Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Mr. Chow Charmers

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Mr. Chow Charmers

Miley Cyrus and special friend Justin Gaston enjoy a night out at Mr. Chow’s restaurant on Thursday night (March 12) in Los Angeles.

The 16-year-old starlet kept it comfy in a grey t-shirt dress with lace sleeves while she toted around her orange Prada purse.

Miley snagged the number two spot on Forbes magazine’s list of Hollywood’s Most Valuable Young Stars. Daniel Radcliffe, Dakota Fanning and Keke Palmer also nabbed top honors.

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  • nicole anderson

    she looks really cool!!!!

  • awurbii


  • :)

    Miley is awesome…

  • maariya

    omg i have been waiting for a miley post =) she looks pretty!

  • katie

    miley is beautiful, as always :) and i’m still pretending that justin doesn’t exist.

  • katie

    (obligatory: vote for miley at for best actress, best voice in an animated movie, best female singer, best show/hannah montana, best animated movie/bolt)

    OH, and that facial hair needs to go. as does that invisible guy it’s attached to. :P love you, miley, just don’t want to see you get used!

  • lisa:]

    i love her outfits, she always looks gorgeous. I’d unfortunately never be able to wear that or half the things she wears. my parents freak out if a skirt or dress is more then 2 inches above the knee.

  • brigget

    dang hes fine

  • Farrah

    That lace dress is very cute, and that orange bag is so bold. I really like her style, and she’s growing up to be such a pretty girl. I’ll keep my opinion on her special friend here to myself.

  • Astella

    are they holding hands in the first pic!

  • Lorraine

    They’re holding hands lol

  • katie

    oh ffs, are we still playing the special friend game? jj, i hate him, but i’m not THAT much in denial. quit playing that stupid game. and this is the last time i post here, promise :P

  • fivi

    she looks so pretty. i like it when she fix herself to go out! she looks good on high boots! she really looks super pretty when she wears black mascara she should never leave home without eye make up at least!

    justin is super hot but dude shave and get a get a hair cut wonder how he would look fix upt nicely. He is gorgeous a finally a relationship that miley wants.

    someone to take her by the hand the way a boyfriend suppose to do! he seems nice he looks like he treating her gently it! when taking her to the car!

    she looks so pretty!

  • karr

    anyone else thought that Justin looked like Miley’s dad for a second there ? i did. But Miley looks great here. i actually like her outfit..

  • Watever

    I swear she goes out every night and tries to purposely get a shot from the paparazzi

  • She’s sooo pretty
    I love her :D

  • Izabella

    they’re actually quite cute together :)
    but I prefer Niley, not that it’s up to me, LOL ♥
    I’m happy that Miley’s happy, she deserves it!!

  • jimmy

    Miley has really nice and hot legs. I wish all hot girl wear like her :)

    I hate Justin (like most of others) but I agreed he is the luckiest dude around.

  • Rosa

    yeah .. she’s really growin up to a pretty cute girl ..
    but miles .. for heaven’s sake .. get rid of that justin thing ..
    u can do way better than that .. =(


    i like her clothes :)
    and…… her boyfriend ;)

  • Miley

    real miley

  • 251458

    i hate miley

  • brett

    i think miley is SUPER gorgeus, and i really don’t get what there is to hate about her, so all you haters, I thinks you are low-lives!!!!!!

  • Yasmin

    ewww justin perv


    they’re so cute TOGETHER ! ! ! lol



  • chris

    She’s kicking it with him big time.

  • Dina

    Me too, I do not like Justin either! He doe snot exit to me! I am also saying that he and Miley are not dating!

  • Dina

    I mean he does not exist!

  • NativeNYker

    What’s he aiming for – an older look?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • SmileyMarta

    Sweet :**

  • vanessa

    simple outfit with a bold purse..LOVE IT!

  • britneyrocks!

    honestly i don’t know why she denies that he is her boyfriend. why doesn’t she outright admit to it? probably because, as she is still on hannah montanna and an idolized icon by so many young girls, the disney figureheads and her bosses do not want her to admit that as a 16 year old girl, she is involved with a 21 year old man. she’s a clothing brand, a toy brand, a music brand, an tv and film brand,etcetc.

    obviously a 16 year old is not a little child. 16 year olds date,they do lots of things. but a 16 year old would be a sophmore/junior in high school……whereas a 21 year old can legally drink, is legally considered an adult, and would be a junior/senior of COLLEGE. comparing the difference between how i was when i was sixteen and how i am now that im 20…….that’s a LOT of a difference.

    miley is pretty, but she has such a YOUNG looking face when she is not wearing heavy makeup. why is he with her other than for the fame? it just looks really really wrong. he looks like a man, and she looks like a child!

    and i really cannot believe her parents are condoning her behavior, let alone allowing it! that’s some serious parenting issues.

    and considering all of those pictures she took of herself, in the shower, with her bra and underwear showing, they are most definately it appears, doinnnnnggg everything. EVERYTHING.

    i mean, britney said she was a virgin when she was 16, and then detracted her statements when she was 20. right now, miley’s stil attached with disney and still has to play her role as a ‘kid’. when shes done with them, she can then admit to doing whatever she wants.

  • Umm

    Does he EVER change his uotfit?!
    Allways the same shirt , the same jeans the same shooes
    I mean does he have real clothes?!
    niley <3

  • billythekid

    To Watever (#15)

    While there have been plenty of comments posted here in worst taste, yours takes the cake for sheer stupidity. Watever writes : “I swear she goes out every night and tries to purposely get a shot from the paparazzi”. Yeah, ahem, what’s she supposed to do Watever, stay in the house and hide from them? They are sitting outside her house for crying out loud. I suppose if you had half a brain you would realize that she is a big enough star now that she doesn’t have to go out looking for publicity. It seeks her out.

  • katie

    britneyrocks, miley has admitted that he is her boyfriend, repeatedly. justin is 20, not 21. if you honestly think a 20-year-old guy is THAT MUCH more mature than a junior (yes, miley is a junior) in high school, then you have clearly never even met a 20-year-old guy.

    also, who the heck are you to judge her parents? do you know them? no. and the fact that you are fantasizing about the state of her hymen is, quite frankly, disgusting. rather than typing a multi-paragraph rant on a teenage girl you’ll never know, i’d suggest worrying about your own life.

  • billythekid

    To Britneyrocks (#32)

    First off I think Justin is 20, and so far as I know she has admitted to dating him. Just recently on her radio tour. You said a whole lot and there is no reason to sit here and go through it all, point by point, but I will say this much. Yes, she is a brand and one that Disney is going to be guarded about. Yes, there is a difference between 16 and 20; the difference is about 4 years. And you are correct, 16 isn’t a child, though it’s not legally an adult. You can actually get married at 16 if your parents consent to it. It’s not as uncommon as you might actually think.

    I don’t care for the Britney Spears comparisons though. It doesn’t work in my opinion. Britney not only wasn’t a virgin at 16, she probably wasn’t even a virgin at 14, and she was also into drinking, smoking and drugs at a very early age as well. And if you would like to bring up poor parenting skills, you should mention Britney’s parents and not Mileys. Miley’s parents are doing a good job. They allow her to date this guy in the open and not have them sneaking behind their backs. And since it’s assumed Miley doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs, this is basically the biggest issue people have with her. The issue isn’t even that she is dating this guy for dinner, movies or a bike ride; it’s all about, are they having s*x? Personally, I could care less if she is having s*x 7 days a week, but I understand it bothers the heck out of the more puritanical portion of our society.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Poor Miley :(
    She dont even realize
    that hes using her. Sad
    right? I love Miley but
    Justin I dislike.

  • Zoe.

    Ew her style is awful!!!!! That dress is FAR too short, and justin looks like her dad!

  • manly

    her boots are great, but the dress is way too short. i mean, you can’t even argue with me when clearly in the pictures she’s HOLDING IT DOWN. miley- just buy a longer one hun. ;) otherwise amazing outfit!

  • vote KCA!

    i hate how JJJ says special friend. i mean miley already annocend it. wtf is she wearing a shirt?!? lolz that’s probably something i would wear though so yeah. ew justin shave! miley doesn’t want to be kissing that scratchy chin. ahaha im so strange. they look cute

  • vote KCA!

    in that one picture it looks like daughter and father.

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    Did they park in a handicap zone?

    Can’t help feeling that Justin is using her and her family.

  • expelled from schoo today :P

    not sounding like a hater because i love miley but why is everyone calling him her boy friend or special friend. cant celebrities just have friends of a different gender? if i was a celeb i would have major problems with that cuz im a girl and i only hang out with guys…

  • oh yo H

    i love this girl shes amazing and she better have a boy that treats her right
    from what it looks like she does and she really deserves it

  • victoria

    love her, she is stunning!

    and aww holding hands :)

  • ///

    I love them more and more every new picture I see of them.
    They’re too cute :)

  • .

    #32 I couldn’t agree with u more n all u people attacking #32 need 2 shut up I don’t understand how u can see absolutely nothing wrong with a 20yr old man even looking at a 16yr old girl in a romantic way its completely disgusting and her parents need to be parents and step in! I love miley to death but this is just one decision I can’t support how the heck is it alright for an adult to date a teenager obviously he is using her because nobody even knew his name before he started “dating” her n can someone please post the youtube video or whatever where miley admitted to dating him?


    ya bu kız her ne kadar güzel olsa bile çoqta orosbu yane bilin arkiler ama hannah montanayı severim :D =)

  • Lizzie,

    Hey on the bright side at least Justin will take her out and hold her hand.
    unlike….nick jonas?