Sabrina Bryan Shares 'Dancing' Memories

Sabrina Bryan Shares 'Dancing' Memories

Sabrina Bryan cozies up to former boyfriend (and dance partner) Mark Ballas in a pic from her Dancing With The Stars days.

The 24-year-old former Cheetah Girl hosted E! News on Monday (March 9) for the DWTS premiere and it brought back so many memories for her that she had to share all of her experiences with her fans.

Sabrina writes on her MySpace, “I thought it would be fun to get some of my personal pics and make a slide show for us to kinda take a trip down memory lane. As I started going through them I realized how many pics I took and how it was pretty much impossible to put them into one slide show so i have to do a three part slide show. Here’s the second part to the DWTS show for me. It [the slideshow] has week 4 through 6 (my elimination). I have to admit my stomach dropped just like it did when I saw the pic of Mark and I under that red light….awful feeling!! I just remember feeling like I let him down on his first season and I really wasn’t ready to be done with the show. But, I was glad that I at least had the amount of time on the show as I did, and couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have to leave the show before it even started like Nancy [O'Dell] and Jewel this season!”

Check out the second part of Sabrina‘s slideshow below!

Sabrina Bryan – DWTS Memories
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  • vera

    I love Sabrina Bryan!! She rocks, I love the pictures from the best season ever that was season 5. She’s sooooooo pretty :)

  • sonia

    Those are gorgeous pictures of Sabria Bryan. I love how she is sharing everything with us her fan’s. Thanks JJJ for posting about my favorite Cheetah girl and Dancing with the Stars contestant ever!! Sabrina you rocked it on E news!! Can’t wait to see you again on there :) :) Love the month of Sabrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • polvopaw

    OMG, love all the pictures, Sabrina looks so GORGEOUS in all of them, thank you Sabrina for sharing all of this with us, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!!!!

  • cynthia

    Great pictures Sabrina!!! The one with Maks and you are so cute, and your parents too.

  • william

    Sabrina Bryan you are Fine Girl

  • brenda

    Luv her :)

  • Ivette

    Those are awesoke slide shows and Sabrina looks so beautiful in all the pictures!!! LOVE HER!!!
    thanks JJJr. for posting this about our favorite girl!!!! :D :D

  • robert

    Beautiful Sabrina :P

  • holly

    I love this pictures the gold old days from Dancing with the Stars with my favorite Sabrina Bryan :)

  • asia

    Sabrina Bryan rox!!

  • emily

    Wow cool pictures from backstage. Thanks Sabrina and JJJ

  • Penni

    Thanks Sabrina for sharing :)

  • ashley

    Oh I miss themm together they made such a cute couple. Good Luck Sabrina with your career and your success. You are just a class act hope you dance again:)

  • Stina

    I loved when she was on DWTS and her and Mark were so cute.

  • B_L_B

    LOVE all the pictures so much, I love the ones with her parents and the one with Mr. Hotness Maks, YUMMY, LOL, also love all the pictures with Jenni and Mel B!!! SABRINA ROCKS!!!!

  • sUSSY

    The slide shows are amazing, I forgot how Hot, cute and Sexy Sabrina and Mark were together, WOW!!!

  • JustWatchMeNow916

    LOVE the pics!!! Sabrina has been amazing sharing all of these “goodies” with her fans!!! Thanks for posting this JJJ!!!

  • Albert


  • miley

    Aww that was sad moment when you got voted off Sabrina. to this day it stil makes me sad, but happy that good things keep coming to you and may they always come to you Sabrina :) I will be watching E News again to see you talking about the show.

  • Ailyn

    Sabrina is so beutiful!!! LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

  • Chuy


  • angela

    OMG I miss this days you back on DWTS Sabrina :)

  • jrs

    marry me Sabrina? I’ll be your man

  • casey


  • eric

    She’s is beautiful, I want a girl like that.

  • marsha

    I love her so much she just smiles in all the pictures and makes you want to smal more too.

  • nicki

    Kewl those picutures are awesome!

  • tonya

    <3 sabrina you are so cool

  • kimberly

    I miss you dancing Sabrina!!!

  • nakesha

    Oh the perfect score. Love it :) Go Sabrina!!

  • dina

    Sabrina you will always be my favorite from DWTS and thanks for sharing these old good memories with us.

  • nancy

    Please dance again Sabrina like you did back in the day on the show. You and Jennie were my favorite on season 5

  • brandi

    love the pictures and can’t wait for more Sabrina

  • jennah

    Omg you and Maks look hot there.

  • kathy

    Please continue to do E news Sabrina. You were awesome with Jason from E

  • cody

    my type of girl shes hot

  • ethel

    OMG this are great picutes a blast from the blast love it.

  • travis

    I want her to be my girl. Thanks Mark for not being with her anymore it gives a guy like me a chance.

  • maria

    Que linda es Sabriina :)

  • michelle

    Sabrina is a gem oh and thanks JJJ too :)

  • Kim

    Awesome pictures Sabrina! Season five was the best and you should have won that trophy! Dang it!!!

  • jose

    Dam Sabrina your Fineeeeeeeee

  • Melissa

    LOVE,LOVE ,LOVE all these pictures… are always the winner in our hearts !

  • kristen

    The pictures bring back good times for Team Sabrina :)

  • Littlecheetah47

    Sabrina is so gorgeous in all of the pictures. It really was sad that she got eliminated . She surely should have won that trophy! I would love it if she could be part of the All-Star season if abc has one. Sabrina is awesome!!! Love her!

  • jon

    gorgeous gal

  • arianna

    Sweet pictures and Sabrina is full of joy and happiness as always.

  • kayla

    Gosh I love her so much so sad that Sabrina and Mark are no more but oh well. Sabrina you will always be my favorite dancer your soooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty.

  • SouthernBelle

    Very nice pics :D Love Sabrina and her Month of Love! :D :D

  • Lauren

    I love seeing all of Sabrina’s new suprises! These pics are great!

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