it’s his loss bcuz she seems like a great girl

  • Hyper

    You people r hating on demis looks and sterlings hotness

  • Demihater

    Demi sucks a**. She thinks shes all that. Even my boyfriend thinks she sucks. Atleast someone cares. She posted porn of herself online. Check yourself.

  • alyssa

    okay maybe i love hannah montana show first!but then when i saw sonny with a chance in a commercial i felt something really saying goodbye!!!and now ,it hurts me when u said please sonny with a chance fail!i think u dont have to comment if that is ur manner guys please if u dont want demi and knight just dont comment and please watch their show and after an hour youll be liking it i regret before demi is my no.6 idol now no.2……and guys we will liking each other like u used to love miley i guess… first u hate her the past 1 month you will save her like i did!!!

  • •► Demi ♥ sterling ◄• 4ever ♥

    and a recent INTERVIEW she said:
    we’re more than friends, he is super charming and caring.

    Sterling said in an interview for the magazine ‘famous’:
    she has talent, is a great actress and I am a fan of it.

    KJ: Lately people see much of you together, you are dating?
    Sterling: (laughs) many people think we’re together, but we are just friends.Yes, I walk a lot with Demi, she is beautiful,very friendly and fun, I like her so much.


    ♥ see? ♥ they are so cute together ,and for the interview,they are together a lot! =D


    if demi don’t loves him,probably he loves her so much! =DDD


    G.A.: demi,sterling said that like you so much and that you are beautiful,what do you think?

    demi:(laughts)well…,sterling are so beautiful too.He are so cute with me and i love him how friend.He is so special for me.

    demi says. O.O’



  • •► Demi ♥ sterling ◄• 4ever ♥


    –ⓛⓞⓥⓔ- ♥——-♥—————————
    ——————– ♥———————————




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  • •► Demi ♥ sterling ◄• 4ever ♥

    THEY ARE DATING !!!!!!!!! =DDD


    웃 ღ ♥ ♡ ❤ ❥ ❦ ∴ △ ∞ ☆ ★ ✖ 。◕‿◕。® ™ ☏℡✿゚✤

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    ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ •••••• THX FOR SEE THIS! ••••••• ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑


  • mama mia

    •► Demi ♥ sterling ◄��

    o luv this faces thnx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://CELEBBUZZ Sterlings bfF

    Demi & Sterling should todally kiss and be girl & boy friends


    for anyone who would read this article now in 2010
    demi is naturally beautiful so stop this shit she is amazing in every single way no one’s perfect but this girl is just so talented pretty and funny and if u think she’s weird cause she’s different then ur stupid
    she has her own glam rock crazy punk style that i personally love
    and i respect her cause she doesn’t care what people say she’s just being herself and showing the world who she really is
    i like miley too but as a singer cause i think as a person she’s fake she tries to be way more than she is but that’s just my opinion
    GO DEMI !!!!!!!!!!!

  • demi fan

    I don’t care if people say demi’s not as pretty as selena and miley who are we to judge them.I like it that demi looks like an average american teen and not some pretty superstar she’s unique in her own way and that’s why I look up to her as my role model. I think demi is the most talented actress/musician of her generation.YOU ROCK DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1