'New Moon' Set -- First Pictures!

'New Moon' Set -- First Pictures!

New Moon-ers Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and a wigged Nikki Reed walk towards their trailers on the set in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday morning (March 11).

Co-star Robert Pattinson recently confessed to GQ mag that he was only joking about proposing to Kristen. He explained, “I said that in some interview as a joke — ‘Oh, I proposed to her multiple times.’ And then it gets printed: ‘On the set, he proposed multiple times.”

Also spotted on set: Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone.

10+ pics inside of the New Moon cast on set…

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new moon cast on set 01
new moon cast on set 02
new moon cast on set 03
new moon cast on set 04
new moon cast on set 05
new moon cast on set 06
new moon cast on set 07
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new moon cast on set 09
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  • Russian girl

    Almost everyone of them is smoking! Horrible!)) Go Taylor and Ashley!
    Can’ wait for movie and “Twilight” dvd.

  • Allyson

    taylor looks a bit grumpy in the first pic, he’s so cute!!
    oh yea FIRST!! haha

  • Lauren

    the picture of nikki reed and jackson rathbone…he doesn’t look like jackson rathbone, i’ve seen it from a different angle aswell, if it is him he looks strange…must be camera angle i dunnno hmm..can’t wait for the movie though

  • Queen

    :( Thay ALL Smoke Like whats Up With That
    Cant Wait To See The Movie Tough :D

  • julie

    Again….and rob’s hair????what they gonna do ????it’s not like the other movie…it’s not edward!

  • Maria

    What are you talking about??? His hair is like practically the same!

    He looks extremely handsome.

    Love the whole cast!Can’t wait to watch the movie!!!!!!

  • taylor

    what the hell? does anybody on that set not smoke?
    I know they aren’t Disney stars and they aren’t trying to be role models, but really, they’re stupid.

  • vanessa

    OMG YAY!!!!!!
    lovelovelove taylor!

  • Sarah


  • samantha

    #7 your soooo right! taylor & ashley look like they’re the only ones who don’t!
    i mean i don’t have a problem with it..i just find it gross.

  • http://www.bebo.com/MarianasSecret Mariana

    gosh taylor is HAWT!
    when are they gonna cut his hair?

  • http://yahoo elaine

    Why are they all wearing a wig,can’t they just dye,cut ,grow their hair It looks so fake,If they are serious with their roles they should just do it for the role

  • Lindsey

    If I’m correct in saying…everyone’s hair is dyed except for Nikki Reed’s. She’s the only one wearing a wig besides Taylor..and that’s because her hair fell out last time.

  • Dianne

    i love seeing Robert smoking..it makes him gorgeous..

    Gosh i love him so much…

    im so excited for new moon

  • bellamor

    Looks like Jackson, Nikki, Taylor, and Kristen are all wearing wigs. I’m glad–at least Nikki’s roots will be consistent throughout New Moon, unlike Twilight.

  • Lynn

    they ALL smoke! except Ashley, Nikki, Taylor and jackson! gosh what’s up with that

  • julie

    Dear maria,
    Look at the pictures from last movie and see what i’m talking about…his hair it’s not like the other…I think he is gorgeus anyway…but is not the same…and alice’s hair too…this fake hair (rosalie,jacob,jasper) is terrible!

  • pan

    elaine #11- they are serious of their roles. but they also have to consider the other projects they have when they stop filming new moon. because they have an 8 week break in between new moon and eclipse. during that time they are all busy with other projects. so they have to compromise to make it easier with production.

    They all look great! :D i love them!

  • pan

    oh and they all smoke cept for ashely and taylor.

    rob, kristen, jackson, nikki, kellan, peter all smoke.

  • Sarah

    #12– your stupid they are if you had long beautiful hair would you want to cut ir or dye it so it would fall out. no i dont think so you idiot. and peter and kellan are the only ones that dyed their hair.

  • Lucas

    papps hyping that they smoke. classless. they look trashy which is fine with me cause I don’t like the books, think they are not as all holy and wonderful and ‘the next harry potter’ like folks think, didn’t think the movie that awesome and don’t really plan to see the rest. and I don’t think any of the actors are really that talented. I might change my mind when I see Robert do something that isn’t the same old schtick but Kirsten’s lack of talent is more stunning to me than her tude that styling her hair to look like unkept garbage is actually cute.

  • cc27

    They all smoke? lol .. oh well xD I love them!! >3

  • melissa

    In the picture where Rob is smoking doesn’t he look like Christian Slater in Heathers LOL!

  • Orls

    Ahh Robert even makes cigarettes beautiful (:
    I love them all! Taylor is gorgeous <3

  • julie

    I agree that dye and cut is bad fot other roles, but, they must find anoyher kind of wig… those are not good at all…

  • twilight__bitch



    LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!

  • natalie

    who cares if they smoke, i don’t get why everyone thinks it’s the end of the world just cuz the majority of the cast smokes.. they’re normal people, get over it

    they all look amazing! taylor is so buff now! he’s giving rob a run for his money lol

  • pan

    sorry i meant #12…elaine. not #11. lol

  • Miss Lautner

    love it omg cant wait for newmoon

  • mitie


  • Lauren

    they should get some health experts in there, because it seems like the whole entire cast loves to smoke whenever they get a chance.

  • http://www.justjared.com ana

    i love twilight!! i cant wait till new moon!! they all look gorgeous. taylor looks so hot!!

  • http://jjj miley

    can’t wait to see the movie!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com marisia

    Actually, the first mistake was casting Nikki R. as rosalie, she is nothing like her, they should have cast a blond and Taylor should have been cast at the beginning of the movie (N.M) and then cast a bigger and older Jacob, it would have made the movie more challenging a desicion for Bella like in the book, because the reality is Taylor is no match for Robert no matter how much he pumps up, and I actully like Talyor alot, but not to carry the whole role.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com marisia

    In my opinion they casted the wrong Rosalie she should have been a blond, and Taylor should have only be casted for the first part of the movie and then casted a bigger and older Jacob

  • joss

    they all look so hot! can’t wait!

  • nysro

    They all look like a bunch of beat down flea bags, that just rolled out of bed and thru cheap ass looking wigs on..

    These pictures look like a joke on a SNL skit or something…

  • me

    I’m SO excited for this movie.
    I don’t like Rosalie’s wig,
    but if it’s more convenient then I think it will be fine,
    we still have like 8 more months to wait though :[

  • if only he knew…

    wow i didnt know kellan smoked…and ya jackson looks like himself i dont know what you guys are talking about and who in the world is the girl with black hair????

  • if only he knew…

    ok that looks nothing like ashley!!!! oh my gosh

  • hm…

    jackson, ashley, and taylor dont smoke everyone else does, but its not like its the end of the world and yes ppl do look up to them so that could be a problem! but i love them anyways and nikki’s wig is retarded they need a new one, but it works….i guess. and that looks nothing like ashley why dont they just use they wig they used in twilight???

  • deede

    whaaaaaaa HOT cant wait!!!

  • arantxa

    i dont really care if they smoke
    they can do whatever they want
    they are old enough ..

    i love them !

  • Nat

    It makes me laugh how everyone is all “OMFG they smoke it’s gross” They’re adults and can do what they want…So they smoke at least they don’t go out, get drunk, flash everyone their “bits”…think of all the things they COULD be doing that is A LOT WORSE!!!!

    Ashley and Taylor are the only ones who don’t smoke and kudos to them for not, but I really don’t care :)

    Loving the wigs and Ashley and Jackson look AWESOME

  • Noelani

    i personally don’t smoke but knowing how tight the cast is.. they were having kristen’s and niki’s back by smoking a cig. i mean people were just bashing the girls and totally ignoring the fact that rob smokes as well.

    so there are the pics people.. the fact is they’re people and people smoke. it’s legal and their choice so stop acting all stunned. but i think they all smoked pubically to show people to lay off the girls. and i was impressed with how tight the bond is because i never seen kellan or peter smoke before.

  • Twihard Fanpire :)

    theyre all SOOOOO AWESOME!
    *spazzingly happy!*

  • keli

    jeez get over the smoking thing you brats. they’re humans just like you and me. they can do whatever they want. if you want to look up to them as role models (which i would never do with stars), that’s your choice – so accept theirs. you’re parents probably smoke ha ha!

    anywho, with the wigs – leave them alone. can’t you accept that they were so dedicated that they went through the hair-falling-out thing already. some of you guys really lack empathy.

  • http://yahoo alicefan444

    i love taylor he is soooo……..adorable

  • HsM_GiU

    Robert Pattinson is SOOOOOOOOOOO UGLYYYYYYYYY!!!


    I Think that she looks more like rosalie with the wig now :)